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The Diary of a Gay Misfit

By Raven_Bird All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Erotica


This is the diary of Jack the Gay Misfit. The only goth and gay kid in his school his life is hell. Doesn't help that his mother and father make it worse. Read his entry's and watch as he slowly becomes more insane and his experiences with drugs. And finally watch when he can't take it anymore and finally commits suicide (btw I accidentally forgot October so it isn't in here...sorry...just ignore it)

August 26, Night

School starts tomorrow. Thats why I bought you I dont want to start school without a friend. You are my friend right? I mean you have to be Diary! If your not....then ill be going into Hell alone. I wish I could talk to you and you would talk back. My name is Jack and im the Gay Misfit.

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