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By BranMoo531 All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Mystery

Chapter 1 -Lost-

Everything changed that day. The day when all the adults vanished. No people to run the power or the world. I remember the night it happened it was June 14th, 2016 and I was watching cartoons with my little brother Martin who was 3 years old at the time. And I was only seventeen. I was filled with joy since my birthday was the next day. I was going to spend the whole day with my family at the trampoline park in Appleton Wisconsin. I was talking to Martin, my mom was in the kitchen cleaning and my dad was in his office doing work. I looked at the clock 9:59 PM. Then I looked at my Mom as she looked at and smiled at me. I looked over at the clock again and it changes right to 10:00 o´clock. CRASH! A loud bang came from outside. I screamed and so did Martin. Once the noise was over Martin was in tears.

¨Martin it's okay.¨ I said rubbing his tears off his face. I looked over to the kitchen and noticed my mom was not in there. But the rags and Windex she was using were on the floor. ¨Mom?¨ I said confused about where she went. No answer, not a sound. I got up and went to my dad's office. He was gone. ¨What?¨

¨Where's Mommy and Daddy¨ Martin said as he walked to the office door I was standing at with a confused look on my face. ¨I do not.¨

BANG! CRASH! Before I could finish my sentence a loud crash was released into the city of Oshkosh. I ran to the door and swung the door open to see a plane crashed. I ran to the phone and dialed 9-1-1. I waited at least sixty seconds and no answer.

¨What?¨ I said. The police never turn down a phone call. It's weird. I walked outside to find kids and teens from the whole neighborhood were walking down the street to find out what was happening. I looked at Martin and told him to stay in the house and don't leave.

I walked to the street to see cars in piles and beeping like crazy. I ran to my best friend Kassie who was standing in the middle of the street with a confused look on her face.

¨Kassie!¨ I screamed as I ran to her. ¨Oh, my god! STACY.¨ She said as she ran towards me. We ran into each other’s arms. ¨Are you okay? Is Martin hurt?¨ She said. ¨No he is fine. But my parents are gone I don't know where they are.¨ I said. ¨My parents are gone too. We were watching T.V. and around like 10:00 I heard a bang and they were both are just gone like poof. Gone.¨ She said. I looked at the huge smoke cloud rising from the crashed plane. People were crying and screaming. ¨What do we do?¨ Someone said.

"Where are my parents?" A Little girl said crying. I walked over to her ¨I do not know where they are but stay next to my friend Kassie you see her over there?¨ I said comforting her. ¨Ye...Ye..Y...Yeah¨ She said as she started to walk to Kassie. I started to notice panicking from people and people starting to fight about what to do. I looked around to find out what to do till I saw a car parked on the curve. I walked to the car and climbed on it. ¨Hello! HELLO! HEY!¨ I said as I started to get everyone’s attention. ¨Umm... Hi, I am Stacy and umm... We need to calm down and try not to panic okay! Good. Now, people, I want everyone to please calm down and listen.¨ I said.

¨Why should we listen to you?¨ Said, someone. ¨If you do not want to well okay I do not care. People panicking is not helping with anything. I want you to raise your hand if you can not find your parents.¨ I said.

People started to raise their hands from three to five to nine to twenty. In the matter of time, everyone was raising their hands. ¨Okay umm... I do not know what is happening but I do know that whatever that bang was it has something to do with this.¨ I said. ¨We need to stick together. If all the parents or adults vanished then us teen and kids also babies need to stick together and find survivors in that crash. If adults went poof like that then we might know why that plane crashed.¨

~5 Years Later~

Five years ago my life has changed. Everyone from the age eighteen and older vanished. The rest were left to survive. I was chosen to lead the community The Lost also known as the North Side. After two years the west side of Oshkosh broke off from The Lost. They became Richwood. The only thing that divides The Lost and Richwood is the river. Around three weeks ago a Richwood killed one of my men in cold blood. I threaten to end Richwood but before I could they declared war.

¨Stacy. Please talk to me.¨ Kassie said. ¨Why. Kassie if you have not noticed we are at war with Richwood.¨ I said looking out of a window in my office. ¨God I know but standing around is getting us nowhere. We need to make a plan to keep the women and children safe.¨ She said putting her hand on my shoulder. ¨I know it's just I never wanted this to happen. Just after what happened the first year.¨ I said. ¨Stacy I know. Let´s not talk about that please I still have not healed after that day on the lake.¨ Kassie said whipping a tear off her face. Ever since that night, the people of The Lost started to forget the world we knew from the past. Every morning I always would stand outside hoping that the power will come back on, the government returns to fix this, and that my parents will return so I can hug them again. I always get asked how am I doing and I always say ¨Good¨ but I was scared, to tell the truth. I never will forget the old world, not today or tomorrow. I keep my phone on me knowing one day we will get answers and I will find out a way to turn the power on. So I can turn my phone on to see pictures of my family and him.

¨Hey, Stacy Cat.¨

¨Oh. Hey, Finn.¨ I said. ¨How you feeling?¨ He said. ¨Better than yesterday.¨ I said hoping he would not notice I was lying, but of with my luck, he did and ugh. ¨Stacy. I know you are lying. You suck at lying but I want to tell you Leader Cud is at the bridge three's gate.¨ He said has he put his arms around my hips. ¨Fuck! Why? Is he here to kill us off.¨ I said turning around to face Finn. ¨I do not know but remember we have The Lost Clique watching and keeping an eye out.¨ He said placing his hand on my chin. ¨Finn?¨ I said. ¨Yeah Stacy?¨ He said smiling. ¨I love you.¨ I say as I pull his close for a kiss. I'll never forget our first date. He took to the small crappy beach here in Oshkosh or well what’s left of it. We use now for fishing. He was so romantic. I'll never forget the gift he got me that night. It was year two or two years after the adults vanished. He found chocolate something I never ate for so long. I remember our first kiss like it was yesterday we were walking down the street to my house in The Lost and before he left he pulled towards him and locked lips with mine. Sure we have a lack of mints and toothpaste now but we both had bad breath so we didn't care at all.

¨Stacy Cat you ready? Finn said. ¨Yeah.¨ I said scared to leave the room or my office which use to be my old freshmen, English class. About five months since the vanishing of the adults I decided to set the main building of The Lost to be my old high school, Oshkosh North High School. After two months the school became a military training and home to newborns. Most people moved to houses near the school so they can feel safe. But now we have colonized most of Oshkosh from the beach all the way to Lake Butte des Morts. People now have started to feel safe till the war broke out. The market which use to be downtown Oshkosh which is also by the wall that separated The Lost and Richwood.

¨What do you want?¨ I said as I walked to the main tower of bridge three. ¨Ha ha Hey, Stacy Girl¨ said, Lord Cud ¨We are here for you to surrender and let us take the North side of Oshkosh.¨ He said. "Screw yourself. I will not let my people down and give up that easy. Why don´t you go bother Found or Appleton.¨ I said ¨Give me your land and this war will never happen. If you don't I will kill every single person in those walls. He said with an evil smile on his face. ¨Please don´t these are human just like you.¨ I said. ¨So? Why should I care¨ He said. ¨Cud please you don't have to do this at all. Just call off the war¨ I said hoping he would. ¨You have one month to decide since we are kinda busy. Okay, good now good day Lord Stacy.¨ He said as he started to walk down the bridge with his men.

My face turned pale and I wanted to just cry knowing my people were in dangered. I left the bridge before anyone could talk to me I ran all the way to the old high school. I entered overwhelmed as people ran to me to find out what happened. I pushed throw the group of people to the staircase and I just ran to my office and locked the door. I do not know how long I have been in here but I knew I was not planning to leave. I just wanted to give up on trying to keep The Lost safe from Richwood.

¨Stacy Cat?¨

I heard a voice come from the door to the hallway. ¨Stacy, please come out here you have not eaten something for at least a day now.¨ Said the voice. I could not tell who it was but I did not care. ¨Stacy, It's me Finn.¨ He said with an upset voice. ¨What! WHAT DO YOU WANT!¨ I said screaming at him wanting him to leave me alone. ¨Please just open the door.¨ He said well trying to get the door to open. ¨No.¨ I said. ¨Please!¨ He said. After that, I did not answer. ¨Stacy, please. I need you. You are everything I have. You have been there for me after that day on the lake. You were the reason I did not give up. That day was not your fault it was that stupid boat. I should have listened to you when you said that the boat was forming a hole in it but I took the damn boat out on the lake with. It is my fault he is gone.¨ He said well he started to cry. ¨Finn. Please, we do not speak of him.¨ I said. ¨Well we need too! If you do not remember your brother died! Martin died that day and I could have prevented it if I did not take the goddamn boat onto the lake!¨ He said as he started to bang on the door. I said nothing. He promised me he would never say his name. I started to cry and I justed ignored him whatever he said I did not answer. After around one hour he left me alone. I felt bad and guilty for not talking to him. After awhile I left my room and went downtown to New Moon Coffee. Hoping Finn or Kassie were not there. I walked into the building and I did not see them anywhere. I walked up to the desk to order.

¨Oh howdy Lord Stacy¨ said Javi ¨Hey, Javi. Can I get a water please.¨ I said. ¨You may. Just take a seat and I’ll be with you in just a moment.¨ He said pointing at a table next to the big grand window. I sat down and I just remembered all the memories I had here before the adults vanished. Kassie and I would always sit at the table I am sitting that right now. I remember when we carved our names in the wood on the table. To this day they are still there. I started to cry but I quickly cleaned my face before Javi could see that I was upset. ¨Here you go ma´lady¨ He said with a face I could not explain it. I looked out the window to see a newborn and his nurse mother walking together I smiled to see they are happy. I looked to my left to see a group of soldiers walking and I think something must have been funny since they all were giggling. But then I notice something off. It was a black van and that van was not one ours. I think one of the soldiers must of have thought the same since he started to walk to it to inspect it. When he went to grab the door handle to the van I noticed something about the seat in the van it was blinking like a timer and a string connected to the door handle. I know what was going to happen once that door opens. I got up and ran to stop the man from opening the door. I was too late once opened it a huge cloud of smoke and fire released into the air killing the man who opened the door. ¨NO!¨ I screamed running to the soldier. I placed my hand on his chested to see the soldier was a recently added to The Lost Clique. I rubbed my hands down his face to close his eyes. I felt someone pull me away from the soldier. ¨My Lord please get back.¨ Said a voice. I looked behind me to see it was Pre. ¨PRE! You need to help him!¨ I said hoping to see if she could help him since she was the best doctor we have in The Lost. ¨I'll try my best¨ She said. I moved back crying. I sat there watching her give him CPR. ¨Please god Please!¨ I screamed well looking at the sky. ¨I'm sorry.¨ She said placing her hand on my shoulder. ¨NO!¨ I fall to the ground. I returned to my office and I busted into tears.

¨Hey, Stacy Cat?¨ Said Finn. ¨What.¨ I said whipping tears off my face.¨ I heard about what happened and we have a main target about who did this.¨ He said as he sat next to me and placed his head on my head. ¨It was Richwood wasn't it¨ I said. ¨Yeah. They placed a bomb in a van in downtown.¨ He said starting to rub his hand on my shoulders. ¨I know.¨ I said. ¨You need to address the town about this attack. Like now.¨ He said as he stood up and placed his hand in front of me to help me stand up. ¨Okay.¨ I said placing my hand in his hand. He took me to the announcement center which use to be the city hall of Oshkosh. Before I went onto the stage I looked to see everyone in the town arrive. I walked up to the stage and I said ¨Umm. I do not know where to start but. What happened here today will not go unanswered. The bombing has been named the Kevin Bombing. This name was chosen because the only soul taken today was Kevin Griffin. He was a strong and powerful eighteen-year-old man. He was a soldier and a friend to many. His funeral will be held next weekend and we ask everyone to join this funeral. But now we do believe Richwood is the one who did this. Since the van was from the West Side of Oshkosh. They will pay for this and we will attack them in returned.¨


-Richwood Market-

¨Okay men over this bridge are Richwoods walls and behind that gate is Richwoods market. We are here not to kill any citizen but you can kill the soldiers in Richwood if they start to shot or attack you. Also, we are here to destroy the market. We will lose some men!¨ Kassie said shouting to all of her men. ¨Yes My´lady!¨ The soldiers shouted back to her. ¨Good now let's go! I want everyone to gather into groups of five.¨ She said. Kassie was not herself. She sent all of her men to attack Richwood. All of her men started to march from North High School. Once they walked passed the old Starbucks one of the soldiers started to sing an old song from the year of 2015. The song was called Hanging Tree a song from Kevin Griffin's favorite movie The Mockingjay Part One. They sang the song all the way to the walls of Richwood. Two groups of five ran up to the gate and placed bombs well-avoiding bullets being shot at them. Only six returned before the bombs set off. The gates busted open. All of the rest of the soldiers ran into the town of Richwood and arrived at the Market and started to rip the place apart. One soldier set fire to stalls of the Market. Screaming and gunshots are all you could hear. Once the market was destroyed the soldiers retreated and left Richwood to bring good news to Lord Stacy about the success. ¨My´Lady we have brought success in destroying the Richwood market. But sadly we have lost men.¨ one of Stacy´s soldiers said. ¨Okay now we return to the main building.¨ She said.

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