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Friendship: A Dark World

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A bullied teenager who goes through pain, drama and heartache and so much more. Get to uncover Violet and her pain in the first of the Friendship saga.

Drama / Poetry
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The day I died

I looked in the mirror frustrated with tears in my eyes. As my hands held the sink tightly to stop me from breaking down.

" I hate you! " I shouted at her but the only thing I felt was self pity.

She kept staring at me seeing the scars on my arms, the bruise on my cheek, the burns on my chest but most of all my dark skin. I couldn't stand it anymore I was tired of her. But she still kept staring at me with love and pity.

" Stop it! " I shouted at her.

I immediately punch the mirror ignoring the pain on my hands as the glass pierced my skin and feeling the pain that settled between my lungs. Forcing me to gasp for air and cry out. I move backwards and hit the wall with my back and gave a loud cry. I slowly sat down seeing the shattered pieces on the ground hoping she fell with them too. Now I sat with a bleeding hand hating what she just did to me.

" I hate you, you asshole! " I said aloud but the only thing I heard was the echoes in my head from my demons.

I loudly cried as the pain settled in. My shaking arm being held with my other hand.

" What's wrong with you better yet... what's right with you? " I said softly then blackened out.

I immediately opened my eyes and without a thought tears filled my eyes.

" What is right with her? " I softly whispered to myself.

After letting my tears dry, I got up with ease despite the time. I didn't need to look at the clock to know it was almost midnight. I looked at the full moon that gave light to my room. I got up from my bed and sat on my stool that was across the room. Fresh new tears covered my eyes as I couldn't speak. The pain still hit me the same despite the healed scars on my hand, the dry tears from that day and the girl who fell in shattered pieces and was cleaned with the shattered glass. But even then I had to continue the tradition as today was her birthday and my memorial day. I then took the book that laid on my desk untouched for a year holding her memories and mine. I brushed off the dust with my hand since I was wearing a tank top. As the night was hor but my heart was cold. I opened the book with shaking hands not wanting to revisit such horrid memories. I go to December the 31st finding the page with ease. I felt the hardness and roughness of the page as it never probably dried from my wet dry tears that day. With a never leaving sob in my throat I read my words that day.

" December 31st the day I lost myself to be never found again. " I took a short breathe as my heart fell.

Before continuing I took my pencil and an eraser. I erased the only two words written in pencil as I did yearly and wrote two new words. I take a deep breathe knowing I had to read in full with no interruptions even with a anxious heart and broken heart.

" It's been four years since the day she died, and was replaced with somebody who I don't even know. I sit back remembering her laying on my bed after that night. Erasing every part of herself hoping to never come back. Hoping to be wiped out from existence, there she laid wondering. Why, why did this have to happen to me. I sit there with my eyes filled with tears and misery. That carried, hid putting on a facade and she got her wish. Only to be filled with depression wondering who she is. Every year on December the 31st on my birthday I celebrate her memorial. A day a little girl lost herself to never be found again. Today would have been her fourteenth birthday. Most people have given up on trying to regain her or bring her back to life, even at the near point of death. For I'm the only one who knows why but even I forget sometimes. So every year I play a song called ' I lost my identity '. " I then closed the book and tried to go and play the song.

But the only thing I could do was let the pain filling my chest and the tears blurring my eyes out. I collapse and cried softly. As this was the only time I could allow myself to cry as I hugged myself tightly. Because only the walls heard the pillows touched, the tiles saw, the bed felt and the lies tasted my sorrow.

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