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Drama / Adventure
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Welcome to The Green Exchange!

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~ Participants must be willing to provide an honest review of a book of their judge’s choosing. Remember: if you make it to round 3, you will be reviewing 3 books.

~ While we will be accepting works-in-progress, keep in mind that the chapters you submit must be edited to the best of your ability. Grammar, writing style, and technical skill are part of the judging criteria.

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monicamcurry: I really love this story. The plot is great, the characters come to life and the story is addictive. I hope that the will be many more chapters. Please author keep the story going.

stephdk1139: I really enjoyed the story it was a good read👍👍👍👍👍

Bello: I really found this story good more than I even thought,it was so interesting, I have never read a story so interesting as this

Jhandere: Me gustó casi todas los capítulos pero no me gustó cuando termino ahci , ojalá allá más capitulos

Animba Jessica: Beautiful story, it's quite interesting

Benard: Awesome experience though the updates are be slow and disappointing

Shyanne Frisbee: I loved this book so much it was amazingly written

Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Loved it!! Awesome read!! Thank you for sharing your story with me

Carito: I loved this short story… can’t wait to read some more of your stories

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malaakakon: I love the story line but what did Grace do to Charles and Francis cause you don’t just choose to be mean to people

Afeline Curmi: Love the story. The epilogue is lovely.❤️❤️

Karim: This story is awsone I love, but there are a lot of grammar mistakes

Jennifer Stevens Johnson: This is one of my favorite quick reads for MC romance. The characters are relatable. The journey of love for them is fun to follow.

Columbine Pirouette: Great story!👍👍

Michelle: Great read but felt the ending was incomplete.

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