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Not Your Typical Love Story

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Not your typical love story is a story about a girl confused by her own powers. Having to figure out what to do with her found powers. Will she use them for good, or will she give into the darkside?

Drama / Fantasy
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Hi. My name is Luna Jay Pele and I’m a wolf/demon hybrid. I always wear glasses, I wear them because they were the last thing I got from my dad and I don't like my eyes. You’re probably wondering why I hate my eyes. Well, I have one light purple eye but the other one is dark purple, and I used to get bullied because of it when I was younger. But enough about my eyes. I have a brother and a sister. My brother's name is Comet and my sister's name is Stellar. I'm considered as “The Bad Girl” at school. They call me that because I get in fights and get detention a lot. I'm never the one to start fights, but I’ll gladly finish them. And this is my story.

I went to an amazing school and I had a lot of friends. But then this happened...
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