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Arranged marriage

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"Two can play Emma " "will shall see Zach IS going to choose me "

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

I couldn't believe it I was about to walk down the aisle and get married to a complete stranger the worst part is i was forced to get married to him ,I had no choice but to get married to him ,he threatened that he would kill my mom if I didn't marry him,My late father had some business which I didn't get ,and I was so scared of him cause I new he had some shady business,rumour has it that he was a mafian gang leader,so I did not want to risk my mom's life,A voice zoomed me out of my thoughts "zera"my mom was calling me (Kelly) "dear I you sure you want to do this "

I breathed up and down and told her "Yes not like I have a choice any way I,have to marry Zach who happens to be soon to be husband "

As I walk down the aisle I sow him my soon to be husband standing in the alter,the priest asked me if I take Zach as my law wedded husband I said "i do"and he also said i do which I already knew that he was going to say

Then the priest pronounced us as husband and wife,he gently whispered at my ear"are you ready to spend the rest of your life as my dearest who I love " I muttered the word love and glared at him what do you know about love .

He gave me a sharp glared warning me to shut up,or they will be consequence,my eyes went teary cause I wanted to cry the shit out of me.

Strangely I did not see his parents in the wedding,but then again if I asked him he would grill the hell out of me .as the ceremony concluded,he dragged me by my wrist and forced me to get into the car

I saw my mom following us from behind screaming as a mad women"please don't take my daughter from me she's the only that I have in this world ".

But her words did not seem to affect him , after all how can words like this affect a murder.he thought I had no idea that he killed my father.

"Zach lurks watch out cause I zera cage wont spare you .you think your the only one taking revenge, if only you had an idea " said all of these words in my heart as the car drove to where we were going.

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