Four Fathers

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A tale of two longtime rival crime-lords and their relationships with their families.

Drama / Thriller
Liam Barath-Lane
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An Ordinary Day In Brooklyn

It was a fine day in the town of Brooklyn; at least, that is how it appeared, as the sky was blue, birds were chirping, and the trees … well … they were fine, I think. The buildings themselves seemed just as stable. The bank was open, obviously, and it was as full as you could possibly imagine. It was not full like, say, a train filled with numerous passengers. It was more occupied, most specifically. The people there, specifically the ones working, did not much but mind their own business. While 2-3 of them were women, the rest of the bankers were, without a doubt, all men. That excluded another one as he was shown to be still wearing a hat while carrying a briefcase; what was within said briefcase was known only to him. The man carrying it walked right up to one of the bankers, whom of course being one of the women, but did not get her attention until he immediately approached the desk.

In less then a second, she looked up faced him directly. “Hello, how may I help you?”

“I’m not asking for help, actually.”

The banker woman then gawked at him. “Might I ask what you’re here for then?”

The man with the briefcase then smiled two seconds later. Right then and there, he held up his left hand, raising his middle finger and thumb in the process, two more seconds before snapping them.

In a matter of yet two more seconds, a gang of three men (wearing black-striped white shirts and masks) barged in through the entry doors with none other than large guns within their hands. “Alright,” shouted the one in the center, “nobody in here move a damn muscle!” He then stepped forth. “This is a bank robbery … and …” but suddenly, the one who was speaking — immediately froze. “What the hell’s my line?”

“Cut!” yelled another man.

Suddenly, camera’s and microphones began to appear on the spot, making it completely obvious that it was, in fact, a movie set.

“For Christ sake,” added the man who yelled a moment ago. It was already obvious that he himself was the director. Granted he did not appear once to be sitting down in the director’s chair, he still gave off that commanding vibe of said occupant. “We’ve been over this, Lance!”

“I’m sorry,” the actor playing the lead robber said, just as he immediately removed his mask, “alright?”

“Did I tell you to take off your mask?”

The actor then gawked. “No, but —”

“Exactly,” the director responded with an immediate nod, “now do me a favor, put it back on, and let’s do this again!”

But that moment of theirs soon came to a halt as yet another man came into the picture. It was nobody famous, or anything like that, but it was, without a doubt, a crewmember.

The director turned and walked right up to him. As such, the other man (whom turning out to be none other than the script-supervisor) then held up what looked to be 5-7 sheets of paper. To which, the director looked closer and saw that it was so obviously more than five pages of the script itself. He then looked back over to the supervisor. “Yeah?”

“I —” the supervisor murmured, struggling to finish his sentence.

“What? Spit it out.”

“I don’t know what to make of this.”

“Make of what exactly?”

“This sentence,” the supervisor elaborated, pointing his finger directly onto that sentence.

The director then looked even closer at the script, only to finally notice that something about it seemed a bit off.

“What do you suggest?” the supervisor asked.

The director of course hesitated to answer, “Well … I think … maybe …”

The supervisor then slowly began glaring at him.

“Why don’t we just take this and show it to the producer,” the director quickly insisted.

“Go right ahead,” the supervisor responded, automatically handing the 5-7 pages over to him.

The director did not hesitate to grab ahold of them. He even watched as the supervisor went as far as to storm off the set completely; to which, he reacted with nothing more than a shrug of confusion.

Two large knocks appeared from the other side of the door.

“Come right in,” said the man sitting down at the desk.

The door then opened and in came, of course, the director himself.

The man in the desk (being obviously the producer himself) slowly folded his hands. “Got news for me, Pete?”

While holding both hands behind his back, the director spoke out, “As a matter of fact, I do.” He then held the stack of papers in front of his head, making the able for the producer to see.

The producer then added, “Lay it on me.”

Funny enough, the director did just that, as he carefully laid each sheet of paper on the desk in its precise order. And with each sheet faced upside, the director then went as far to giving the one stacked directly on top a light tap with the four of his fingers.

After taking one look at the stack, the producer looked right back up at the director. “’mind telling me why you don’t have these clipped together?”

The director shrugged. “Beats me.”

The producer then looked at him for a mil-second. “I’ll tell an assistant to arrange that then.” Seconds later, he looked right back down onto the stack. “Wait, ain’t this the script?”

“Well yeah, obviously.”

The producer looked up at him again. “So, what’s the situation?”

The director then firmly responded, “Read it and see for yourself, and then you’ll notice that there is a certain — sentence in the mix.”

Slowly, the producer did just that. As seconds passed, a scowl appeared amongst his forehead. “Hmm,” he mumbled.

The director shrugged for the second time. “So, what do you make of it?”

‘That’s a good question,’ the producer thought. At no point did he say it out loud though. As instead, he went and picked up the handset telephone that had been sitting right at the right-hand side of the desk. In which, he then quickly dialed a number.

Three knocks appeared from behind the bathroom door.

“Come on in,” a man with a deep husky voice responded. A second later, the door opened, and in came a young beautiful woman (looking to be around 5 foot 8) with long wavy red hair wearing a pink robe.

The person already within the bathroom (with grey hair, possibly being around the age of sixty) cocked his head left and slowly looked up. “Hello, my love.”

The redheaded beauty walked up to him as he lied down in the bathtub. “Thought you’d need some company.”

He stared at her for a brief moment. “No, but thanks for insisting.”

Immediately then, the redheaded beauty gawked at him.

“I’m joking,” he added gently.

With a built-up smirk, she slowly untied her robe. “Still the comedian I see.” In a matter of three seconds, the robe finally came off, from her shoulders and down onto the floor. From that moment on, it was already clear that from head to toe.

The older man then lightly smiled as he took about four seconds to look at every inch of the woman.

“Are you getting a good look?” she asked.

The older man rolled his eyes. “Like I hadn’t already done that before.”

The woman then placed both hands over her hips.

“I mean —" the older man added with a shrug, “on the other hand, I’d almost forgotten what an — outstanding view you give.”

After letting her arms down, the redheaded beauty then took a step closer to the tub. From the look of it, it seemed like she was finally attempting to join him. Raising her right leg, she slowly placed her foot into the steaming tub. Five seconds later, she did that with her left leg.

The older man continued to smirk as he observed each movement the woman made as she slowly entered the tub; he was especially pleased at the sight of her thick carpet taking a quick dip alongside with her. Immediately afterwards, he took one giant breath, right before blowing it all out in the process.

“Tell me about it,” the woman commented.

About 6-8 seconds later, the older man leaned in, unexcitingly, grabbed ahold of the woman’s perky jugs.

To which, she gawked. “What’re you doing?” she asked with a slight chuckle.

“Just wanna know what these babes feel like,” he said, looking down exactly to where his hands were.

“You’ve felt them before, haven’t you?”

“Maye once? I don’t know. A moment later, he leaned in closer, only to grab the beautiful pair tighter and give them one big kiss.

Watching him lean right back, the woman then sighed, scoffing while shaking her head.

Sooner or later though, the older man’s pleasure began to fade. From the look on his face, he quickly realized something. “Damn!”

“What?” the woman asked with a drop of concern on her face.

“I should’ve brought with me a smoke.”

The woman shrugged. “I can go and fetch a pack of cigs, if you want.”

Hesitantly, the older man shrugged. “Yeah, go right ahead.”

In a matter of two seconds, the woman leaned in and gave the older man one quick smooch on the lips. After which, she immediately rose from and stepped right out from the tub.

The older man was not underwhelmed though, as he still got a good view of her from behind; like every other inch of her, her ass was pure perfection.

After leaving the tub, the woman then fetched her pink robe off from the nearly wet floor, slowly sliding, and wrapping it back on.

The older man watched her with a look of dis-satisfaction on his face as she then walked right out the door; granted, she did not close it as the older man continued on watching her in the distance leave the room. “Don’t take too long.”

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