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The King's Devotion

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Xason Anderson. My name was enough for everyone to get down on their knees and plead for their lives. Everyone but not her. _________________ Xason Anderson. Dark, short tempered, dominating, possessive, devilishly handsome with a cruel signature smirk and the King Of Rogues. These are some of the words that describe him. Known for controlling one of the most deadliest species in the werewolf world. But when a little spitfire enters his life, his once boring, dull life becomes spicy and Xason most definitely is not liking the change. Athena Black. Strong, brave, hard headed, mysterious, beautiful and called The Alpha Of Death for the number of rouges she has killed and her undying hatred for them. Running the second largest and feared pack in America, Luna Rossa Pack. Enter the King of Rogues and she is ready to pounce on him and kill in less than a minute. But it's not so easy after all he's the King of Rouges. What happens when fire meets fire? Will they ignite and bask in each other's flames? Or their flames will burn them down? Read The King's Devotion to find out!

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- Hatred


One of the things that I hate the most in the world. That one word is enough for my blood to boil and make me lose my mind. Especially if one crosses my land, there is only one way to escape. Death. That's the thing those despicable creatures deserve. Pure hatred.

I swung my fist and a smirk made its way to my face as I heard the sweet sickening crack of his bones breaking. His face covered with blood and black eyes, lip cut and some ugly purple bruises making me feel satisfied with my work. My knuckles bloody and my clothes smelling of death and rogue.

"This is what happens when you dare to cross my land and hurt my people." I spat out and kicked him on his stomach, resulting for the chair he was tied to to fall back, hit his head and groan in pain.

"Please...ha-" he pleaded but his words were cut off by one of the cell Guards who dared to interrupt me.

"Alpha." He bowed his head.

"What the fuck do you want?!" I yelled and hit the rogue on his face. The guard cell kept his posture and replied.

"Beta Hayden told to inform you about Beta Reece arrival." All I could see right now was red. With a last kick, I stormed out of the dungeon, slamming the door shut. I went up to my room receiving several greets and nods on the way from my pack members.

Climbing up the stairs to the sixth floor, I entered my room and took my towel to get a quick shower.

Hayden, where are you?

At the borders. Beta Reece has just arrived.


Every year, the beta of La Luxure pack which is a royal rouge pack meaning Death Lust in Italian goes to each pack to see how the packs are progressing and if the pack members are facing any problems like domestic violence or abuse. The pack is ruled by the King known for controlling rouges and the most powerful pack in America. In second comes mine, the Luna Rossa pack meaning Blood Moon in French known for having a female alpha who kills rouges more than any other alpha or pack and having the best fighters.

I stripped out of my bloodied clothes and turned on the water, getting rid of the dried blood from my face, hands and hair. Turning the water off, I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. In the mirror staring at me was a girl who looked like any other average girl on this planet but was far from it. She had brown hair with blue eyes that looked soulless like a corpse and body inked with several tattoos on the back, waist and upper arms each telling different stories. One of my most favourite is the one on my right upper arm.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

If that was the case I had several moments were I literally lost my breath. The Alpha of the Luna Rossa pack who was powerful but was not strong enough to get rid of the demons that resided in her. The demons that have been haunting her for the last 8 years. That girl was me.

Athena Black.

I walked down the stairs - wearing a black tights and a violet t-shirt with some vans- to see my Gamma, Eyana standing by the door with the pack members waiting for me. She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and green eyes and her whole body tattooed more than mine. The members cleared a path for me to go and I reached the front to see Beta Reece getting out of the car with my beta, Hayden beside. Reece was an attractive man with brown hair and black eyes that would make girls fall for him in a second. Especially with the power that he had almost equivalent to the alphas but not more than them.

"Beta Reece nice to see you again." I shook his hand and he returned it with a smile.

"Please call me Reece and it's nice to see you Alpha Athena." I nodded and signalled Eyana to come forward.

"Eyana will show you the room you will be staying in for the next two days. Then we will have lunch." She bowed her head and took him to the second floor.

The pack members went back to do their own respective works while Hayden went up to his room and I to my office. I was signing a paper went a knock resonated the silence of the room.

"Come in." I ordered and Hayden opened the door.

"Lunch is ready." I nodded my head and kept the papers as they were and walked to the dining room in silence with Hayden. Usually, the alpha and beta have a strong bond and share most things with each other. In our case it was different, we both were close and cared for each other more than we expressed but we didn't show it. I knew everything about him and he knew everything about me. He is the only person I know I can turn to anytime for anything and he will always be there for me and so will I.

The dining table was filled with people It was a table for 200 people but still it was not enough as my pack had 675 members. The hustle bustle all died down as I entered and took my seat at the head chair. To my right was Hayden with his Mom beside him and to my left sat Eyana with Reece beside her.

"Serve." I commanded the servants and they began serving. Packs have omegas to do that, the lowest rank but in my pack there are no omegas. I don't allow it. Everyone started eating, talking about different topics and all. After all of us were done, the servants began cleaning the table for the other pack members.

"Reece, would you mind if Hayden showed you around?" I asked him though it was not necessary.

"Of course, no problem." I nodded at Hayden and he took him outside to show around the territory. Once again the table was filled with parents and elders. The teenagers and kids have their food before us. I sat down on my chair and the serving began though I won't be eating again. I always sit with my pack members when they eat whether it be for a second time or third. Just because they don't have any higher rank doesn't mean that I won't sit and eat with them. Every pack member is equal to me cause without them I wouldn't be what I am today.

I got up from my chair and went to my office after the eating session finished. I completed the rest of my paper work and by the time I finished it was already 6:30 pm, so I mind linked Hayden.



Get ready to go to Jake's pack. Inform Reece.


Jake is one of my close friend and there is a ceremony being held at his pack since he found his mate and all the alphas and betas have been invited to the party. I entered my room and took out a white shirt with black pants and heels. Growing up, I have always been a tomboy and I wouldn't even wear heels but now I do. I slipped into them, brushed my hair which almost reached my mid back and applied a swipe of red lipstick.

I hate makeup.

As if I don't know. My wolf, Raima said.

Very funny.

Thanks. By the way you went easy on that rouge today.

I know.

Next time I want to be in charge.


If you think that I was brutal with rouges then you should see Raima. She is much more worse than me.

We are ready. Said Hayden through the mind link


I walked down the stairs to the hall to see Reece dressed in black suit and white shirt with a tie and Hayden also the same instead he wore a bow tie. Both of them looked handsome.

Hayden looks hot.

Do you have a crush on him?

No just stating.


Not gonna lie I once had a crush on him but it's gone. We are just friends now even Raima liked him a bit.

"Let's go." I said. We went out and got inside my car and drove to Jake's pack which was an hour away from mine.

But who knew what was waiting for me there.


Hey guys! Back with a new book. So this is chapter one I hope you liked it though it is kinda slow but the next chap will be interesting. Tell me what you think of the story.

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