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Broken heart By: Wongel Yohannes

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Layla loves David then he will get another girlfriend she will break up with him he will be sick and he will die.

Drama / Action
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Love between the two

There was a girl who's name is Layla she is 23 years old, she is a person who has a boyfriend and his name is David he is 38 years old,he has some wired acts at class sometimes. When he come to the school for the first time he was acting like a quiet person , but not like that on the second day of school on that day he started to act wired then she falls in love with him , he doesn't know about it"he looks handsome"she said. Layla's family has no secret they even know they she have a boyfriend, unlike David he has , so many secrets that his family doesn't know about . One day when Layla get in class the teacher says that she have to sit beside David.
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