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Never Forgotten

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What happens when you build up a wall so high to where no one can enter? What happens when you meet that person who can knock down that wall that you spent years building? These are the questions that Trinity must answer when she befriends a man she swore not to get involved with. Trinity ran away from her husband in hopes of being free and starting fresh. She had never really done much for herself in her life. Would this be her opportunity?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1


Silence. Clear skies. Soft breeze. The stroke of his hand across my cheek. Blue eyes. The blue eyes that pierced my soul and could see my entire being with one glance. With only one look, he could see everything. He knew all of me. I knew all of him. I will never forget.

It was only a few years ago when we met, but somehow it seemed like we knew each other for so much longer. It was only a few months that we were together, but the time we spent together seemed like a lifetime. How could I ever forget that? I would not forget.

It was a normal Monday morning when Trinity was on her way to the office so she could be exactly twenty minutes early as usual. She always liked leaving for work early just in case traffic had some catastrophic event to where she would likely be late. Car accidents were so frequent nowadays that one had to prepare ahead of time. The clock on the dashboard of her car read: Monday, August 5, 2012, 6:40. She had arrived precisely twenty minutes early. That was enough time to read a few pages of the book she had set aside in her car: A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. She had heard about the book from a friend and in past conversations so she had wanted to see what the fuss was about. There was a particular part about the spring in the book that she was inclined to read further. Minutes passed.

She looked up at the clock again and it read: 7:00. She placed her bookmark back in the book to mark where she left off and set the book aside. She grabbed her keys from the ignition switch and picked up her water bottle and got out of the car. As she started walking towards the front door of the building, she looked back and pushed the lock button on her key fob to make sure she could hear the beep as it locked. She then proceeded towards the front door where she had to enter her 4-digit password to unlock the door. Beep.
She opened the cold steel door and entered a dimly lit warehouse.

Not many people would be at work so early, so she had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the quietness of the building until the others arrived. She always liked to start her paperwork with a warm cup of coffee in the morning. She headed towards the break room and poured herself a fresh cup of coffee. The smell was so relaxing and it reminded her of being out in the country. She left the break room and headed towards her office in the receiving department.

Everything was so quiet at work in the morning; it was the complete opposite of what it would be in an hour. She had to enjoy it while it lasted. She loved her job and she loved everything about it. Most of her co-workers felt it was just a job. But, she thought making adjustments here and there was all part of the fun and improving the company is what she took pride in. Her paperwork wasn't just paperwork, it was the process of change.

She made it to her office and noticed her boss was already in his office next door. He always started his day much earlier than she. She gave a small chuckle and entered her office. She switched on the light and began setting up for the day. Her desk was always neat and tidy in the morning until disaster struck from the chaos of the day. She had started printing the reports for the day, when her co-worker, Sue, walked in.

"Good morning, sunshine!" She beamed.

"Good morning, Sue," Trinity replied pleasantly.

"How did Joe's play go last night?" Trinity asked.

"It was wonderful! He did such a good job. I recorded most of it. Look." Sue insisted.

Sue showed Trinity various clips of the play her son, Joe, had performed the previous night. Joe was now a 5th grader and Sue was attempting to put him in various extracurricular activities.

"That is so great! You are one lucky momma!" Trinity exclaimed.

"Thanks," said Sue. "I put all the kids in soccer and Jillian in cheerleading and Max in basketball."

"That's so great. You are going to be so busy after work!" said Trinity.

"I know." Sue said.

"How are things with your husband?" asked Sue.

Trinity hesitated. She hadn't really told anyone what she had been going through but she desperately wanted to tell someone.

"Things are ok," Trinity replied.

"Really?" Sue said in disbelief.

"Of course," said Trinity.

"Okay. I guess." Sue said sounding worried.

"We better get to the morning meeting before John says anything," Trinity hurried Sue along.

John was the manager of the Hughes Parts Warehouse and he wasn't keen on tardiness, especially for the morning meetings. Trinity and Sue hurried to the conference room just across the hall hoping that John hadn't started talking yet. Luckily, they were in luck because his boss, Ronald was opening the morning meeting with upcoming events for the company.

After the meeting, Trinity and Sue walked back to the office to begin their daily work.

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