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When Summer Ends

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"There was a never a choice , was there ? And you would have been the honorable and noble gentlemen that comes to everybodies rescue but your own." "So I made the hard decision based on the best outcome for everybody invloved . I saved us all and u couldnt even be thankfull asshole"

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

I can't believe I'm about to humiliate myself like this! Not me of all people ......

Well sometimes we have to take the bull by the horns you know. If you want something done right do it yourself.

Just look at him, standing there with the whole world looking at him as if he's a God.

I will not be judged, especially not by myself, not for this.

This is purely science though if you think about it. I have to get this done, I will not be a sad girl getting her cherry popped at a high school prom or college party, no that will not be me.

Beside he makes no secret that he is obsessed with me. The way he looks at me, touches me when he thinks nobody sees. The way he finds time to ask me shit that makes him look stupid. Well maybe he is dumb, but his dumbness would probably be beter for me.

Better in the sense that I could shake him off and make him think it's his idea.

Now, just to get him away from his fan club would be great. Then I action my plan and be a virgin no longer come this weekend.

This is diabolical I know, but guess what, this will be a win -win for everybody involved. He gets a virgin and the object of his desire, and I get to not be a lonely virgin anymore.

Figuring out how to present this to him so he could understand and not over commit himself has been the challenge though.

Mean look at him, pure 1.7m of pure football linebacker muscle. Stitches together with green eyes, a chiseled jaw and sandy blond hair. He's big and buff and looks likes his packing the good stuff. Rumor has it though he doesn't sleep around, I guess that good though all things considered.

This is me Anne Duncan, petite 1.47m, grey eyed, black raven-haired church mouse. Or at least that is what they choose to see. I do well at school so I can get the fuck out of here on my own merit.

I just have to get Walker Brookes to agree to my plan .......

It's not like I have a bad home situation or anything. Things have been great for years at home.

2 sisters and a brother, all cramped together in a 2-bedroom house.

This shit is just depressing, the logistics of the where and when is sorted out. In this I must have control, there is no way I'm leaving this get beyond my control. Control is everything when everything else in your life is planned to a T.

I've worked too hard at everything else in life to have this ruined.

I have it mapped out .

1- hotel money

2- prom night (cliche I know but how else am I supposed to have sex without anybody find out, let's face it my house is off limits and I know nothing of Walkers home situation to confirm a bed)

There you have it folks, my grand plan is coming together, just at the moment minus 1 willing boy.

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