The Night's Sunshine

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Chamss Lil is a mixture of pure soul, and stunning beauty, she had gone through so much even though her short lifetime. She thought life had shown its bad faced to her,yet what she has no clue about was that the worst hadn't come yet. That worst would come in shape of fearless, ruthless powerful man seeking revenge for things she no hand in. The story has unexpected twists, and shocking truths floating over while the storyline advanced. 💥💥💯 So I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Stay safe 🧡🧡🧡🙈🙈        🖋Sun_Hoyame.

Drama / Romance
Sun Hoyame
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Chapter 1

Giving me the sun while saying switche it off, she huffed the confused flame on it, then becomes an igniting ember in my soul.
My print turned off all my candles except for a flame candle igniting by blood of my bleeding heart.

Closing her diaries notebook after she wrote her sorrows on its flawless paper, letting a little of pains out of her shattered heart, placing it underneath a tough pillow before her petite creamy hands hold a candle heading towards the high small window in the room, observing the beautiful sky night full of stars, thinking of the greatness of galaxies out there.

Our heroine named Chamss Alil which mean Night's sun, yeah don't be surprised, actually this name is really describing our girl. She's like a sunshine in darkness night, stunning beautiful girl with hazel crystal blue eyes,whomever saw them had dived in their unusual bright color, she had a porcelain skin tone, long caramel golden silky hair, perfect yet petite body, high cheekbones, cherry heartshape lips, and perfect nose. She is just out standing beautiful, despite the saying say ; the beauty is about soul, so what would you say about her she a mixture of both, pure soul, and stunning beauty. She is only sixteen and had gone and will go through so much, that could make many people either to give up thier life, or took someone else life. However she never had gave in to miserable living or to darkness surrounding her whole existence. All these had has given her much strength, and made her had great fate on God, never told why me? What's my fault if my parents brought to this life without my well-being.
She is a member of family of six members, the family she never belongs into, her mother and two of her siblings use to hurt her ementionly, even psychologically but it was rare, Three years ago was when knew the truth, truth of birth, one day she has came from school running through the way, cause she had to prepare for dinner as well do her homework. Her mother forced her to do household chores while her sister didn't wash the cup tea she drank of . That evening she entered home going upstairs to her room she walked by her parents bedroom, their voices were loud, they were having a fight again, " you to stop that useless daughter of your from going to school, she's no longer a kid she is growing up and where ever she went male's eyes eating her, you know neighborhood's men always waited for her to go, or comes back so they could have a sight of her. Are waiting for to have affairs and come to us carrying on a eligible baby as her..."
" Shut up woman, shut up! Why are always behind that poor girl I do see whatever you're doing to her, and she never ever complained she's doing in this house with a close mouth, the things she has doing a lot of woman didn't do, you including. Was her fault that she is beautiful, I can see invy looks you and Yasmin gave".
" Listen Khalil, you had came to me with this kid as a new born baby, telling about how sorry you're for cheating on me, not just that but had a child with her too, Ooh!! and guess what? your heart of bird didn't allow you putting her into an orphanage, so shamelessly asked me raising her as my daughter, and I have done that... , you have no right denying what I'm doing inside this household I'm clear?, it's more than enough I kept your eligible daughter a secret, raising her as my own". The little girl in corridor couldn't stand on her own feet she had got the shock of her life, her being a result of an affair that might destroy a family, now everything was reasonable hatred, emotion abuse... .

Month after that night fight, her father passed away, he didn't give in to his wife demands to keep Chamss home and stops her studying, it was the only good thing he did for her, other than given her a safe roof to stay under if you ever can considered it this way. Her actual hell living had been started that time, or that what thought was, her stepmother never let her step outside home again, despite her good marks, and teachers notices to let study due to her considering a brilliant student, but how I'm kidding she didn't let her cross her room's doorstep, her back is an art piece, a print of marks that left behind the whipping season she got from Sara^stepmother^ , especially after that horrible night when she was doing dishes late at night her supposed to protector in name of brother, called Kamal, approached her intimately, he tried to rape her in purpose of defending her son Sara blamed Chamss for it because of her style wear to seduces Kamal, she grabbed her by hair, threw on the ground hitting her with her feet all over her body, nevertheless she didn't finish with yet, she pulled her by hair to her whipped and locked her there since then, all these happened right infront of her only support and loved one in this house, but he couldn't do anything for it was her other brother Haytam. Since that night Sara locked her there Chamss Lil had never seen day light, or felt sun rays on her skin, if its not for the very small window in there she would lost sense of time at least if it was night or daylight, Sara brought her left over as her meal couple times in week, she her business and showed by cold water.
Despite the darkness, coldness the room fell in, Chamss all these years had got the must thing that lessen her sufferings, and the one gave her that was Haytam, yeah! Time to time he steal the keys from his mother sneaking to chamss room so no one could see him because Chamss Lil would the only suffering even more he got caught, so ever got chance he sneaks in talks with her awhile and gives her snackers, chocolates, candy, books, novels, he even teaches her computer, and smart phones, her was still the one shown her the world nevertheless her been locked in dark, cold room since three years ago. She couldn't count how many books had read, reading them made traveling all around the world discovering different cultures, religions, she read about everything, believe me when I say she's a library in shape of a petite girl. Yet the most thing she loved is Astronomical science.
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