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Molly, where are you?

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Molly's decision to runaway from home, due to a lack of communication with her grandmother, exposes her to some of the harshness which exist in this world.

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Chapter 4

The following morning, the two embarked one of the cargo boats and waved goodbye to their native land. Molly wasn’t sure if she really wanted to leave home. She wondered if her grandmother would die of heartbreak. How she wished her mum were here.

The boat’s captain offered them a cozy area in the cabin. As usual, Timo was a perfect gentleman. She felt so safe with him.

That night Molly had a horrific dream. She dreamt that she was surrounded by ravenous beasts and could not escape. Drenched by sweat and fear, she jumped out of bed, only to find herself surrounded by the captain and crew.

“Yes, Timo. You’ve done it again. This is a nice, fresh one. So we like them. ”

Molly looked at Timo in dismay. She couldn’t believe that she had allowed herself to be so trusting of a complete stranger. How was she going to get out of this terrible situation?

She thought of praying, but felt that maybe her prayers would not have been heard, because she hadn’t been talking to God lately.

Timo drew near to her and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you. You are different from the others. Just play along.”

Then he convinced the others to give him some time alone with Molly.

“Timo, how could you do this to me?” she wept bitterly. “ I told you about the pain of my childhood and now, at sixteen, you are going to lead me into further ruin? What kind of future will I have? Will they even allow me to leave this place alive?”

Timo’s heart sank. He knew that there was something different about Molly and he had to try to help her escape.

“Molly, I’m not proud of the things that I have done. I am guilty of destroying many young women’s lives. I will right this wrong. Pray for me Molly. Pray for me. You are a christian, aren’t you?”

There was a loud knock on the door.

“Timo, so long? Boy, time is flying. We want in on the action.”

Timo hurriedly opened one of the windows and gently lowered one of the life rafts with Molly in it. At that moment, she was moved with compassion for him. Somehow, she knew that this was the last time she or anyone else would lay eyes on him.

Molly started the small engine and paid no attention to what was behind her. Once the life raft was a great distance from the cargo boat, she decided to switch off the engine.

In the distance, she could hear a battle of guns taking place, with shot after shot being fired. Molly knew that Timo had met his fate. She broke into tears and finally whispered that prayer for him.

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