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What’s in the attic

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What happens when a teenager boy and his buddy stumbled into something that was long forgotten about in his attic revealing he has three not so human sisters? (P.s. short chapters <3)

Drama / Scifi
Grace Emmetts
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Chapter one

Marie and Luke were scientist that meet in college when they had the same AP chemistry class. This story isn’t about them though so I’ll keep their back story short. They quickly fell in love. After only dating for 9 months Luke proposed, of course Marie said yes. Like most other couples they bought a house and then tried to have a kid. After trouble conceiving Marie went to the doctors and learned they it would be nearly impossible for them to have a baby. Luke and Marie were devastated. Luckily the organization the the both worked for as the chief scientists for biology and experimental studies were working on a process that could possibly solve their problem. It was a giant incubator, big enough to fit a grown man, filled with a mucus like liquid that could develop a human given an fertilized egg. Their were three of these machines. Marie and Luke volunteer to have their DNA be the first artificial develop a child or possibly children. Their request was accepted. Yata yata yata ,shortly after,their project was getting pushed under the rug and Marie and Luke were able to actually keep the machines at their house. Then a miracle happened, Marie found out she was pregnant. Months in to her pregnancy their project was forgotten about, Luke moved the machines into their attic to make room for the baby. He put a tarp over the expensive and gigantic machines and for the 16 years didn’t give it a second thought. Shortly after Marie gave birth to beautiful healthy baby boy that they named Matthew.

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