Daughter of the mafia

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Renata is a 16-year-old girl that's been working for the mafia ever since she was five. But she doesn't wanna be in it. She tries to run away but she and it works. But she gets found and treated horribly. She's starting to have depressing, suicidal thoughts, and she feels like ending it. Will she continue being a slave for her family or will she continue suffering in this mafia world where she doesn't choose who she dates, who she is friends with? Find out the life of The daughter in the Mafia.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1: back to the beginning

I was...crying. Screaming even. It hurt so so bad. My dad was hitting me with his gun because I tried to run away. I ran away because I couldn’t take it anymore. So I hopped on my bike and I kept going till I was far away. But they found me somehow. I...don’t know how but they did. Let me take you back to the beginning.
“NO, haha, take a left!” Lilith screams. We are running away because we broke someone’s window by throwing a rock at it. “Okay, I think we are far enough now I don’t see him,” I said while panting. “Where’s Raven?” Lilith ask. I turn around and Raven is missing. We re-trace our steps and I can’t find her. Nowhere. Then My dad calls me. Saying he needs me home urgently. “Okay guys, I got to go my dad wants me,” I tell my friends. “Ugh, your dad is so annoying,” Cleo says.

“Right.” Lilith agrees. “Whatever, Bye.” and I leave. When I get home my dad (Bruce kami) tells me that we are moving, meaning I have to leave all my friends but I can always call. Since we are moving I only have 2 weeks of school left. And I have to pack by Friday. I think I will tell my friends about it tomorrow. “RENATA COME DOWN AND EAT!” My mom yells from downstairs. “Okay, I’m coming!” I yell back. We eat Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, it was amazing.

I was full so I decided to call it a day, “Okay I am full thanks for the food.” I say and excuse myself from the table. “Wait, You’re not going anywhere I need to ask you... something.” My dad says in a Russian accent. I sit back down because when my dad speaks in Russian he is serious. “What?” I ask. “Bruce are we really gonna tell her now...” My mom says. He nods at her and she shoots me a glare. “Renata, this is very serious.”

My mom sits up more. “Renata, me and...your dad...wants to welcome you into our new life as “The mafia.” how does that sound?” I look at her and laugh. But then she looks at me and I look at my dad and I can see they are both being serious. “Wait your serious?” I ask them and they both nod. “So wait like the killing mafia, you know like that.” see I was just 5 so I was confused. “Yes, Hunny, Lilith, Raven, and Cleo are in it too. I told them to keep it a secret. ”

I looked sad, “Raven’s missing...” I tell my parents and they look at each other. “Come on Hunny, let’s go pack.” Now I’m 16 and my mom is dead. I see a soldier down the hall and I walk past him and smile, It looks like he’s running laps. I am heading to my dad’s office because he wants to have a meeting or something. “Yes, daddy?” I say. “Stand next to me.” I walk next to my dad and stand there. “Lucas, go get, Marco.” My dad sent’s a soldier out to get someone.

And it’s the boy, Who I saw running laps around the hallway. “Sir, you called for me?” The soldier said which I guess is Marco. "Hm? Ah yes, Marco, meet my daughter, Renata." My dad says. I flash Marco a small, friendly salute and a smile. "Hi," He says. "Hey," I say but I'm tired so it's more of a sleepy hey. "You guys will be hangin' out tomorrow since you guys will be partners." My dad's words replay in my head in slow motion. "I'm sorry, WHAT! Er, d-dad I already have a partner, ahem, Cleo and Lilith." I say to my dad aggressive.

"Cleo and Lilith can work with Mark." My dad barks back at me. "One sec, dad can I talk to you?" I say. He points at the door hinting Marco to leave. "Dad, Why would you do this, I don't even talk to Marco, I don't even like him." "You're gonna work with him whether you like it or not you obey MY rules." "If mom was here she wouldn't approve this." "Shut up you BRAT!" "You shut up, JERK!" SMACK! He slapped me. I run out of the room crying. Marco looks at me and I stop and look at him then keep running.

I get home slam my door shut and cry. My face hurts soo baddd. "Are you okay dear?" I turn over and see...my mom? "Mom? Aren't you?" I say. "Dead? *chuckles*, Yes but I'm alive in your heart" My mom says. I look at the spirit or whatever it is confusingly. "No Hunny, you're not going crazy, I'm your hulicinnating, You're shadow. Why are you, sad dear?" My mother says. "Dad...smacked me." I wipe my tears. "Awe, poor baby, here I bought you a...present, drink this." It look like some milk so I drank it and fell straight asleep.

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