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Monsters are teal

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Surviveing the animals never knowing when or where its coming

Mike Comstock
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Monsters are real

Well where to start in 65 n own looking back I was the miss me child my older brother wayne my older sister do an and my little brother carter my dad real my mom ann in was born jan 17 1958 wayne was just about 7 yrs older i was carter was not born till 1960 by the time I could walk dad had all of us kids working dad worked for Katy railroad in kansas city mom would drive to the railroad yard to bring dad his dinner and visit you know they young stuff we didn't understand dad would let wayne drive the train with him in this lap as I set in back of the car watched as dad smiled even then I could see the monster in this eyes dad was the devil and he enjoyed infkicking pain the mire louder and blood the better dad got off on it a time want by things built up in 1964 mom got sick from hodgkins which was cancer dad use to run a bar he quit the railroad and would fight in the allies between the buildings that's where its really got bad add had built a reputation as a bad dude and peoples were afraid of him they avoided hum as best they could we had moved to a farm out side joplin mo. Agreed the nearest person was 7miles away that have dad a free hand to do anything after mom died June 7 1967 dad would beat us kids wayne was moms little king and princes diana is was nothing thevunwanted child dad made a homade pump to pump water across the street wherever had property with a good well dad had me sit in the hot summer sun and watch them pump and shut it off if water stoped and it did I want and told dad it stopped GE cane and looked at it and said I let it run dry and ruined the pump he picked me up by my neck choking me screaming at me your lift me bastard you let run dry shaking me by the neck with his left g and and then punching me in the face and pulling me into the punches as he shook me like a rag doll grabbing me with both hands and slammed me to the ground the dust from the dirt as he's kicking and stomping me my face was numb I couldn't feel may arms or the rest of my body is could just barely heaven in telling ne to pick up the trash the dogs had dug out of the fire pit u started picking up the trash as I was staggering dad said ho quit faking as he kicked me in the left side of my ribs. Blood streaming from I don't know where as dad walked across the street to the house talking as he went inside it was about 1pm when this all started staggering as I picked up trash looking at the house as I worked looking to see dad GE was watching me. I saw him looking out the windows I finally fell to the ground as I couldn't stand any mire I was getting sleepy and it guess I passed out as I woke up trying tocset up I couldn't move my body trying and trying it finally set up trying to move my arms I fell on to my face i couldn't see I felt something on me and in may mouth. I started spitting it was ants crawling alp over me and in may nose and mouth in may hair an my eyes spitting them out with them blood my teeth hurt finally moving my hands to my face my fingers getting tangled in may blood soaked dried hair pulling the hair from my face pain ripped through my body is stopped moving but then pain was searing through my body its dark now its been a couple hours now picking myself up staggering across the street behind y he house where the barn was a water hose in washed my self up taking off my clothes all but my underwear I slipped inside the house an into the bed it was quiet not a sound i fell asleep i didn't wake up till late that day dad was hone I was the only one her if took a bath an got dressed an looked for good is was afraid to eat anything so I did the standby I ate y he dry dog fog not the good stuff they cheap stuff they call it ole roy now days an it was nasty in preferred alpo or gravytrain I had to soaks it so I could chew it ad my face hurt in went to bathroom an looked in mirror man in a mess purple black red blue cuts and dried blood some fresh blood in started bleeding as I looked in it looked to see if my teeth were still there yep still got some grabbing toilet paper an putting it on my face thinking what the rest of le looks like my neck had a hand print with 4 fingers and a thumb around my neck it hurt to swallow blood seeping from my ears my head pounding my face throbbing my whole body in pain i want back to y he dog food and ate just enough that they wouldn't notice

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