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Bad Boys

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2: Zayn James, The Youngest, The Lover

It took forever to get them to calm down. Once Walt and I calmed down, I begged him to throw them a bone. He gave me the key to free Zayn so that I could finally give my boyfriend a proper hello while he went to sort out the twins. They were probably going to sit on him while naked as payback. Now, I was sitting here while rubbing the lower part of his back as he grumbled to himself about all the things he was going to do to Walt. I’m pretty sure the majority of them were illegal. I don’t mind too much as I just sit and watch him and can’t believe how lucky I am.

Like me, Zayn has a small barely noticeable dusting of freckles across his face and neck. He’s not only the youngest James brother, but also the shortest at five foot eleven. Like me he’s eighteen with his birthday being on November twelfth. His chestnut brown hair is in a ponytail as his green eyes look ready to kill. I guess you could blame the Scorpio in him for that fire still being ignited. So much so that I still haven’t been able to give him a proper hello.

“I can’t wait until you go to sleep, you big bastard. I swear I’m going to pop his adams apple.” he grunts to himself as he rubs his wrist and I fail to contain a snicker. He turns his glare on him as I raise my hand in surrender.

“I didn’t do it.” I force out, failing not to smile.

“You didn’t have to spank me before you took the handcuffs off asshole.” he spits his face going into a pout. I promise I tried not to laugh, but the sound of Walt bursting into laughter before seeing him physically fall out of his chair.

“I’m so sorry baby, but you know I follow the rules.” I tease as he narrowed his eyes on me.

“I will get you back.” he growls as a tingle runs down my spine and straight to my pussy.

“Promise?” I wink as a grin plaster itself on his face.

“You can bet on it. Now let me kiss you.” he demanded his arm snaking around my waist and he pulled me closer to him before planting his lips on mine in a kiss that knocked my socks off. I can feel myself starting to fall backwards as he pushes me down onto the couch and starts to climb on top of me. Both of us forget where we are and who we’re around as his tongue pushes past my slightly parted lips and coaxed mine. His hands are caressing every inch of me he can reach as his lower half grinds into mine, and just like that everything else surrounding us seems to disappear as his lips leave mine to leave hickeys on my neck and along my collarbone.

“Fuck Zay.” I moan out softly trying to pull him closer to me hoping I could keep him there forever. We’re so close to ripping each other’s clothes and the heat building up in the pit of my stomach lets me know that I’m more than ready to take as much as he’s willing to give.

“Okay!” interrupts Novian as Ka’hair pulls Zayn off of me.

“How about not making us uncles where we can see?” Kay teases as a very noticeable blush darkens my cheeks. I know they’re trying to embarrass us, but I don’t feel it. How can I be ashamed about getting so caught up in the love of my life that everything else disappears? That’s easy, I’m not.

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