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Bad Boys

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1: Walter James; The Prankster

I squealed as I’m lifted off of my feet and tossed over someone’s shoulders before I had the chance to see who it was. It takes a second before I can place the deep gruff laugh to the correct James brother it belongs too. I’m currently over the oldest James brother’s shoulder as he runs. Now all four of them are broad shouldered with shoulder length hair, very muscular, and have washboard abs. They’re also the only other people that I’ve met that are also complete recessive genes from back generations.

The brother currently carrying me is Walter James. He’s six foot two, twenty-four years old with black hair and blue eyes. His birthday is two days after mine on May sixteenth making him a fellow Taurus and my personal favorite brother. We mainly call him Walt, and right now from the sounds of it, he just pranked one or all of his brothers. Out of all four of them, Walt is definitely the biggest prankster. Which is yet another reason that he’s my favorite. One rule they’ve all agreed on; no one pranks Felicity. After seeing what they’re capable of and the extremes they’d go through, I immediately agreed.

“What did you do?” I groaned with an eye roll as he sat me down in what they’ve deemed the safe zone. It’s nothing much, just a giant tree on the edge of their front yard. I know the significance of said tree, but that’s another story for another time. “Hello? Walter? What’s so funny?” I whine, noticing that he hasn’t stopped laughing long enough to answer my questions. Instead all he does is point towards the front door that I never got the chance to knock on, when I turn towards where he’s pointing, I finally see what has him laughing hysterically. First, it’s my boyfriend and the youngest brother, Zayn James. Walt looks like he’s going to be sick to his stomach from laughing so hard. He has stripped his youngest brother down to just his underwear and handcuffed his left hand to his right ankle. Taped to his ass basically, is a sign written in Walt’s messy scrawl that says ‘spank me hard’. I can only see it because he’s doing this weird wobble-hop-run thing to chase after Walt who’s seconds away from pissing himself. “Whew baby, I’ll spank you hard!” I can’t help but taunt. The half growl, half gurgle thing he lets out damn near killed me as I laugh so hard I damn near choke to death on my own saliva.

“Not helping Feels!” he yells back and the fact that he has to stop moving altogether and cocked his head to the side so that I could understand him has Walt and I doubled over in laughter again with tears rolling down my cheeks. Walt falls on his back, giving himself up completely, unable to contain himself while trying to force out something about how he can’t breathe. The tears in my eyes are starting to blur my vision and if I thought that this situation couldn’t get any worse, I’m almost instantaneously proven wrong. My eyes widen as the last of the James brothers, the twins, Ka’hari and Novian come bustling out of the doorway, anger and rage filling their eyes.

I don’t know whether to cover my eyes or take pictures, but the harder I laugh the tighter the cramp in my side is getting. Now I can’t breathe.

“Walter why?!” I choke out as he just continues to laugh and roll in the grass hollering to make it stop. Seeing this right now was why I loved him. That idiot somehow managed to wrap the twins in sandwich wrap while they both were completely naked. From the looks of it, they each had a hand on each other’s ass while the other arm was pinned to their side. My stomach hurts as they try to hop in sync over the threshold, but can’t quite seem to get it and end up rolling down the ramp that long replaced their stairs. Okay, now I’m seconds away from pissing myself as I notice there’s also tape over their mouths.

I’m beyond curious how in the hell he managed to do all of that and I really doubt he did it alone, but for now I take out my phone and begin recording. This was why I loved them.

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