Boys Are Bad, But Girls Can Be Worse 2

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We thought we had it all figured out. We thought we'd gone about it the way we should've. None of us expected to drift apart. Years of planning the perfect prom night, the perfect graduation, gone. We fucked up. We broke all the rules. We forgot us. What happened in the woods changed us all. No one knew just how important the woods and our secrets were to us; that was until we lost it. Now we know and we want it back.

Drama / Mystery
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Lilly, 5′8, purple hair

Neicy, 5′7, blue hair

Jane, 5′6, Silver hair

Rose, 5′4, blonde hair

Diamond and Onyx, twins, raven black hair

Beauty, 5′6, Shaved bald

Sapphire, 5′7, shaved sides off, baby blue hair

Jasmine, 5′7, pink hair with green streaks

*Zhavia, 5′4, bright red and orange hair

All girls still have clear skin and perfect hourglass bodies

All the boys still have raven black hair.

Eryk, 6′6, hair four inches past shoulder.

Pawel, 6′4, hair the same as Eryk’s

Nate, 6′5, hair to the middle of his back.

Broderick, 6′3, hair the same as Nate’s

Ethan and Erin, twins, both 6′1, hair to the top of their backs. Few inches longer than shoulder length.

Szymon, 6′4, hair the same as Ethan and Erin’s.

Toby, 6′2, hair the same as Broderick and Nate’s.

Jamal, 6′5, hair the same as Broderick and Nate’s.

*ZaChariah, 6'6, big curly afro

All the boys have turned reserved. They can still be charming, but they mainly isolate themselves from everyone,but the girls.

All the girls still act according to the old rules.

Everyone is still the perfect students, but no one sees them as the good kids anymore.

*April: 5'5, former secret friend of Chastity

*John: 6'2, April's boyfriend

*Chastity was no fool and choose two people to continue on in case something happened to her. This time she choose average looking people that at least stood a chance of infiltrating the group.

-Tres Locas




-Bad Boys





-The Wild '6'







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