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The Calling Of Alice

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Chapter 2: Siblings Have I

I sat at my desk and studied Miranda and her expressions as she continued to read the Council report.

Miranda was the same age as me and we had been best friends since birth. Well literally, we were fraternal twins, so really we not only best friends but siblings as well. I always felt she got the better end of the genes when it came to looks and I got the genes that made me more intelligent. Our birth parent got to keep her and so she stayed with "our" mother, Jeanie Conrad but I was given to the Abarranes, Elize and Atony. They were a fruitless couple but loving and kind. They were amazing parents.

I remember when Miranda and I even found out we were siblings, which was only two years prior at the insistence of my mother, Elize.

Mr. Xen of the Council asked us to come to his office that day. Miranda was sure it was because we went over our quota of allowable spirits. So we went and sat down in front of him, waiting to be reprimanded. He went on to hand us a file and explain why we were called to see him.

"Elize is dying and it is at her insistence that you girls be told the truth. Fact is girls, you are fraternal twins" Miranda and I looked at each other and Mr. Xen continued on, "Jeanie was a breed-able female however The Seer knew that she would be only competent to care for one child in her lifetime. As you also know, most breed-able people do not mate for life. We have to keep our genetic material going. Jeanie was mated once before you girls, she carried that male child to term within her. She, at her own wishes, did not wish to keep that child and he was placed with parents in Quarter 2. When it came time to breed again, Jeanie opted for Outerus, and this is where you both grew in our lab. Jeanie came often to see your progress and felt a strong connection with Miranda. She was present at your displacement from Outerus and took Miranda to her unit upon birth."

Miranda's peaches and cream complexion turned a solid grey color and I was utterly speechless.

We knew such things happened but usually if a breed-able female doesn't get to keep the child, the child is sent to a different Quarter and generally doesn't know anything of their past unless it's relevant. I began to wonder why I wasn't sent to another Quarter and why Elize wanted me to know this now.

" Mr. Xen, why wasn't I sent to another Quarter?" I asked. I was always direct. I fed on information like food.

"The Seer wouldn't allow it, my dear" Mr.Xen smiled "It is rare that The Seer meddles in standard protocol but in this she was most insistent. You were to be given to the Abarranes and you were to have regular access to Miranda, in fact" he said " Jeanie did not wish to promote a relationship between you two girls but The Seer went to see her and Elize and demanded that they both promote the relationship. Elize, of course was thrilled to do so"

"Why me? Why did momma keep me but not Alice?" Miranda asked

Mr. Xen skirted the question and gave us the File. It was only partial and pretty much only aforementioned what he had told us in the meeting.

When we left his office, Miranda was her ball of excitement. We were really truly sisters! But the meeting raised more questions I wanted answers to so I went to the one person I knew who would be honest with me, no matter how it would make me feel. I went to Elize's unit with Miranda in tow. There was a reason why she wanted me to know this.

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