When I Cannot Sleep

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Sometimes dreaming is not all that it seems

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When I Cannot Sleep

There are days when I cannot sleep

I lie awake and dream a waking dream

But sometimes dreaming is not all that it seems

Dreams can be wishes and hopes for the future

Dreams can be healing and life saving sutures

But they can be longing for a time that will never be

Of hopes and wishes we will never see

Of lives that will never leave the dream

Sometimes dreaming is not all that it seems

Dreams that only live at night

And never see the light

Are like the cruelest lovers

Who lie with us under covers

Who whisper pretty things

With a voice that always sings

The sweetest melody

Lingering in memory

And then morning arrives

And no more are those lives

With song and rhyme and melodies

Only broken sutures and pain and maladies

The trick of it all, these waking dreams

Are that we know we are awake

We are not tricked by the beams

Of the light that morning makes

We know what we are dreaming are lies

And we are able to dread the sunrise

Living in real time

The pain, sublime

The anxiety and the dream

Are a nearly balanced team

Where the lovely things win sometimes

Then as morning comes and there are no more rhymes

The anxiety breaks the balance beam

Before the dream had time to grow more than just a dream

A waking dream lives in the night

While we can still know that it is wrong

That the trance will shrivel in sunlight

And our lovers will no longer sing their song

But as dreamers do, we cannot stop

The lives we lead at night rising to the top

When we are at our weakest

After the day has worn us down

And to live in reality seems defeatist

Without the dreams, we’d surely drown

Our minds have the power to transcend

To give the harsh edges a bend

To block the constant barrage

To still the calls of sabotage

To catch the projectiles in flight

That assail us in the night

Seeping into the light

But perhaps, we can learn to live in the light

Though what we dream may not take flight

We can still snatch a win in this fight

Squeeze past the barriers tight

This light may not look like our dreams in the night

But maybe what we live is in between

Something not wrong, just not quite right

We may not live to be queens

That may be beyond our sight

But the life we have is the life we make

If we only dream dreams and life forsake

We surrender our potential

To be something essential

To someone who loves us

We might even be missed

Though it feels above us,

To think someone might love us

If we only look up,

They are enough

It is the people we cannot replace

When we dream of that place

Our imaginations cannot capture

The ones that we enrapture

We have not the power to know

The true love that grows

In our friends, family, and lovers

Who can still whisper from out of the covers

Who can still sing, who will try, for us, to be louder

Than the people in that tower

They cannot heal our wounds for us

But they can send a raft to shore us

Just when we are drowning

See, people notice when we are frowning

If we stayed in the dream they would miss us

It’s hard to know that’s true, easy to distrust

But if we have power to believe in the dream

We can redirect that power to help seal our seams

If we let them, they can place the sutures

They can dream of futures

For us when we see none

They will never be done

Like dreams when night comes

They will not leave with each sun

They will follow us into the night

And again into light

It is the people we cannot dream

No imagination is so keen

To feel the feeling of being seen

When someone sees us drowning

When they notice we are frowning

Perhaps they even see us lying awake

And they try to sing that they will never forsake

But we are too stuck in our heads

To see how the edges bend

When they are there to help

To lay our sorrows on the shelf

To rest for a while and sleep

While the night watch, they will keep.

It is the people we cannot dream

Not imagination is so keen

To construct the feeling of being loved

Of looking up above

The feeling of embrace

That can still make our weak heart race

When there are days I cannot sleep

When I lay awake counting sheep

I remember there are people who would miss me

If I chose the eternal sleep

There are people in the light who love me

Through the night and light they love me

Through long hard fights they love me

When they see my hard edges they love me

When they fight my defenses they love me

When the see me shine, they love me

When they see my darkness, they love me

They tell me to look up above me

For someone who will always love me.

Now I will rest a while and sleep

While the night watch He will keep.

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