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How I become a playgirl

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This is my story where I become a playgirl since my crush has played as he knew about my feeling if you want to know more please read it and comment

Drama / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Let me introduce myself , I am Isa Doratson I am 17 turning soon 18 years old I am going to tell you how I become a playgirl. AT first I was like the other girl that was not popular, you could say I was normal I used to have a best friend and my parents who love me until I met him that I change . He was the opposite of my type but I don't how and when I fell for him . So let me start my story from the beginning.

" Isa ,wake up ,you are gonna be late for work" my mom say

I yawn and wake up ,I stand up and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth ,when I finish i drink my teeth and go to my grandma room where I sleep I start picking my thing when I finish I take my clothes for the day to go to work.( at that time I did not have much clothes to wear the same clothes twice a week but I wash it first before you get some other meaning like I was dirty or something)

I go to take a bath but after some minute my mom knock the door.

"Isa ,you are not gonna become white so be a more quick" my mom

"But I have just come inside the bathroom" I yell back

" it's been 30 minutes since you enter this bathroom " my mom yell

"Okay I get it ,I am coming out" I say

" your bread and your bottle ,put it in your bag" she say while giving it to me .

I take it and go to the room to brush my hair and some other personal thing . After 25 minutes I was done .

"Mom,Grandma ,I am going " I yell while going .

After 30 minutes I was at work that was it the day I met him with his cousin . I didn't know that I was going to abandoned a lot of thing because of him I did know I would do this kind of thing with . I did know I would change so much nor that I would cry because of a boy or that I would break a lot of rule or iwould care some much for someone.
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