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Awesome God

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This is the story of a Christian family Mr and Mrs brown who have two kids a girl name merit and a boy name Kelvin.. Kelvin is complicated atheist who his having hard times believing if God does exist.. let's find out if he will be doomed or redeemed

Drama / Fantasy
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( the brown's family are in church with their kids listening to the gospel with Rev. Simeon on the alter...)

Rev Simeon: there is nothing God can't do..! You need to believe in him. Don't doubt because when you do, you will see that nothing will be right without God in it..( Kelvin raised his head up high looking at the man of God and turn to the right and sees his parents and sister lifting their hands up high screaming hallelujah! Then he stood up from his seat )

Mr Brown: hey! Son where are you going? The service is still on..

Kelvin: yeah sorry dad.. I just need to take a pee outside.. I will be right back..( he went outside taking a stroll round church premises where he found the rev's daughter smoking) well! Behold thy pastor's offspring!!(with shock maya the Rev. Daughter hides the cigarette and faced Kelvin)

Maya: it's not what you think Alright, I just wanted to Clear my head.

Kelvin: with a cigarette? Aren't you suppose to be the pastor's Daughter? You are suppose to be perfect!( with a show of laughter on his face)

Maya: please define perfect? Look am only here in church.. because of my parents

Kelvin: hmm.. what do you mean?

Maya: well... my mother has a heart condition, so I don't want to be the reason for her quick exit

Kelvin: wow.. so what about your dad?

Maya: what about him?

Kelvin: does he know why you are coming to church?

Maya: ( brought out another stick of cigarettes, light it and starts smoking) yeah... my father and I are not really on thesame page right now.. because he just want me to be this perfect daughter he imagine me to be... but this is who I am...

Kelvin: I see,(moves closer to maya and whispered) do you believe God exist?

Maya: ( with a soft smile she moved closer to him and hands him a card) meet me at that address if you want to find out.( and she walked back into the church... it was later 5pm and the church service was over the brown's family was getting ready to leave when Kelvin saw Maya having an argument with her father) you always do this!!

Rev. Simeon: do what!! Am trying hard to bring you up I'm the fear of God....

Mrs Simeon: you two please this is the church premises let's not do this here....

Maya: it always about you!! What you want.. you never cared about me( Maya stormed out angry taking a quick gaze at Kelvin who was quietly looking.. so the brown's family all left for their home, and the brown all gathered for supper before bed)

Mr brown: merit honey, can you say grace please?

Merit: ( they all hold hands, and shut their eyes) father lord we are gathered here now to eat.. please help us bless this food and may us never lack. Amen! ( and all replied back after her)

Mr Brown: ( looked at Kelvin) can you pass the salt? (And Kelvin passed the salt to him) why where with the pastor's Daughter today?

Kelvin: we were just talking..

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