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Bad Boys

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I never saw them the way everyone else did. To me they were just the James Brother’s that I loved to death. They’ve protected me and brought me in as if I was one of their own. You could say it’s because I’m dating the youngest one, but honestly, I have my own special bond with all of them and I know that nothing will change that. I’ve only seen them in one way, until they literally save me from harm and now… …now all I see is what everyone tried to warn me about.

Drama / Romance
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My name is Felicity Jacobs and at eighteen I fell in love with my only friend. It started three years ago. I was new and after four months of hanging out, sparks flew. I kid you not, it was like it happened overnight. One day I was jumping on his back and teasing him and the next, every little touch from him made me hold my breath. Nevermind the fire that seemed to run through every vein in my body. It may have taken a while, but eventually I spoke up about what I was feeling and boy am I glad that I did. I never would’ve guessed that he would feel the same about me. I never would’ve thought that someone like him would be into someone like me.

I am what I call all recessive genes from back generations that no one else in the entire family has had in decades. I’m five foot four, curly wild bright red hair and smooth, soft to the touch caramel skin. If you look close enough you’d see the light dusting of freckles that seems to completely cover my body and the dark gray eyes that almost look black. I’m both voluptuous and curvaceous. I’ve been told I have that perfect hourglass figure that people tend to fall for. I know on paper I sound like the perfect female, but it doesn’t seem to come off that way in person.

In person, I’m basically a geek. I stayed in my shell until I met them. Now they’re like brothers to me. I’ve known them since I was fifteen and while I may be immune now, I wasn’t always. Still, I love to see how everyone seems to fawn all over them while looking absolutely terrified and then they get confused when they see me looking like the leader of the pack. The way they’re protective over me is nothing compared to how they are with each other. Everyone calls them the bad boys, but me…

For me, I just call them the James brothers.

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