How the Gatekeeper Met the Geek!

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She's hot, first of all

I first started masturbating at age ten, specifically since May of nineteen ninety seven. On that month the old Spanish teacher at Amberville Elementary, a crusty ass bitch called Mrs. Brinks, got sick. So, to ensure the students of Amberville Elementary would get their Spanish education, the principal hired a substitute teacher named Mrs. Iglesias. And good God, was she fucking HOT! She had long black hair that reached to her butt, kinda brownish red skin, full lips, and the biggest hooters I had ever seen in a woman!

Anyway, my point is that until I met Daisy, Mrs. Iglesias was the woman I’d always jack off to. But when I met Daisy and jacked off to her, I came BUCKETS! But then came Sunday morning, and Mom came in to empty my trash bin in my room.

“Gabriel,” she started. “Did you have allergies last night? This bin is filled with tissues!”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, avoiding the subject. “Wild, huh?”

“Right,” she said as she took the trash bag out of my bin, tied it, and left my room. “Breakfast will be ready in thirty minutes; wash up before then. And also, your cousin’s coming today, so dress up nicely.”

My cousin is Christine Duncan, but everyone calls her Chrissy. She’s a year older than me, and she lives in Arbordale, which is like an hour away by car. She’s cool to hang out with, but we don’t have a lot to talk about because she doesn’t like the stuff that I like.

That afternoon...

I invited Chrissy over to my room to play some Playstation, but she seemed content just watching me play.

“I watched the new Star Wars movie yesterday,” I said to her. “It was SO awesome!”

“OK,” she said as she watched me play Suikoden. “Hey, how many times have you beaten this game already?”

“Twelve,” I replied. “Why?”

“Just wondering,” she replied. “So the new Harry Potter book is coming out; I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Yeah?” I said as I paused the game. “I actually saw it getting promoted yesterday at Borders.”

“Do you like Harry Potter?” She asked me. I just shrugged. “I like it a lot. The books are fun and easy to read, but I’ll admit the first book is better than the second. I hope the third book is better.”

“How many books will that lady write?” I asked.

“I’m figuring the Harry Potter story will continue for at least five books,” she said. She then signaled for me to continue playing. “So this is an interesting game; mind telling me the story again?”

“I told you the story dozens of times,” I said to her, but she just smiled at me and gave me her big puppy dog eyes, so I relented and told her the story of Suikoden.

“...and at the end, the Liberation Army defeats the forces of the Scarlet Moon Empire,” I said, finishing the story. “And everyone lives in freedom.”

“Wow,” she said. “Man, if that were a book, I’d totally read and re-read it.”

“Yeah,” I replied, saving the game and turning the Playstation off. I opened it, took out the disc, and put it back in its case.

“How come the art for the CD case is so awful?” She asked, giggling a bit.

“When American companies translate a game from the Japanese version, they change the box art if the original is deemed too weird or cartoony for American tastes,” I said. “So the fine folk at Konami decided that THIS box art would sell the game.”

“Oh my God,” she said, laughing. “No offense, but this cover looks like a self-published fantasy novel written by a guy who’s trying way too hard to be writing Conan the Barbarian.”

“Pretty much,” I said, chuckling. Then I sighed. “So yesterday... uh, Chrissy, you’re a girl, right?”

She gave me a look that pretty much screamed “no shit.”

“Well, I kinda wanna ask,” I began. “See, yesterday, I met a girl, right? And, uh, I kinda want her to be my girlfriend.”

“Aww,” she squealed as she hugged me, and I had to push her off of me. “She must be really special!”

“She’s really pretty,” I said, grinning. “So, how can I get a girl to like me?”

“Well, try being you,” she said. “That’s how Tony and me got together!”

“What did he do to get with you?” I asked. “Specifically?”

“He bought me a Coke,” she said. “And asked me to be his girlfriend.”

“It’s that easy?” I asked, but she shrugged.

“But I’ve known Tony for most of my life,” she said. “And I knew beforehand he’d make a good boyfriend; you literally met this girl yesterday. I think you should try getting to know her more first, before asking her to be your girlfriend.”

“That sounds like a lot of work,” I said, frowning. “Can’t I just buy her a Coke?”

“Ugh,” she said as shoved me. “Go ahead; I got a dollar that says she’ll turn you down flat.”

“But,” I began to protest, but I really had nothing. Shit, she was right; I’d likely get turned down if I just did what Tony did.

“So what she look like?” Chrissy asked me.

“She’s got red hair that reaches to her back,” I said. “And brown eyes, and she wears glasses, and she’s kinda curvy, almost chubby but not really fat or anything. And her skin is smooth, too! And she likes video games, like me! And Star Wars!”

“She sounds pretty,” she said, smiling as she held her chin in her hands, a dreamy look in her eyes. “Hope I get to meet her one day.”

“Okay?” I said, feeling a little weirded out by my own cousin.

Chrissy left two hours before dinnertime. Mom made me some spaghetti and meatballs, which I gobbled up. As I ate, I wondered what Daisy liked to eat.

After dinner I had to do my homework. As I finished it, I wondered what my game plan for the next day would be. I knew she and I went to the same school, but we weren’t in the same class. I’d have to go around looking for her...

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