Just A Little Bit of Time

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Only Aashantie knows what Demonte is going through and although it doesn't make what he's doing right, she's willing to stand by his side until he's back to himself. The problem? Her bestfriends and twins, Anthony and Antonio, don't agree with her.

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Chapter 1

It had been two months since I’d lost the baby and although it was tragic, I’d finally had the person I fell in love with back. Those two months were over though and so was the aura of calmness I’d found. Now I’d gone back to trying to stay out of his way, but we were hosting a party tonight with all of our friends. I’d cleaned the entire house while he was out shopping and even started cooking. The menu was simple enough and he was buying the pizza from a restaurant so it wasn’t much to do.

Once he was back he helped me to set things up before heading to take a shower of his own. It was then our first guest showed up. A mutual friend that had introduced us in the first place, Tony.

“Hey chick.” he grinned, coming to hug me. By instinct I stepped back. I’d been so good today and I didn’t want to get into trouble.

“Hey Tony, sorry I stink.” I grinned back careful to keep my busted lip hidden.

“You always stink,” he laughed. “Now come on, give your best-friend a hug.” I knew he wasn’t going to let this go until I hugged him. Quickly I wrapped my arms around him for a tight squeeze as he hugged me back just as tightly and then my fears were confirmed as I heard his voice.

“Damn Tony, here already?” he laughed, but I could hear the promise in his tone. If Tony had noticed it, he never made it seem like he did.

“You know me man, any excuse to see my best-friends.” he walked up to him as they did this bro-hug thing and then he came over to me and began to reach as if he was going to help me. I grabbed his hand stopping him before he could touch anything.

“Don’t you dare fake help me so you can shovel food into your mouth.” I teased as he laughed.

“Looks like someone has already been sampling. I see that sauce on your mouth.” I frozed. He had noticed and was trying to play it off. The pit of my stomach was twisting into this horrible knot that had me in pain. I could hear him laughing and saying things to Tony, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Then he grabbed me. I knew better than to resist him and allowed him to pull me towards the back room with a tight grasp on my arm. Once we were in the room he closed the door behind him and took my face in his hand and stared at me. I tried to brace myself for what I knew was coming.

“If you keep biting it, it won’t heal properly.” he sighed before stepping away.

“It never heals because you don’t give it a chance to.” I spat, shocking both him and myself. He was back in my face, an evil promise in his eyes.

“You got something you want to say to me.” he growled out as I shook my head no, desperate to take back the slip of words that had come out.

“Monte please,” I begged, too scared to go any further than that. He sighed before wrapping me in his arms and pulling me close. A few tears slipped out due to my anxiety being so high as I just stood there and let him hug me. This was the Monte I loved. The one that would hold me as I was crying. The one that put me first all the time. I didn’t know that other version of him and I hated it with every atom in my body.

“Limit Tony’s presence around yourself tonight. Your clothes are on the bed.” with that said he pushed himself away from me and left. I broke down to my knees in the middle of the room and let the tears freely fall down my cheeks. I could hear as more and more people showed up, but I couldn’t bring myself to move. Thirty minutes later I was showered and trying to cover the bruises with makeup whilst leaving the hickeys alone. He made it clear that he marked me for a reason. I was his and he wanted everyone to know it.

Ten minutes later I was putting on the clothes he’d picked out. I wasn’t too upset about this seeing as it would be something I would’ve picked out anyways, but still… There was a red low cut v-neck t-shirt that had strings at the end to tie around my torso. It was kind of hard to describe, but it still looked good on me. Especially now that my boobs were a bit bigger and more firm. Paired with the push-up bra I’d chosen, the shirt would make them look great. He’d also picked a pair of black jeans that used to hug me like a second skin, but I was worried they’d be too big now since I’ve lost a bit of weight. However, once I had them on, I realized it was nothing that a belt couldn’t fix and I had the perfect one. He’d bought me a custom made black belt with red lettering that spelled my name. I didn’t wear it often, but tonight felt perfect for it. Added in was some blood red wedges and a black choker and hoop earrings. I also put on my favorite bracelet that said ‘I love you’ and then I sat on the bed and waited.

Now that I was all dressed with my makeup and hair and everything done, I had no excuse to take my time anymore. I was honestly surprised that he hadn’t already come to find me. I knew people looked at us and wondered why I was still with him. I don’t believe we hid our troubles as well as we thought, and it killed me knowing that people knew. I knew him outside of these troubles though, things weren’t always like this and I believe that we could get back to how things used to be. He just needs time. Just a little bit more time.

“Knock knock.” came a voice before he opened the door. I smiled seeing that it was Tony.

“I’ll be out in a second, I’m just finishing up here.” I blurted trying to stop him before he could fully open the door. Then I saw the look on his face and I sighed. I knew it was coming sooner or later.

“How long am I supposed to pretend that there wasn’t blood on your face?” he asked as I sighed.

“Please Tony not right now.” I begged.

“Then when Shantie. I’m tired of not being able to do anything about it.”

“It’s my problem Tony-”

“And I’m your best-friend. I can’t make you leave him, but I can damn sure beat some sense into him.” he growled, cutting me off.

“I can handle it.” I spat getting off the bed and trying to stomp past him only to have him grab me and pull me back.

“Yeah you’re handling it well. Between the blood and the bruises, I can definitely see how well you’re handling it.” he snapped back. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t need this right now.

“Can we just go? Please?” I begged knowing that Monte was probably on his way here now. “Let’s just go party.” I knew he wanted to keep talking about this, but I also knew that Monte had just entered the room. Rolling his eyes he let go of me and stomped out the room. I turned to see Monte smiling at me.

“Good girl.” he praised. “Come dance with me.” I grabbed the hand he extended towards me as we walked towards our living room where all of our closest friends and their dates were either eating, dancing or drinking. Then there was Tony standing there with his twin and they both were throwing death glares at Monte. I tried to ignore it as I swayed my hips back and forth grinding up against my boyfriend in a way that I knew he liked.

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