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Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

‘Secrets’ Anna Thought To Herself Then Wrote In Her Journal . An Interesting Thing A Secret We All Have Them We All Keep Them From Our Family , Our Friends, Our Teachers And Sometimes Even From Ourselves. Anna Had One Herself She Would Not Tell. No One Knew. She Had Meet Someone. She Didn’t Know Where She Stood With Her Emotions. ’Did She Care For Shane? I Mean She Had Known Shane For Years And Shane Had No Idea. She Had No Idea What Shane Identified As.’ She Thought To Herself. She Heard Her Footsteps From Outside Her Door. She Hide The Journal She Had Been Writing In And Sat Up. “Hey Anna What Are You Doing?” He Asked. “Oh You Know Just Homework.” She Lied Sliding Her Notebook Deeper Into Her Minst Of Blankets. “Oh Ok Sorry To Interrupt But I Was Just Wondering If You Wanted Me To Drop You Off Tomorrow Or If You Wanted To Take The Bus?” He Asked Looking Down At Me. “Oh No It’s Fine I Can Just Take The Bus.” She Said “Are You Sure Because You Know I Really Don’t Mind.” He Said “No Dad I’m Fine !” She Snapped. “Ok.” He Said Slowly Walking Out. She Heard Them Talking Outside Her Room. “I Don’t Know Kelly She Hasn’t Been The Same After Max Left.” He Said “I Know But What Can We Do About It? I Mean We Could Try A Support Group For Her.” She Said. Anna Moved Closer To The Door. “I Mean She Is Troubled. There’s Something Wrong With Her.” He Said To Her. Anna Came Bursting Out Of Her Room. “Really Dad What’s Wrong With Me?” She Asked. He Said Nothing. “Come On What Is It This Time? Is It That I Cut Or Is It My Clothes Or Is It My Hair? Come On What Is It This Time Tell Me Come On!” She Yelled. “Anna That’s Not What We Meant.” He Said. “No I Think That’s Exactly What You Meant!” She Said Grabbing Her Jacket And Running Out Of The House.

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