Hate Me

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Book 2 of the Volkov Trilogy After it was revealed that Lauren's mate Alpha King Kavik Volkov ordered her husband Chase's death, she devised a plan of revenge. Loved one for loved one. Will her plan succeed or backfire? Will history repeat itself? 18+ language, adult themes, thoughts/opinions/ideals that do not reflect my own and are just for the story.

Drama / Romance
Lauren C
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Chapter 1


There was no turning back from my plan. The deed was done, I just needed to see if it had stuck. It had been a few weeks since Kavik and I first had sex. Since then, we’ve fucked plenty more. Sarah was right when she said it was the best sex of her life. I couldn’t get enough of him. He moved his things up to our living quarters which apparently was where he was supposed to be anyway. He kept his word with getting to know the kids and no more lies.

Octavio and Iva were still here, I begged her to never leave. After she found out Kavik had marked me without my consent, she was livid. To be fair, I did let him get balls deep in me.

It took a few days for me to notice any changes about myself. Physically my skin became blemish free and had a nice natural glow. My eyes seemed to get brighter, almost piercing, and my hair thicker and fuller. All of my senses increased, and I was able to mindlink Kavik. After Iva noticed my changes as well, she decided not to fight Octavio anymore. She allowed him to mark her too.


The kids seemed to get used to being here. Raquel had her reservations as she should. She picked up on my changes and questioned why Kavik was staying with us. It was something I truly hated to do. I didn’t want my kids to see me with someone else but I was with my fated mate and marked. Kavik and I agreed we would tell them everything when they got older, before they turned 18. We had also discussed moving so the kids could go to school and be around humans again. Raquel missed her friends and when Max got older, he would need them, even though I should be his only friend and the two of them are never allowed to date, ever.

While I had my wolfey senses I still was a human. I would still carry out my plan when I got confirmation.

I was still worried about Zlata and the possible corruption she caused Rowan and Kavik. I felt at ease with Kyle gone but still wanted him dead. Now that I was stronger maybe I’d be able to kill him myself.

Iva quit trying to kill Octavio in his sleep. She would still threaten it and make attempts publicly in front of us to which we all laughed at including him. When I’d ask if they were going to try and get pregnant she would glare at or give me a sly look. Octavio said he wouldn’t mind trying for a little longer before making that commitment.


I was sitting outside, it was summer. The cool breeze on the 90 degree day was refreshing. I watched as Kavik played with the kids in a kiddie pool. They were both giggling and screaming. I had asked for someone to run into town to get them more clothes, Zlata and Octavio went. They still wouldn’t let us away from the property. Sometimes it was irritating, other times I didn’t care. If I got mad Kavik was able to push his emotions through the link to calm me down or make me horny. He liked to do that a lot.

My pelvis started to cramp so I adjusted how I was sitting. Bile started to rise up my throat. Before I threw up I slowly got up from my chair trying not to cause a scene. Iva looked at me and I waved at her to follow.

“Girly break!” She called out.

I put my hand over my mouth to stop the vomit if it did come out. She grabbed my other arm and we hurried to the closest bathroom which was on the main level. Once I got in there I dropped to my knees in front of the toilet, letting out my stomach contents.

“Oh God,” I coughed out. Iva handed me toilet paper so I could wipe my mouth and the snot coming from my nose.

“Be right back,” she did hurriedly as she left the bathroom. She quickly came back and unwrapped a stick and told me to pee on it. She had asked Octavio to go get some just in case she needed to be reassured she wasn’t pregnant. Since he wanted to wait a little longer for a baby he agreed.

I did as she said. I stood up and started to pull down my pants.

“Are you going to turn around?” I asked.

“No I’m a Doctor, shut up and pee. Hurry up!”

I finished pulling down my pants and underwear, I sat over the toilet and peed on the stick. When I thought I’d gone enough I removed it form under me and clasped the lid on the end.

“Alright, three minutes.” Iva said excitedly. “Are you nervous?”

“About carrying a demon? Yes. Extremely.”

“Don’t back out now!”

After three minutes was up we looked at each other on the eye. “Count of three,” I said.




I held my breath, closed my eyes, and turned my head toward the pregnancy test. I heard Iva gasp. I opened my eyes to see a positive pregnancy test sitting before me.

Iva squealed and hugged me tight. “You did it!” She rejoiced.

I stood in shock staring at it. I wanted another baby with Chase, no one else. It made my heart hurt, but I was doing this for my revenge. To take someone away from him that Kavik loved like he took away the person I loved. I hoped in time my kids would forgive me, that Chase would forgive me, and that the Moon Goddess herself would forgive me.

I couldn’t turn back now. I had to carry out my decision. With every choice comes a risk. Now, this was a choice and risk I was willing to take.

I told him he would fear me. Now, he will Hate Me.

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