Cabin Fever

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In the eyes of the law, it's murder, but it Riley's eyes, it's revenge and closure. Stranded on the side of the road in the worst snowstorm of the season, Riley is picked up by the wrong kids. Kidnapped, raped and beaten for the entire weekend, she is left for dead. Surviving the weekend, she stalks her assailants, learning their every move, obsessed with revenge. Then she meets Scott, the handsome detective who is investigating a related case. Sparks fly between the two while she is merely trying to grasp the law's side of the murders. Riley's realizes she is in way too deep when she falls in love with the detective, trying not to let him get in the way of her plans to execute her every revenge.

Drama / Romance
Maria Searfoss
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Chapter One

It was her sixteenth birthday, the first day Riley ever skipped school. The mid spring day was warm and sunny as she snuck away with two boys. They were both seniors, two years older than her and only knowing their names, they were both mere acquaintances. She was only a sophomore. Getting into Caleb’s car, he stopped at the liquor store where his brother worked and provided him with a fifth of whiskey.

Parking behind the local grocery store, they sat in the sunshine, on empty milk crates. Caleb opened the bottle, took a swig then handed it to Riley. She took a swig then handed it to Jack. Talking as they passed the bottle around until it was empty, Riley felt the strong effects as she stood to her feet.

Walking around behind the dumpster, she pulled her pants down and tried to squat to relieve herself but fell over. As she laughed, Caleb and Jack came around the corner. They helped steady her while she urinated. As she finished, she tried to stand to pull her pants back up. Caleb gave her a shove, knocking her down and into her own urine.

“What the hell?” She said and looked up at him. The sun was shining brightly in her eyes but she could see him as he unbuttoned his pants. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She asked.

“Jack and I spent all the money we had on that bottle, now we expect something in return.” Caleb stated.

“I don’t think so.” She responded as she tried again to stand.

Jack put his hands on her shoulders, preventing her from getting up as Caleb came closer to her. Grabbing the front of her shirt, Caleb ripped it open. Groping at her breasts, he knelt down in front of her. She tried to kick him with her legs but he was too close. He grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her shoe off. Grasping at her pant leg, he pulled her jeans off one leg.

Jack forced her down until she was laying against the hard concrete. With her bare leg, she lifted it over Caleb and pushed him away from her. Then with the same leg, she jerked it upwards to kick Jack in the face. Quickly, she rolled away and jumped to her feet. Trying to put her foot back into her pant leg, she grabbed her shoe and tried to run from them.

Tripping, she fell to the ground, scraping her knee on the concrete. Caleb jumped on her back, pinning her to the ground. As she reached for a piece of broken glass, she could fell his erection against her bare skin. With a quick jerk of her hand, she stabbed at him, not knowing where the glass was impaling him. Caleb hollered and rolled off of her, attending to the stab wound in his hip.

Rolling over onto her back, she saw Jack coming at her. She kicked at him, knocking him backwards. Quickly, she pushed her leg into her pant leg and stood to pull them up. With the foot that still wore the shoe, she kicked Jack in the face, then in the groin. Then she turned to Caleb and kicked him in the groin.

“If you guys ever touch me like that again, I’ll kill you.” She said as she put her shoe on. Turning away from them, she ran all the way home without returning to school.

Since that day, she never skipped school again. Seeing them in the hallway, she avoided them, walking the other direction, glad it was their last year. Nothing was ever said about that day and she told no one, except her younger sister, to whom she tells everything. Aleah, her sister, was nearly two years younger than Riley and to look at them, you would almost think they were twins. Her parents never found out about the incident that nearly ruined her sixteenth birthday.

Riley had always been audacious with a strong, free spirit. Learning to fight at a young age, she learned to stand up for herself. But since that incident, she was skeptical to trust any men and therefore did not date.

Six years later, she was still the same girl, grown into a beautiful woman with deep green eyes and blond hair that hung down to her buttocks. Her physical appearance was slender with somewhat of an athletic build. At five foot four inches, she was still bold and unafraid to stand up for herself.

Still not quite over the incident on her sixteenth birthday, she realized it was time to try trusting certain men in general. However, she still refused anyone who asked her on a date. It was her fifth month at a new college, in a strange town. She had only two years to complete her schooling and get started on her career.

It was Friday, January thirteenth, when she got out of class, anticipating the weekend off. She decided to go home, to get away from the chaos of school and the small city. Getting into her car, she threw her book bag on the seat beside her and put her key into the ignition. For the last few days, she had been having trouble with her car and wasn’t surprised when it didn’t want to start. She cussed and turned it over again and again, finally getting it to start. She had planned on getting her car fixed while home for the weekend.

Entering her apartment, she gathered her items to take with her as she listened to the answering machine that held four messages. They were from both her father and her sister, telling her about the horrible car accident her mother had been in. It sounded serious as she listened to the tone of their voices, telling her she was in critical condition and needed both of her daughters by her side.

Immediately, she tried to contact her father but couldn’t get any response either at home or his cell phone. Then she tried her sister and it went straight to voice mail. She didn’t leave a message, knowing they were both already at her side.

Locking her door, she hurried down the hallway, checking her mail as she left the building. Again, she cussed at her car as it still failed to start. She closed her eyes and prayed as she turned the key over again. It started and she blew out a sigh of relief.

Stopping to fill her tank with gas, she bought some snacks and drinks for the long ride home. Again, her car faltered but eventually started. Merging onto the freeway, it had just started to snow as she started on her one hundred and fifty mile trip home.

With every mile, the snow came down harder, covering the roadway, making driving conditions quickly deteriorate. After thirty minutes on the road, she felt the car begin to slide on the increasingly icy roads and slowed down. Turning the radio up, she tried to concentrate on the road, but all she could think about was her mother. Driving merely twenty five miles per hour, she had only been on the road for just over an hour when the car began to spit and sputter.

As she pulled over to the side of the road, the car stalled. Putting the transmission in neutral, she tried again to start the car, but it only winded. Continuing to try, the car still refused to start. Eventually, the battery began to die. Beating her fists on the steering wheel, she cussed at the car. Closing her eyes, she prayed while she tried again to start the car but the battery was drained and the engine merely clicked.

Sitting for a moment, she tried to figure out what to do. Pulling her phone out of her purse, she had just enough service to try again to contact either her father or her sister. Still there was no answer and again, didn’t leave a message. Seeing the battery light flashing, she still threw her phone back into her purse.

Drawing a deep breath, and with only her purse, she opened the door and got out with no cars in sight. The snow was coming down heavily and she couldn’t see a half a mile up the road. Slamming the door shut, she kicked it and cussed again. Looking both ways, she tried to decide if she should continue in the same direction, or head back towards Newport, where she now lived.

In the same direction as her travels, she began walking, making footprints in the snow that already accumulated to almost an inch, and were being covered just as quick. Walking for approximately a mile, she heard a vehicle coming from behind her. Turning to face it, she put her thumb into the air. The vehicle beeped and changed lanes as it passed her without slowing down.

Forced to hitchhike for the first time in her life, she drew in another deep breath as she turned back around and continued walking in the same direction. Another car passed without help. As she continued walking, a blue road sign came into view. Realizing it was a rest area, she picked up her speed.

Walking inside the building, she used the bathroom first then bought a cup of coffee from the vending machine. In the lobby, she used the pay phone to try again to call her father. Still there was no response from either her father or sister but this time she decided it was best to leave a message on her sister’s phone.

After warming up with her second cup of coffee, she decided she was wasting time at the rest area and pulled her coat closed as she exited the building, walking down the freeway in the same direction. The first vehicle that she encountered was a semi truck. Knowing their reputation, she had grown to not trust the truck drivers. She walked as close to the icy edge of the road as she could as the semi truck passed her, feeling the fast wind on her back and almost pushing her over the snow bank.

In the three miles she had walked since she left the rest area, only two cars passed her, ignoring her thumb in the air. As the third car approached her, she again, turned towards them and put her thumb into the air. The white car slid to a stop just past her.

Running up to the car, she seen one man get out and climb into the back seat. “Thanks for stopping.” She said as she stood on the side of the road, looking into the vehicle at the three young men. She had an eerie feeling but knowing this could be her only chance at a ride, she got in anyways.

“Wow, your hair is really long.” One voice from the back seat said.

“And beautiful.” Said a different voice.

Putting on her seat belt, she smiled at the driver as he merged back onto the icy road. “Where are you guys headed?” She asked.

“Just up the road about twenty miles, what about you?” The driver said.

“I’m heading for Crystal Falls. My name is Riley by the way.” She said as she held her hand out to the driver for a handshake.

“I’m Aaron. Chuck is behind you, and behind me, is David.” The driver said and shook her hand. She turned to look at the two in the back seat and nodded at them, “What in the world are you doing, walking in weather like this? I didn’t see you until I was beside you.” Aaron said as she turned her gaze towards him.

“I’m trying to get home to my mother, she was just in a bad car accident. What are you guys, football players or something?” She said, noticing they were all wearing green varsity jackets with a yellow ‘p’ on them.

“Yes, we’re from Pendleton High.” David said from the back seat as Aaron shot him a look of disapproval. “What, do you attend Newport College?”

“Yes. I started there in August. I was going home for the weekend anyways.”

“About once a month, we come to my parents cabin to stay the weekend here, in Chesterfield.” Aaron said as he looked her over. “How old are you?” He asked.

She looked at him, hesitating before answering. “I’m twenty two. Why do you ask?”

Aaron reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out two one hundred dollar bills. “You can keep fifty bucks if you spend the rest on alcohol and beer for us.”

Riley drew in a deep breath before answering. “I try to make it a habit to not provide to minors.”

“Oh, come on, no one will know.” Chuck said from the back seat and she felt him gently squeeze her shoulder.

Riley thought for a minute. “Well, you guys did give me a ride, I suppose I could. As long as you promise not to drink until you get to your destination.” She answered, taking the money and shoving it into her purse. There was no response from any of the three men.

Aaron exited the freeway and pulled up beside a gas station. Riley got out of the car and went inside. Gathering their items, she grabbed a few things for herself then went to the cashier. The cashier asked for her ID, making sure she was old enough to buy the beer and she asked for two fifths of whiskey which was kept behind the counter.

As she returned to the car, she insisted on putting the items in the trunk, but Aaron wouldn’t get out to open it. She handed the two cases of beer back to Chuck in the back seat, followed by the two bottles of whiskey. Standing with her arm on the door and looking in, she debated whether or not she should get back into the car, but she did anyways.

Just as Aaron merged back onto the freeway, Chuck handed Aaron a beer. Aaron opened it and took a big drink as Riley gave him a dirty look. Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Chuck handed her a beer but she refused it. Then he offered the whiskey to her and she took the bottle. Opening it, she took a few big swigs and recapped it, handing it back to him.

“You sure are pretty.” David said then took a drink of his beer.

“Thanks.” She answered, feeling more awkward.

The snow had not let up and the road conditions were worsening as she was worried about their speed. He was apparently young and not as experienced at driving in the snow as she had hoped. She knew if they were pulled over, she would go to jail for contributing to the delinquency of minors.

A few more miles up the road, she pulled out her cell phone to see if she had service, knowing she never could get it on this stretch of road. Aaron reached over and snatched the phone out of her hand. “I’ll take that for now, you’ll never get service out here anyways.” He dropped it into his door pocket.

She looked at him, aggravated. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to hold on to it. It is my phone.” She said as she reached across Aaron’s lap to retrieve her phone.

He grabbed her arm and pushed it away. “I don’t think so.” He said.

“I think you should give my phone back, and let me out here.” There was a note of fear in her voice and her hands were shaking.

“I think you should stay with us for a while.” Chuck said from the back seat.

“No, I think you should let me out now.” She said and reached over again to try to grab her phone.

Again, Aaron grabbed her arm and she struggled with him. Chuck grabbed her seat belt, drawing her tightly against the back of her seat. She struggled to release herself but when she couldn’t budge it, she reached down and unhooked it. Pushing her door open against the strong wind, she debated about jumping out of the car. Chuck grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her back against the seat. The force of the wind pushed the door shut.

Struggling to pull herself from Chuck’s grasp, she reached for her phone again. Aaron struggled with her arm as he tried to control the car on the icy road. “Do something with her.” Aaron yelled, nearly losing control.

David and Chuck each grabbed one of her arms and dragged her into the back seat between them. She screamed although she knew there were no other cars around to hear her. Struggling with the two young men in the back seat, they groped her as they held her down while Aaron exited off the freeway. Riley tried to pay attention to their direction of travel but after a few turns down the desolate roads, she lost track.

Pulling into a driveway that had recently been plowed, Aaron parked in front of a small cabin. The windows were all covered with shutters to protect them from the elements. Aaron shut off the car and got out first, followed by David. Riley lunged out, trying to run, but Aaron grabbed the sleeve of her coat, and spinning her around, she landed in the fresh snow.

Chuck got out of the car, grabbed her by the other sleeve and together, he and David dragged her into the cabin as Aaron unlocked the door. Sitting her in a chair at the kitchen table, Chuck and David used duct tape to tape her hands behind her back as Aaron built a fire in the wood stove. Then Aaron and David went back outside, closing the door behind them. David carried in some wood to let it dry for the weekends’ use.

Chuck and David sat at the table, on either side of her, as she was crying and scared. Looking around the dim room, Riley saw three closed doors, assuming one was a bathroom and the other two, bedrooms. On a small shelf by the front door was a flashlight.

The lights came on as Aaron started the generator and turned on the gas. Coming back into the cabin, Aaron set her purse down on the table before he lit the pilot lights on the stove then turned to look at her with her mascara streaming down her face as she cried uncontrollably.

Picking up her purse, Aaron dumped the contents on the table. Picking up her wallet, he removed her drivers license. “Riley Ann St. Claire. Born April twenty forth, nineteen ninety two. Twenty six fifteen E. Truman Road. Apartment twelve. Oh, you live off of campus, but close. I know where those apartments are.” Aaron said as he showed the drivers license to David and Chuck.

“You know, this picture really doesn’t do you justice. You’re much prettier in person.” David said.

“You guys know what to do with her. I’m going to run to town and pick up a few groceries. Do you want anything in particular?” Aaron said as he pulled his keys back out of his pocket.

“No, I have everything I want right here.” Chuck said as stood and walked up behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Come on, David, come and get the beer and stuff out of the car. I don’t need to be caught with it.” Aaron said and David followed him out the door.

Returning back into the cabin, David put the beer and whiskey in the refrigerator. “Come on, help me with her.” Chuck said.

David and Chuck together, pulled her out of the chair. Opening one of the doors, they dragged her into a bedroom that contained one queen sized bed and a dresser. Beside the bed was an end table with a lamp.

“Take your clothes off.” Chuck ordered her, after he cut the duct tape from her hands.

“Go to hell.” She said, clenching her fists.

Chuck grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. “I said take your fucking clothes off.” He ordered her again, his breath on her face.

“No, I won’t do it.” She said as she reached over her shoulder, punching him in the face.

Immediately, he spun her around. “Wow, good hit.” He said, rubbing his jaw. Punching her in the face, he knocked her backwards, then grabbed her shirt to keep her standing.

Ripping it off her, he then ripped off her bra as she struggled against him. Chuck pushed her down on the bed and David restrained her as Chuck unbuttoned her jeans. She kicked at Chuck but he managed to pull off her shoes, then her jeans. Next, he pulled off her underwear, leaving her completely naked, except for a necklace with a small golden cross. Pulling her by the arms and legs, they laid her straight.

David continued holding her down as Chuck grabbed the tape and taped her hands above her head, attaching them to the headboard. As he stood at the end of the bed, looking down at her naked body, Chuck unbuttoned his pants.

“Aaron will get pissed if we don’t wait for him.” David said.

“Look at this body, David. I can’t wait. She should be the playboy bunny of the year. I’ll deal with Aaron when he gets back.” Chuck said as he pulled his pants to his knees and climbed towards her on the bed. She kicked at him but he dodged her feet and grabbed her ankles.

“You are so beautiful.” Chuck said as he pressed his weight against her and forced her legs apart with his knees. Leaning over her, he kissed her neck as she tried to bite his ear. Feeling the thrust that forced himself into her, she screamed from pain and anger.

“Wow, you were a virgin, weren‘t you?” Chuck said, feeling himself break the skin as he thrust himself deeper. “Oh yeah, you feel so good. You’re the tightest bitch I’ve ever fucked.” Chuck said as he continued to rape her, stealing her virginity.

Reaching his hands up, he grabbed her breasts as he repeatedly thrust himself inside her. She struggled harder against both of them but she could barely move. Screaming and crying, she shook her head, wondering why this was happening to her. As she opened her eyes, she saw David, just beside her on the bed, stroking himself and waiting his turn.

Chuck felt his release as he slowed his pace and his breathing became erratic. Climbing off the bed, Chuck held her legs as David climbed towards her to take his turn. She continued screaming and struggling beneath him as he also raped her.

As David finished and climbed off of her, she laid still, crying. Chuck picked up her clothes. “You can’t very well escape in the winter time if you’re naked.” Chuck said as he followed David out of the room and shut the door.

Riley laid on the bed, screaming and crying and asking why. Moments later, she heard a vehicle and knew Aaron had returned. He hadn’t been gone long and she knew town couldn’t be too far away, but she had no idea which direction.

Hearing him come in the front door, he laid the groceries on the table then opened the bedroom door. “You guys were supposed to wait for me. It’s my cabin, my car, I was supposed to go first.” Aaron said as he walked up to the bed, followed by the other two.

“Watch out, Aaron, she’s a feisty one.” Chuck said as he walked up beside the bed.

Chuck and David both assisted holding her down as Aaron pulled his pants down and commenced to rape her also. Leaning down, he kissed her around her neck before moving to her lips. She bit down on his lip and he hollered. With a closed fist, he punched her in the face. “Don’t ever bite me again.” Continuing his rhythm, she struggled against the three until he finished and climbed off of her.

They shut the door as the three of them exited the room. Riley felt sick and disgusted as she continued to cry, laying naked on the bed. Praying to God for her escape, She struggled to free her hands and felt the edge of the tape. Pulling and fighting with the tape, she managed to free one hand. Unwrapping the other, she got off the bed and crept around the room.

Going directly to the window, she opened it quietly. Discovering the shutters were latched from the outside, she shut the window. Walking to the dresser, she opened the top drawer to find a few pairs of socks and underwear. In the corner, hidden beneath some underwear, she found two drivers licenses.

One belonged to a young woman who lived out of state. She would be approximately eighteen now, but who knows how long either license had been in the drawer as it expired the previous year. The other belonged to another young woman who should now be seventeen. She was from Pendleton. Seeing the licenses and thinking of their execution of her capture, she guessed it was not their first time.

Closing the drawer, and opening the window, she used one of the drivers licenses to slide in the crack of the shutters and fumble with the lock. Eventually, it unlocked. Leaving the license on the end table, she pushed the shutter open and felt the gush of cold air against her naked body that made her shiver.

Climbing out the window, she ducked down alongside the cabin and ran alongside the edge. Seeing no one, she ran towards the car and opened the drivers door. Still crouched down, she looked to see the keys were not in the ignition. Looking in the door pocket, she found her phone. There was still no service but she dialed 9-1-1 anyways. Hearing the beep, she seen her phone battery was nearly dead and it disconnected.

She threw the phone into the snow, upset. Hearing the front door open, she crouched down further to see Chuck walk to the end of the porch to relieve himself. Looking up, he seen the car door open, then seen her through the window.

“Hey, she’s trying to escape.” He yelled as he zipped up his pants.

Riley turned and ran towards the road as fast as she could with her bare feet in the cold snow. Chuck quickly caught up to her and tackled her to the ground. David and Aaron both ran out of the house behind him, one carrying the duct tape.

“If you want to be outside, naked in the middle of winter, we can arrange that.” Chuck said and dragged her by her long blonde hair to a pine tree directly in front of the cabin. Using the duct tape, they secured her to the tree so she couldn’t get free. Aaron looked her over before opening the front shutter to reveal the window. Walking around the side of the cabin, he shut and latched the open shutter at the bedroom, then went back inside.

Riley leaned her head back against the tree and closed her eyes for a moment before she began screaming as loud as she could. Chuck came back outside and repeatedly punched her in the face to quiet her. Hanging her head down, she cried as he went back into the cabin.

Although it had only been one, it seemed like hours she remained taped to the tree. The temperature outside was merely twenty degrees as they cut the tape that bound her. Her limp body slung against them as they caught her from falling to the snow covered ground.

Putting her over his shoulder in a fireman’s position, Chuck carried her back into the house and laid her in the bathtub. Turning on the water, it was cold at first and she flinched at the shock. As the water turned warm, Chuck stood beside the bathtub, watching over her.

Riley laid on the floor of the tub, soaking up the warmth, then leaned up to find the soap and began to scrub herself. She had barely finished before Chuck reached in and turned off the water. Handing her only a towel, he pulled her out of the tub and escorted her back into the bedroom. Again using the duct tape, Aaron taped her hands to the headboard and her feet to the opposite sides of the foot board as Chuck and David restrained her, although she struggled violently against them.

Riley laid quietly and still on the bed, discovering she couldn’t move anyways. Smelling the food, she knew they were cooking. They didn’t offer her any food or water and she didn’t ask. The room got darker as the sun went down, casting small lines of light through the cracks of the shutters. Hearing them get louder and louder as they talked and played cards, she knew they were growing more intoxicated..

Her eyes were closed when she heard the bedroom door open and looked to see the three of them enter the room. Aaron flicked on the light as the other two staggered towards the bed. She closed her eyes and tightened her body as she knew what was to happen next. As she suspected, they took their turns raping her again as she struggled against them, screaming.

When they were finished, she felt even more nauseated and disgusted. She overheard them saying goodnight to each other through the open door, then the cabin was dark. Hearing footsteps and seeing shadows moving towards her, she felt someone lay beside her, not sure exactly who it was. She laid still and quiet, closing her eyes with tears still falling down.

When she opened her eyes in the morning, it was light. She seen it was Aaron who lay beside her, looking directly at her. “Good morning.” He said then crawled out of bed. Saying nothing to him, she watched him walk out of the room, leaving the door open. Hearing more voices, she knew Chuck and David were also now awake.

Again, she prayed as she laid on the bed, expecting them to come in. Smelling the food, she knew they were cooking breakfast. Her stomach was growling but she was too nauseated to eat, even if they had offered her food.

It was after breakfast when they entered the room. She knew it was inevitable, laying still as Aaron climbed on first. He was unchanged by her lack of resistance but as it came to be Chuck’s turn, he’d rather she fight.

“Why won’t you fight back, you bitch.” Chuck said and punched her in the face as he continued with his pace. Leaning up, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled but it changed nothing. She remained still and quiet. Suddenly, she leaned up and bit him in the shoulder. Again, he punched her. “If you ever bite me again, I’ll kill you.”

Chuck pulled the switchblade out of his pocket and opened it, pressing the blade tight against her throat. Riley drew in a deep breath and held it, waiting for the cut to come. Instead, he dug the blade into her chest and sliced her from between her breasts down to her belly button. The cut was not life threatening, but still, she began to bleed.

Licking the blood from her skin, he kissed her, tasting her own blood on his lips. Chuck grew more aggressive when she still didn’t fight back. Placing his hands around her neck, he squeezed, making her squirm beneath him. It seemed to be the struggle that excited him as he quickly finished.

When he finally removed his hands, she had almost lost consciousness. Gasping for breath, she screamed and began to cry. As they were leaving the room, she struggled harder to free her hands but the tape would not rip or loosen. Closing her eyes, she prayed again. She was disgusted all over again, when she had no choice but to urinate on the bed.

In the hours that had passed since the last time they entered the room, she had fallen asleep. When she began to wake up, she moved onto her side then suddenly realized the tape had been removed from her hands and feet. After laying in one position for so long, her muscles were stiff as she sat up on the side of the bed. The door was now open.

Leery as she got up, she slowly walked to the door but didn’t see anyone around and wondered if they had left already. Creeping into the kitchen, she looked out the windows but the car was still in the driveway and she knew they were there somewhere. Walking to the next window, she peered through the crack of the shutters and saw the three of them outside. They appeared to be having a snowball fight as the snow had finally stopped and the sun was shining brightly.

Looking down on the kitchen counter, she saw the butchers block containing sharp knives. Pulling two knives out, she went back into the bedroom and hid them below either side of the mattress. She was sitting on the edge of the bed as she heard them come back into the house. Instantly, she felt nervous and felt her body tighten.

Remaining quiet as they moved around the room, she listened to them talking. Merely ten minutes later, they entered the bedroom. Chuck came up to her and without words, began to swiftly and repeatedly, punch her in the head until she passed out.

As she opened her eyes, she was laying on the floor, on her stomach, with her hands and feet bound together with the duct tape. Her head was aching and she could taste blood. Chuck stood over her as he removed his leather belt.

“We wanted to see if you were trustworthy so we untied you, knowing you would walk through the house. But we see now that you’re not.” Chuck said as Aaron went to the bed and recovered the two knives she had hid.

She screamed out of pain as Chuck began to lash her with the belt leaving welts on her body. The beating continued for minutes and she could barely breathe when he finally stopped. Laying with her head against the floor, she cried as they left the room, leaving the door open.

Laying on the floor for hours, she wasn’t sure when they had started drinking but knew they were all drunk the next time they came into the room. Cutting the tape, they laid her back on the bed, on her back. With a knee on her chest, Aaron and David held her down as she looked up at Chuck through swollen eyes. He was approaching her, holding an empty whiskey bottle.

David and Aaron each grabbed one of her legs and spread them open. Riley screamed again, in pain, as Chuck shoved the bottle inside her. Pulling it out, he shoved it in again, as the three of them laughed. It was the last straw for Riley, knowing she was never going to leave the cabin alive.

“You guys better make sure you kill me because if you don’t, I’ll hunt you down and kill all of you.” Riley screamed as they walked towards the door, still laughing. They had left the bottle inside her but she managed to push it out.

“Yeah, like we’re really worried about that.” Chuck said as he shut the door behind them.

Riley pulled herself up into a ball on the bed and stared at the wall. She was all out of tears as the depression came over her like a tidal wave. The three men had broken her strong spirit and she felt as if she had lost everything. It was at that point, she truly thought she would die.

They were all stumbling when they came into the room to tape her to the bed just before they all went to bed for the night. She didn’t struggle with them, knowing she would only pay for the fight. The lights of the cabin went dark and she felt Aaron climb into bed beside her. She laid wide awake, staring up at the dark ceiling long after he fell asleep.

Waking in the morning, she was nauseated and had an overwhelming feeling of weakness due to the lack of food and water. It was Sunday morning and she knew they would be leaving to go home, to return to school on Monday morning.

Hearing a noise, she opened her eyes. Looking to her right, she saw Aaron still sleeping. Looking to her left, she saw David standing over her, masturbating. She closed her eyes and turned away from him. Hearing him draw in a deep breath, she felt the droplets as he ejaculated over her body.

Leaning to the side of the bed as far as her taped hands would let her, she gagged repeatedly but there was nothing in her stomach to vomit. The noise woke Aaron up and he merely looked at her as he pulled himself out of bed and left the room. She could smell the urine coming from the bed from the times she had no choice but to relieve herself while confined to the bed. It was saturated and it disgusted her further.

Being the longest weekend she had ever lived through, she contemplated suicide but couldn’t carry it out anyways, being restrained to the bed, not able to move. She was emotionally numb and it was the worst of the days she had spent at the cabin, anticipating either her release or her death. She was surer of the latter. After breakfast, they sat at the table and quietly discussed her fate. Being dehydrated, she was feeling disoriented and confused as they came in to each rape her one last time.

First, they packed their belongings and loaded them into the car. Aaron let the fire in the wood stove die down and went outside to turn off the gas and the generator. She was completely nervous as they entered the bedroom and cut the tape binding her hands to the headboard. Aaron removed all the tape from her, as well as the headboard, throwing it in the trash.

Her body was limp as David and Aaron held her up. Chuck began to punch her in the face. Suddenly stopping, she watched him through swollen eyes as he grasped a hold of a wooden baseball bat, leaning up against the wall. She had never noticed it before. Bracing for the impact, she closed her eyes as she seen him pull back and with a full swing, struck her in the side of the head. Instantly, she was unconscious.

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