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Fear In The Woods

By Maria Searfoss All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Enduring months of rape and abuse from her captors, Kelly Devereux found herself running through the forest. Falling from a tree, she meets Tommy Anderson, who took her in with open arms. Settling down in his cabin, sparks fly between Kelly and Tommy as they share the late summer and fall together, with her knowledge that terror lived in the forest. As Kelly and Tommy fight to avoid her captors, who desperately want her back, she finds a hidden compartment in the barn and discovers that Tommy is related to her captors. Feeling betrayed, she runs, only to be captured again. Forced to face the brothers which he had turned his back on for years Tommy fought to save the woman who fell into his life and convinces her to stay with him, regardless of his exposed secret. Kelly feels like her life is over, wishing for Tommy’s brothers to kill her, ending her misery. Discovering that Tommy is still the same man she fell in love with, she knows he’s nothing like his brothers. Finding the truth about Kelly’s pregnancy, their father puts an end to the brothers’ behavior and return Kelly to Tommy. But the brothers will stop at nothing to see her dead after she begins killing them to survive.

Chapter One

“Here, drop me off here. I just don’t want to have to explain you to my parents. At least not yet.” Kelly said and Jason pulled to the curb. It was nearly midnight.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow night?” He asked, sort of nervous.

“Yes. I’ll be waiting right here, at six PM.” She said then quickly leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. “Goodnight.” She said and got out of the car, waving at him as he pulled away.

Turning to walk towards home, she saw a faint orange glow in the sky. She walked around the corner, continuing towards her house. The closer she got, the more prominent the orange glow became. Turning another corner, she saw the fire trucks, the ambulances and the police cars. Having a bad feeling, she began to run, speeding faster as she grew closer.

Stopping on the sidewalk, in front of the house where she lived, she looked on as the flames engulfed the entire structure. There were firemen and policemen scattered throughout her front yard as she searched for her parents. “Mom, Dad?” She yelled, running around the yard. Running towards the front door, she was stopped by an officer.

“You can’t go in there.”

“My parents, where are they?”

“Come over here, out of danger. You can talk to this detective.” The officer said and led her by the arm to a man in a suit.

“Where are my parents?” She asked again, to the detective.

“What is your name?” He asked.

“Kelly Devereux” She answered while he wrote it down, asking her to spell her last name.

“This is your parents house? How old are you?”

“I just turned eighteen two weeks ago. Yes, I live here with my parents. Are you going to tell me where they are?”

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but neither one of them made it out. They both were caught in the fire.” He told her.

“No, No… “She repeated as she backed away from the detective until she fell on her knees on the front lawn, crying.

The detective came back up to her and knelt down beside her. “Do you have a place to go for the night?”

She shook her head. “No, we’ve only lived here since August. I know a few people, but no one who can put me up. I’m not leaving right now until I know what happened.” She said insistently.

“Ok. Let me know if there is anything I can get you, or do for you.”

Kelly was out of tears by the time they had the fire extinguished. It was merely two hours before dawn and she was irritated, learning that the investigators would wait until day break to begin the investigation. Looking in the street, she saw her mother’s car that had been spared from the fire. Digging through her purse, she pulled out her set of keys, then got up off the wet grass and walked to the car. Unlocking the door, she sat in the drivers seat then reached beneath it to find her mothers purse, where she had frequently left it.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep, she reached in her mother’s purse and found her wallet. There was over a hundred dollars and it contained all her credit cards. Putting her wallet into her own purse, she shoved her mothers purse back beneath the seat.

Starting the car, she drove away, to find somewhere she could sit down and eat. She wasn’t really hungry but more wasting time until the investigators return to her house. The waitress gave her a free cup of coffee, seeing the look on her face, she knew this customer has had a rough night. Kelly thanked her and ordered some food.

Sitting in the building until sunrise, she chatted with the waitress, telling her about her catastrophic night. The waitress sympathized with her and paid for her meal as well as her coffee. She wished Kelly luck as she got up to leave. Kelly left her a considerable tip that more than covered her bill.

Returning to the remains of the house where she used to live, she still waited over an hour for them to return. She realized everything she had was gone. Not only her parents, but her clothes, furniture, everything. She began to cry again. Reminding herself that she was emotionally strong, she pushed the sorrow of her parents death back and kept it locked inside. But she knew she would have to, eventually, unlock it and let it out. Again.

Gathering herself, it was now eight thirty. She was hoping Jason would be up as she dialed the number that he had given her the previous night. She heard a woman answer and assumed it was his mother.

“Is Jason out of bed yet?”

“No. And you shouldn’t call here this early.” Hearing her tone of voice, she knew she must have woken her too.

“I’m really sorry, this is kind of an emergency.”

“Who is this?” His mother asked.

“My name is Kelly. I go to school with Jason.”

“I think you’re the one he went on a date with last night.”

“Yes, that would be me.”

His mother drew in a deep breath. “Ok, hold on.”

Waiting for long minutes, she heard his voice. “Kelly, what’s going on? She said it was an emergency.”

“I’m sorry to call you so early, but…” Beginning to cry, she tried to control her voice. “I lost my parents last night, my house burned down with them in it.” She could barely finish her sentence.

“Oh my God, Kelly, do you want me to come and get you?”

“No. I want to stay here to see what the investigators say about the cause of the fire. I just wanted to let you know.” She said, struggling to maintain her control.

“Call me if you need me, ok?”

“Ok. Thanks.” She hung up the phone just as the investigators were pulling up behind her.

In the light of day, it didn’t take them long to determine that the fire had started in the bedroom by a faulty space heater. Revealing the truth didn’t make her feel any better as she thanked the men and got into her car.

Parking in the parking lot, she locked the car. Knowing she needed new clothes as she walked into the department store, she began her shopping. Walking through the mall with shopping bags in hand, she also bought a couple of new pairs of shoes. Seeing the hair salon, she walked inside and looked around. She had been thinking of a change anyways.

Putting her bags down in the corner, a woman approached her. “What can I do for you today. Do you need a hair cut?”

“Well, maybe. I was actually thinking of a little coloring.”

“Oh, are you sure, you have such beautiful blonde hair. It really accents your blue eyes.”

“Yes. I was only thinking about black tips. If I don’t like it, I can always grow it out and cut them off.”

“Ok. Come, have a seat.”

As the woman finished styling her hair, she spun Kelly around so she was facing the mirror. Turning her head back and forth, she seen the black tips the woman had applied to her hair. She smiled, paid the woman and thanked her before leaving the salon and continuing to shop. Hours had passed and her hands were full as she left the mall. Throwing the bags into the back seat, she got into the car.

It was just after one in the afternoon as she sat in her car, wondering what she would do next. Realizing she needed a place to live, she went to a gas station to purchase a local paper to search the classifieds for apartments. The remainder of her day was filled with completing applications just to be declined for lack of references and because she was still a high school student. Frustrated, she gave up for the day, then realized it was just after six.

Pulling out of the last apartment complex, she heard her phone ring. Digging it out of her purse, she answered it without looking at the caller ID. “Hello?”

“Kelly, where are you, I’m here, at the meeting spot.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Jason, I’m on my way.”

“What, is someone bringing you here?” He asked.

“No, I have my mother’s car. I’ll be right there.” She said and hung up.

Pulling up behind him, she shut off the car and got out. Jason also got out and met her in between the cars. “Are you alright? What did you do to your hair?” He asked her.

“Yeah. I needed a little change, something slightly different. Is it good?”

“Yeah. I like it.”

“Jason, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have no where to go. I’ve tried to get an apartment but they all turned me down because I’m not established yet with references. And I’m still in high school.”

“You have the money to get an apartment?”

“Yes. Well, it’s my parent’s money. But I’m sure they would want me to use it, being in this predicament.”

Jason nodded his head and thought for a minute. “Get in your car, follow me.” He said and walked to his drivers door.

Kelly got in her car and followed Jason as he pulled away from the curb. Driving a few blocks away to a neighborhood that was much nicer than hers, she followed him until he parked in the street before a large house. Seeing him get out, he motioned for her to follow him and waited for her on the sidewalk.

She followed him inside the house where he found his parents in the living room. “Mom, Dad, This is Kelly. The one you talked to on the phone this morning. I have a really big favor to ask.”

His parents looked at each other, then at Kelly, who was covered in soot, then back to Jason. “Well, what is it?” His mother finally asked.

“Kelly lost her parents, and her house, last night in a fire. She has nowhere to go. I was hoping you might let her use the basement. It’s only for a while, she can provide for herself and she can pay rent.”

“Um…” His father spoke up. “Can I speak with you in the kitchen for a minute, Jason.” He said and stood up.

Kelly felt somewhat uncomfortable and put on the spot as Jason followed his father into the kitchen, leaving her alone with his mother. “I’m so sorry about your tragedy. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now.” His mother said to her.

“Thank you.”

“So, you have no family around here?”

“No, ma’am. My parents were members of the military and we moved around a lot. I’ve never really been anywhere that I could really call home. We only moved here eight months ago, just as school was starting. I don’t know anybody except the kids I go to school with.”

“What about your brothers and sisters?” His mother asked.

“Having to move around so much, they couldn’t handle more than one child. So I have none.”

“How old are you?” She asked Kelly.

“I just turned eighteen. I’m a senior and I really want to finish school. I would only need a place to stay until graduation, then I’ll move on.”

“I would need to discuss it with my husband before making any decisions. This is highly unusual but I’ll consider it.”

“I don’t know what to say, I didn’t know he would ask you that.” She told the woman.

As they both turned to see Jason and his father come from the kitchen, his mother spoke up. “Jason, why don’t you show her the basement while I have a talk with your father.”

Jason didn’t hesitate to motion at Kelly to follow him. Opening a door, he turned on a light before climbing down the carpeted steps. As Kelly stepped further into the basement, she realized it was like a small apartment, complete with a small, full kitchen, full bathroom and bedroom. She looked around and found another door that leads outside to the side of the house where there was a patio beneath a wooden deck. The rooms were furnished with living room furniture, and a bed. And stocked with everything she needed from towels and sheets to pots and dishes.

“This is really cool.” She said.

“I knew you’d like it. And you can come and go as you please.”

Just then, they heard the door open and his parents come down. “Well, how do you like it?” His mother asked.

“I love it.”

“Good. Because we’ve decided to let you stay, until graduation. That’s two months and we will charge you two hundred dollars a month. You wont have to worry about utilities, they will be included. But there are rules. You must keep it clean, absolutely no parties, meaning no more than three or four people at a time, no drinking, no drugs, and absolutely no sex in this house.” She said as she looked at both Kelly and Jason.

“Don’t worry, I’m a relatively calm, quiet person. You won’t have any trouble out of me. I can follow your rules.” She said. “I have to go to the ATM and I will return with four hundred dollars to cover the two months that I’ll be here. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.”

“Well, Kelly, you have a deal. My name is Sarah, and my husband is Kyle.” She said and held her hand out to shake Kelly’s. “Welcome to our home.”

“Thank you all, so much.” Kelly said and shook both Sarah’s and Kyle’s hands. “Ok, let me go get that money. Are you coming with me, Jason?” Kelly asked.


His parents went back upstairs as Kelly and Jason went out the side door. Before leaving, she brought in all the bags of clothing from her back seat before pulling away from the curb. First, she stopped at the ATM and withdrew seven hundred dollars. Then she stopped at the grocery store to buy enough groceries to fill her cupboards and refrigerator for awhile.

Sarah came down into the basement as they carried in groceries. Kelly paused to give her the four hundred dollars. Then she handed Kelly a key. “This is to the side door, you can use it to come and go. And don’t worry, from now on, we won’t come down unless we knock and are invited.”

“Thank you again, Sarah.” Kelly reached up and hugged her. The affection surprised Sarah but she hugged her back.

They carried all the bags in and she put the groceries away, then put her new clothes away as Jason kept her company. As she was finished, she gracefully told Jason she was taking a shower and going to bed. She was exhausted from the stress and lack of sleep. He hugged her before exiting out the side door, knowing the stairway door would be locked.

With the tragedy of the fire taking over her mind again, she cried with the hot water pouring down her face. She was confused as to why this happened to her, to her parents. She didn’t understand how life could be so cruel. She never imagined she would have to bury her parents this early, and especially, not at the same time.

Staying in the shower for a long period of time, she managed to wash her hair and body just before the water turned cold. Climbing out, she dried and wore only a tank top and underwear to bed. Again as she laid down, tears overtook her and she cried herself to sleep. After moving around so much from the time she was born, she was used to hearing odd noises from the assortment of ‘new’ houses she had been in. Therefore, the sound of them walking around on the floor didn’t phase her.

As time passed, she had become used to the first apartment she could call her own, and was proud of it. Her parents’ funeral was beautiful, but she was a wreck. She still spent time with Jason, but not as much as he’d like, for it was obvious she cared more about her studies than he did. He tried to get closer to her, but she held back from him, uncomfortable about it in his parents house.

With the time that had passed, it didn’t seem to get any easier on her, dealing with the loss of her parents. To try and work off some aggression and pain, she joined the high school track and field team, as she liked to do every spring. The aggression she had to put into it, paid off, as by the end of the year, she had become a state champion in speed and endurance events. And broke the high school record in a number of events.

It was just one week before graduation while she began to concentrate more on where she would go and what she would do after graduation. She was unsure of her future and had strongly considered following in her parents footsteps by enlisting in the Marines. Still, she wished she had her parents advice. Instead, she asked Sarah as Jason was beside her. He didn’t say a word to her at first, he waited until he had her alone to tell her his idea.

Jason offered to cook dinner for Kelly in the basement, claiming it would give her more time to study. She agreed. Waiting until she closed her books and they sat down to eat, he began.

“Ya know, Kelly, I just inherited a cabin from my grandfather who passed away this past winter. It’s in the southern Canadian wilderness and I’m planning on going to stay for the summer. I really would love your company. I think you may like it. We would have to hunt and grow our own garden, but it will be worth it.”

“Really?” She thought it sounded great, and the more she thought about it, and the more she knew she was undetermined about her immediate future, the more she considered the idea. “I don’t know, I would have to think about that. But it sounds great.”

“I’ve been there once, but when I was like, ten. It’s like a five mile hike through the woods and fields to get to it. But if my memory doesn’t fail me, it’s beautiful. It’s on a clear lake, with no other cabins or people around. Who knows, if I like it, I might end up staying.”

She knew it sounded like a place she had never lived before, in her life of travel from one marine base to another. Different cities all the time, her entire life. This sounded more like a life of relaxation. She knew being at the cabin would be a change from life as she knew it. To her, it sounded exciting to learn how to succeed in the wilderness. By the time she was done eating, she had made up her mind. She would go with him.

Their graduation ceremony was held on Saturday, June seventh, exactly two months after the house fire. Both Jason and Kelly already had their things packed and loaded into both of their cars. Sarah and Kyle watched as they both received their diplomas then said goodbye to both of them, apprehensive about their oldest son going so far away and in the middle of nowhere. With the nine hundred and some dollars Jason earned from his open house a week earlier, he was the first to pull out of the high school parking lot and drive straight in the direction of the cabin.

He wished she was in his car with him as they both drove over the Mackinaw Bridge, heading due north. It was the first time she saw the large extension bridge and she was amazed and slightly nervous as she drove over it. Jason told Kelly that he knew he had relatives in the forest, but hadn’t seen them in so long, he didn’t remember them. He had no idea what they looked like, where they lived or how to get there. She thought it would be good for him have his family close by.

Another twenty miles after the bridge, they stopped just long enough for gas and dinner then got back on the road, not wanting to make the five mile hike in the dark. Reaching the last town before the cabin, they stopped at the grocery store to pick up groceries, filling up their large cooler with milk, hamburger, lunch meat, eggs, cheese and any other perishable items.

Just as they were choosing their last items, Kelly looked up to see three men walk in the store. As they made eye contact with her and looked her over, she got a bad feeling about them. She turned and walked to Jason. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” She said, pulling on his shirt, leading him to the cashier. She looked back at the three men as she walked out the door, they were still watching her. She drew in a deep breath as she drove out of the parking lot, once again, following Jason.

Despite their efforts, it was dark by the time they reached the end of the road where they parked their cars. He was apprehensive to make the hike in the dark, but the darkness didn’t deter her. And neither did the distance.

They didn’t realize the dangers of the wilderness as they loaded the cooler and whatever else they could fit onto a large sled that they could drag behind them and make only one trip to bring their belongings and groceries.

Standing beside his car with her loaded backpack on, she waited as he sat under the dome light to look at the map and determine their direction of travel. Shutting and locking his car, he slung his backpack over his shoulder, then his shotgun, and pulled the rope to bring the sled as they started their five mile hike. He held two duffel bags in his other hand while she held the flashlight. They were lucky the moon was full and lit their way down the faint path that was overgrown with vegetation.

Walking beside him, the only sound was the wind through the trees and the sled dragging against the ground. In the distance, she heard the howling of wolves and a chill went up her spine, hoping the smell of their groceries wouldn’t attract them.

The five miles seemed more like ten as they focused on the dark shadow of the cabin. “We’re here.” He said and walked faster towards the dark shadow.

As they approached the cabin, they seen the door was wide open. With their flashlights, they entered to find that it had been ransacked. The furniture had been overturned and the cupboards were all open and bare. Dust and cobwebs were everywhere and they knew they had a few days of intense cleaning.

Jason went back outside to find the generator only to discover it was gone and all the wires were cut. Returning inside the cabin, he knew there was not much they could do tonight. Eating a few snacks, she found some clean sheets beneath a dusty set and made the bed. With her flashlight, she found some clothes to change into then laid on the bed that was old and worn down. The moonlight was shining through the window and onto her face.

Pulling his clothes off down to his briefs, he climbed in bed beside her. Free from the prying eyes of his parents, they had decided they would give themselves to each other the first night at the cabin. But as he scooted closer to her, holding his arms out for her to come closer into them, she found herself suddenly nervous.

“Jason, I have to tell you that… I’m a virgin.”

“Everyone is a virgin, until their first time. I promise I will be easy with you.” He said as he leaned over her to look into her eyes. “Do you really know how beautiful you are?” He said then leaned down to kiss her.

Curiosity overruled nervousness as she began to relax and found herself enjoying his kiss. Although she wasn’t in love with him, she did care for him and there was a feeling hidden inside her that told her this was not right. But she ignored it, thinking right now, she could discover the pleasure of sex, what she had thought about for a long time.

Giving in to temptation, she allowed his hand to drag across her stomach and slip beneath her shirt. Cupping his hand around her breast, his thumb rubbed across her nipple. Drawing in a deep breath, she grew more aroused as his hand continued to her other breast and his fingers gently twisted her nipple. Then he moved his hand slowly down across her belly and over the cloth of her shorts.

“These are going to need to come off.” He whispered as he continued to kiss her, tugging at the waistband of her shorts.

Raising her hips, she pulled them down and off her feet. Bringing her hand back up, she grasped his erection and lightly squeezed as she slowly began to move her hand. Pausing his kiss, he drew in a deep breath and reached for her hand.

“Trust me, you don’t need to do that.” He whispered and pulled her hand away.

Slowly, he moved his hand across her belly and down between her legs as his lips slowly moved down her neck. Drawing in a deep breath, she exhaled a moan as his finger slipped inside her, moved around then pulled it out and drug it across her clitoris. “Jason…” She whispered feeling the pleasure overwhelm her as he continued to touch her.

Waiting until her orgasm peaked, he climbed between her legs and kissed her as he pushed himself inside her, taking her virginity. She gasp as it was somewhat painful at first, but the pain quickly faded and was replaced with intense pleasure. Her breathing increased as his did and she felt her body tremble as he pushed himself deeper inside her. With a grunt and a jerk followed by a smile, she knew he had reached his orgasm.

Feeling him relax, he leaned down and kissed her, breathing deeply. Then buried his face in her neck and released his weight on her. Minutes later, he lifted his head and looked at her face in the moonlight. “Kelly, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

She said nothing, he buried his face again, in her neck while she slid her arms around him and held him tight, not feeling the same. Although she had felt a release unlike none other she’s ever felt before, the thought crossed her mind, knowing he didn’t’ use protection. Minutes later, he climbed over beside her and held her in his arms. Feeling relaxed and exhausted, she fell asleep first.

Kelly was the first to open her eyes in the morning. Blinking them, she lifted her head and looked around. Then she looked at him while she slowly climbed out of bed without waking him. Keeping her eyes on him, she located her shorts and put them on. Instead of using the toilet she knew couldn’t flush right now, she went outside and behind a bush to relieve herself.

Looking around as she walked, she turned the corner of the cabin and saw the lake. Walking towards it, she went to the waters edge and looked out over the lake to see the ducks. She drew in a deep breath of fresh morning air and smiled as she exhaled. It was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. Turning and walking back to towards the front of the cabin, she saw the raspberry bush full of berries.

Walking back inside the cabin, she stood just inside the doorway and looked around. It was the first good look she had at the cabin and realized just how much cleaning they had before them. In the center of the room was a wood stove, surrounded by a four foot railing. She looked at the walls that contained pictures that were crooked and some had fallen to the floor.

She started by flipping over and rearranging the furniture. Then she straightened the pictures and picked up the ones that had fallen, looking at them for a moment then placing them back on the wall. Then she moved to the kitchen where she looked in the refrigerator that had been unplugged and left open. It seemed fairly clean but she wanted to clean it anyways. Continuing to look around, she looked through the cupboards and on the counter tops and decided it was best to start from the top and work down, cleaning the floor last.

Jason came out as she was looking for buckets to carry water from the lake to start cleaning. He walked up to her and pulled her into his arms then kissed her passionately. She smiled at him as he asked, “what are you doing, beautiful?”

“I’m looking for buckets to carry water into the cabin so I can start cleaning.”

“Oh, I’ll help you look.” He said and pulled away from her.

Jason found them in a closet beside the bathroom and went directly outside to fetch her water while she dug through the grocery items to find the dish soap. Then she searched the drawers for a dish cloth, or something similar.

“I think I may have enough money left to cover the cost of a new generator, and the things I’ll need to get it running.” Jason said as he came back inside with two buckets of water.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’m going to stay and clean while you’re gone.” She said and found her purse. Digging through her wallet, she gave him most of the cash she had. “Here, this should help. Please stop and get more dish soap and some cleaning solution. And don’t forget to take the sled. You’ll need it to haul that generator back.”

“Ok. Is there anything you need me to do before I leave?”

“No. I don’t think so.” She smiled.

Knowing he would be gone for quite some time, she picked up one of the buckets and placed it in the sink. She started on the refrigerator first so it would be ready when he fixed the power. She knew the perishable items wouldn’t last much longer in the cooler. After she finished with the refrigerator, she was feeling hungry and opened the cooler to find the prepackaged sub sandwiches they had purchased from the store.

By the time Jason returned from town, she had the cupboards, counter tops, stove, sink and table and chairs all cleaned and wiped down. She had straightened the curtains and was washing the dishes when he walked in the door. He smiled at her as he handed her the bag from the grocery store.

“Here, I brought you something to eat.” He said and handed her another bag.

Having worked up an appetite, she was somewhat hungry as she took a break to eat with him. Then he got to work, fixing the generator and she continued with her cleaning. Due to his lack of experience, it took him longer to install the generator than it did for her to finish cleaning. It was nearly dark when the lights of the cabin came on.

She quickly plugged in the refrigerator and put the items in it, except for the hamburger she was going to use for dinner. As she cooked, she cleaned the table and chairs on the deck over looking the lake where she planned to eat while watch the sun go down. With her busy day of cleaning, she was exhausted and with his busy day of traveling and frustration from the generator, he was exhausted as they both went to bed just after dark.

The second day at the cabin, they spent outside. He found an old lawn mower in the rickety shed but it still worked as he cut the grass surrounding the cabin. She pulled weeds around the house and gathered the brush and sticks from the yard as he cut. At the end of the day, they had a large bonfire to burn the debris. By now she began to wonder what she’s gotten herself into, spending the summer alone with this man whom she knew she could never love. But she guessed she just wanted the adventure.

The third day consisted of relaxation as they spent the day between the deck and the waters edge, where they were either fishing or swimming. Jason built a small fire and a makeshift grill to put on it to cook whatever fish they may catch for dinner. Waiting a while after dinner, she peeled off her shirt and shorts and ran naked into the water. He stripped down and ran naked in after her.

Pulling her into his arms, their naked bodies pressed against each other, he kissed her. As she opened her eyes and looked past him, she seen the three men standing along the edge of the water and instantly got a bad feeling. “Oh my God, Jason, it’s the same three men I seen at the store.” He turned and looked to see them.

“I figured this was as good a time as any to come say hi.” The taller man said.

Their skin and clothes were dirty, they all had full, untrimmed beards and they wore camouflage pants and dingy white tank top undershirts. And they were all carrying shotguns. “Hello there.” Jason said. “I don’t mean to be rude, but we’re trying to have some alone time. We’re less then dressed, so could you come back at some other time?” Jason asked.

They all laughed. “Naw, I think you should come out of the water now and give a friendly hello.” One of them said as all three became serious.

Jason looked at Kelly and took her hand. “Just calm down. Come on.” He said and led her out of the water.

Kelly walked directly to her towel to pick it up and wrap around her. One of the men approached her and grabbed the towel. “No, you don’t need that. We don’t see the likes of you out her very often. Probably never. We just want to look at you.”

Living with her parents, some of their military skills had rubbed off on her, such as hand to hand combat. She was quick and precise with her knowledge. Kelly looked at Jason before looking back at the man and initiating an attack by kicking him in the groin then shoving her knee in his face as he bent over to grab himself. The man landed on his back and she grabbed the towel from him, wrapping it around her.

Just as Jason lunged at one of the men, the other raised his shotgun and shot Jason in the chest. Falling in the dirt, Jason coughed and gasp for air as his life slipped from him. Kelly screamed and looked up at the men as they came at her. As soon as they were within reach, she kicked one in the groin then reached and punched another. Despite her efforts and skill, one of them grabbed her by the hair and her arm as the other grabbed her leg as she kicked at him. The third man used his shotgun as a baseball bat and struck her twice in the hip, trying to disable her ability to run. Then he smacked her in the head with it to knock her out. But it didn’t, only put her in a stupor.

“This one’s mine.” She heard one of them say as he threw her over his shoulder like she was a rag doll.

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mommadrama911: Although there was a few parts where it felt dragged out or rushed it was amazing. The ending was so unique. Romances often end in a happy ever after In A marriage or self worth happiness. Or they end in a sad happy ending where one might die or ends in a way where it’s not happy. But still goodB...

Kezia Goodman: The best werewolf book I have read on Inkitt to date, worthy of publishing to the masses. Hope to see it on Amazon soon girl awesome job, awesome writing, story telling, great plot, smooth storyline, capture of werewolf myth incredibly, realistic relationship expectations of a human werewolf bind...

adelmarx91: Love it. Best so far on inkit. Would recommend to all

Jojo Sproul: The Author must either be a part of the subculture of Bikers and MMA or..she has great researching skills and information. She transported this Reader to the actual fight scenes, actually hear the noise of the crowd, feel the hits suffered by the fighters, smell the blood and taste the fear and e...

Jojo Sproul: The story line is believable...There is wickedness and depravity in the world..There is pain, hurt, bitterness but there is also healing, restoration and release..Broken peices can be glued together not to the original vessel but to something different, unique and special..Rage and Iris prove thi...

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