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#1 | Just Go

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Life always mean one thing. Move on. P/S: Hey 👋 guys. I’m super happy that many of you have been constantly supporting me and the one common thing I receive from all of you is that wanting me to update more chapters for this book. The initial idea for this book was one chapter/short story but since many of you are requesting more, I will write more 😊 but I need some time since I’m working on another book of mine. Once again thank you all for such amazing support❤️

Drama / Romance
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Just Go



Silent. Dark. Hasten.

I was dragged out from a car with all these senses and my eyes and mouth was wrapped in layers of thin straps. He hooked my arm as it was tied behind me and made me walk in an alley as I stumble on bins and my elbow brushed on the wall that was just inches away.

“Be careful.”

“Watch your steps.” He whispered through my hair.

I felt puddles of water showering my boots as my feet accidentally sink into one or two of them on my way. My heart pounded and my breathing was heavy.

The joined-hand journey ended when I felt a strong push on my shoulder as I landed on the wall, nearly tripped over the slippery floor. He grabbed my waist and hold me straight.

I struggled from his grip and even kicked in the air couple of times but his hold was powerful. He nudged next to my ear and said, “Silence is always the best way to win the game.”

I moved away from him, forcing my weight on his arm but he was so steady and didn’t move a muscle. I cannot talk and he cannot see me cry.

How am I supposed to ask him why was he doing this to me ?

Suddenly, I felt a cold flesh on my waist and it trailed across my belly. I whimpered loudly through the strap but no one can hear. I jumped and struggled but that somehow caused him to increase his pressure on my arm and it started to feel numb.

I panted and he loosen his grip a little. I made a sudden move and hit his arm with my shoulder and he pushed me back to the wall, nearly chocking me.

“I don’t want it to end this way! Just stay still. It will be over in a short while!” He warned.

I felt his cold hands again and now it was on my shoulder. He pulled the side of my clothes and kissed my shoulder bone. I cried and felt helpless.

He peeled off the buttons on my shirt and used his fingers to trace the edges of my top inner wear. I turned over, shielding my body with the wall.

“You’re shy? I get it.” He imagined.

I shook my head to tell him to stop but he could not understand. He fantasized my feeble sound as a permit to do whatever he wanted.

My cheek was glued to the slimy, wet wall and pungent odors from decades of molds sipped into my nostrils.

All of a sudden, he let go of his hand and I felt him moving backwards as his shoes plunged into those puddles once again. A sudden breeze of punch and a strong sound of kick tossed that evil man on that slippery floor and he cried in pain.

“I’m sorry.” He yelped and his boots took the speed, splashing into the puddles.

I heard bins toppled here and there, indicating that he would have trampled on his way out like a busted mouse.

In a quick search, I felt a presence standing in front of me. My shoulder accidentally brushed on that person’s body as I seek in blindness.

Confusion engulfed me as I stood there not knowing where I was facing and whether this help was just a part of my imaginary belief.

I felt a little pressure behind my head as that kind person gently removed the straps which caused me purblind. Before I could see the face of my savior, the person went behind me to untie my hands and set it free.

I held my wrist as it burned in pain and I saw a man standing in front of me. I covered my exposed skin and felt truly embarrassed as tears dripped down my cheeks.

I was shivering in cold and he took off his brown leather jacket which masked his shaped torso and covered me to give some warmth.

“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s not your fault.” He comforted as he tilted my chin and looked into my weary eyes.

His dark eyes shined beautifully even in the slightest ray of light.

“Did he hurt you?” He asked me in concern.

“He was about to but you came at the right time.” I shuddered.

He turned and looked out at the alley as few cars passed by and headlights shined as they turned at the junction in that silent night.

“Can you go home if I get you a cab?” He asked.

I took few seconds to think and later agreed to his suggestion even though I was still traumatized by the incident and felt unorganized to walk home all alone.

He quickly took out his cellphone from his jeans and booked the cab in a couple of clicks. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and walked me out of that place.

The comfort he gave me was priceless. He was the hope that I prayed for at that alley of darkness. The street lights were dimmed and few burned out but I could feel the refreshing breeze all over my face as we both stepped out.

He leaned on a light pole next to him and stared at his phone while I waited anxiously for the cab to arrive. A sudden strike of lightning in the air frightened me as I accidentally toppled over him.

He balanced himself and helped me to stand up with a little smile on his lips.

“You’re afraid of lightning?” He casually asked while staring at his phone again.

“Not really but after all that happened I might even be afraid of my own shadow.” I said and cuddle the jacket tightly.

He leaned over to me and said,

“My wife always says “ Even in the greatest struggle, a woman will never forget to fight.”

His words gave me great courage but he was really good in hiding his own pain. He painted a smile on his face but his eyes are full of sorrow.

The cab pulled over as he simultaneously finished his words. He waved at the driver and opened the door for me. I sat at the back seat and the cab strolled on its way.

I wished I could stay a little longer but the cab drove off in that silent night. I rolled down the window on my left to let in some fresh air and as I saw my reflection on the side mirror of the cab, only then I realized that I took his jacket with me.

I rushed the driver to stop the cab and got down and ran across the junction back to the place where we last met and searched for him but he was no where to be found.

I went back to the light pole where we stood earlier and also with a heavy heart, my eyes searched the dark alley but I could not see him anywhere.

“Where did he go?” I asked myself.

Given up on the search, I ran back to the cab and told the driver to get going. I was truly sad that because of the whole chaos, I forgot to even thank him or just say a simple “goodbye”.

How selfish was I?

As I took off the jacket and tossed it next to me and snuffled silently at the back seat, I saw a little pink paper that peeped out of from the inner side of the jacket. I wiped my eyes and took the paper and opened up the foldings.

It’s a letter from a woman to him.

It says,

Hey Pie,

This will be my last letter for today. I love you so much that nothing can be said by words. You’ve been a great man, trustful friend and passionate husband.

I’m sorry that I had to go and I couldn’t spend the time that I’ve promised to be with you. I’m sorry that we have to cancel all the plans that we have made because the time has arrive too soon.

Remember my night kisses on your cheeks and the warm cuddles we share during the stormy winter. If you ever miss me, just look at the pictures we shared and I will always look into your eyes and be by your side.

You would have been a great father and you were one to me when you took care of me countless night when I was not feeling well.

You married me even though you knew my life was short. You sacrificed a lot for me and let me experience everything that I thought was impossible in this life.

Now it’s your turn.

Just Go.

Live your life.

I’m always with you and please don’t cry. I want to see enjoy life every second and that is all I need.

One last goodbye from your forever wife,


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