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Justified Need

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It was inline that ultimately led me to find him, a tragic out come and finally, myself but would I change any of it . . . that's hard to say . . . When the cost of portraying normality becomes too high, it's time to face the truth. Life is seemingly perfect for Alex Kennon, a State representative for the fast-paced sport of inline hockey; he has friends, acclaim and a loving family but all is not as it seems. The desire to appear 'normal' to those around him drives Alex to go along with things he doesn't agree with, lie to those who care about him and ultimately repress who he truly is and is meant to be . . . until one fateful night at the Nationals tournament when he meets someone who changes things forever . . .

Elizabeth Smith
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The Wheel Life

It was inline that ultimately led me to find him, a tragic outcome and finally, myself but would I change any of it . . . that’s hard to say . . .

Alex pushed his statically charged blonde hair flat, a fruitless exercise as it sprang back up almost at once, and dumped his hockey bag onto the floor of the change room with a thump.

The smell of sweat and fresh paint assaulted him, since Lyndsay, the owner, had gone to town on the walls that week with a paintbrush.

The usual crowd was there; Dean struggling to pull on his too-small cover pants, Jason bragging about which girl he’d nailed on the weekend and dark haired, dark eyed Mark, who never joined in the boasting and seemed pretty indifferent to most things.

Alex crushed himself into a space between Dean and another boy, Brett and began the laborious task of changing for the game.

Would be easier to play soccer, he thought contemptuously, between trying to adjust his girdle and pants then mentally chastised himself for even thinking such a thing.

He owed so much to the game on wheels, not the least of which was an escape from his own mind.

In the middle of his reflections and Jason’s bragging about his future conquests the coming weekend, a flash of red caught Alex’s eye and in came Lila Ambrose, as fiery spirited as her hair colour.

She gave him a pat on the head then set her sights on Dean, who was shirtless and trying to decide which jersey to wear.

His nickname, at least amongst the less empathetic members of the rink, was ‘the pudge’, since he was carrying a bit of extra heft but since he could still pull in girls when they went off to the clubs, their mocking was somewhat tempered.

He caught sight of her when he looked up and flicked his sandy hair out of his face in what he must have thought was a flirtatious gesture and it seemed as if Lila did too, for she put her eyes down and beckoned him seductively with one finger.

Dean eagerly rolled over to her on his blades but his hopes were dashed when she struck out with the speed of a cobra and latched on to his exposed nipple then twisted violently.

He let out a squeal and fell to the floor, amid laughs and jeers from the other boys still in the change room.

‘Thought your balls dropped already Deano’ hooted Jason as Lila stood over her prey with a devilish smile and declared ‘fuck with me again and next time, it’ll be your cock’

Brett, the wannabe team clown, piped up with ‘he might like that’

Lila turned her head away from the tragedy on the floor and muttered ‘if I can find it’, which set off the other boys and incited a jeer-fest.

Dean, of course, was not at all amused and got up with muttered curses then stomped out the door in his skates.

Not surprisingly, the other boys made a quick exit after witnessing this display, fearing for their own organs but Lila, unfazed, plopped down next to Alex and began getting ready.

Mark, who’d watched the proceedings with an amused grin, stood up and headed out the door with a light and dark jersey in his hands and Lila called after him.

‘Hey Mark, wear your light jersey for the game, I don’t wanna be on Dean’s team tonight’

Mark stopped by the door and put on an insinuating expression.

‘Why, were you with him last night?’

Lila pretended to look exaggeratedly affronted and spat ‘fuck no’ back at him as he threw his black jersey back onto his bag, pulled on his white one then left.

As she reached down for her skate at the bottom of her hockey bag, Lila let out a belch that would have put most guys’ bodily noises to shame and Alex just grinned and shook his head at her usual, unworried attitude.

‘So’ he began, as he taped his cover pants to his legs to hold his shin pads on. ‘What did Dean do that made you almost twist his tit off?’

Lila frowned and mumbled ’remember in our Tuesday game where he ‘accidentally’ crushed me against the wall after he lost his glove’

Alex nodded and tried not to look amused at her intense expression as she described the dastardly crime.

‘Douchebag was groping me the whole time, trying to get his marbles off probably, if he wasn’t wearing a cock blocker . . . anyway, he won’t try it again’

‘You know he has a lotta girls after him?’

Lila affected an expression of genuine surprise.

‘And I’m supposed to be honoured coz he felt like being a perve, gross, I need a man, not a little boy’

‘And who, in your eighteen years of wisdom on men, fits that description?’

Lila wacked him playfully with her glove then skated out the door with a mysterious smile, leaving Alex alone . . . a state he didn’t relish being in very often, especially at hockey . . .

As the only state of the art rink within five hundred kilometres, Bladers attracted in-line players from all over the place, some as young as ten, others as distinguished as sixty.

Girls, guys, young or old, the love of the game united them all but when Alex arrived on the bench with his water bottle, he could see that Lila wasn’t thinking about the sport right then, for she was playing the ‘I can’t hold my stick properly, can you show me’ trick with Mark, who was standing behind her with his arms around her on the stick.

Lila accidentally on purpose dropped her glove and made no effort to retrieve it as Mark manoeuvred her hands on the stick, apparently oblivious to her game.

Alex rolled his eyes at her new ploy to get Mark to notice her then turned away to organise his stuff.

It wasn’t like Lila needed to play subtle games to get attention; she got it without even being aware but she wasn’t at all snooty or stuck up about any of it and often complained to Alex that no guys liked her.

Sometimes he’d felt compelled to tell her the same thing . . .

Over to his left Jason, the rink stud, according to the general female opinion, was showing off his new gloves and running his mouth about his favourite topic; getting laid and blown.

His looks certainly made his boasting believable, the way he flicked his head to accentuate those shoulder muscles then looked down with his deep, steel grey eyes, that innocent, little boy expression he could put on, the way his . . .

‘The hell; why are you dark?’

Alex snapped out of his thought bubble and found Lila staring at his jersey with an annoyed expression.

‘I thought you were on my team?’

Alex quickly averted his eyes from Jason, who had donned a black jersey and smirked at Lila.

‘Shh, some people will think we’re an old married couple, the way you want to be on my team every game . . . I can’t be your wingman with Mark all the time’

Lila frowned and reached her stick over the boards to whack him on the helmet.

‘You’re an asshat’ she pouted playfully then skated back to her attempts to try and get Mark’s attention.

Not that she needs to try’ thought Alex for the umpteenth time that night. ’Practically every guy here wants to nail her’ . . .’

Out on the rink, it seemed as though Lila was doing the nailing, for she could slip around many of the larger guys like oil and when she walked through every one of the opposing team and scored, she got the attention she desired.

‘Nice moves woman’ exclaimed Mark as he bumped his glove on hers in congratulations.

A few moments later, it was Dean on the receiving end of her skills, for he tried to pull off a fancy deke move to get around her but ended up stepping on the puck instead and fell flat on his arse.

His humiliation was only made worse when she snapped up the puck, zipped away and scored against his team.

‘Dean, ya pussy whipped bastard’ called Brett from the bench as Dean came rolling over dejectedly, jumped the boards then sat down in a huff with his water bottle.

‘That’s twice she’d scored off you’ he smirked and Dean flipped him off with a scowl.

‘Only coz I let her’

’Heard you couldn’t score with her though’

‘Fuck you Turner, I could have if I wanted to, bitch thinks she’s too good for me’

‘Or wants more than three inches’

Dick shaming was always thrown about between the guys but Dean, who’d been emasculated enough for one day, lunged at Brett but, expecting this, Brett moved to the far end of the bench and chuckled cruelly.

Alex chuckled to himself as he heard these comments over on the other bench.

So typical of a guy who couldn’t get with a girl to call her stuck up to save face but this time, Brett had totally destroyed him.

He silently wished someone would verbally destroy Jason, who was leaning over the side of the rink next to Shaun and carrying on about his club-hopping plans for that weekend.

Shaun aped Jason in nearly every way but looks and his sharp underbite had received more than a few snide comments from females.

Now, obviously tired of Jason’s bragging, he abruptly changed the subject.

‘The fuck you wear a weight belt for, fucking thing makes you skate like shit’

Jason, annoyed at his stories of his sexual prowess being cut off, slammed his behind into Shaun and almost knocked him over.

‘Fuck off . . . all it does is make your arse look bigger and weighs you down dickwad’ grumbled the smaller man as he struggled to regain his balance on his skates.

Jason put on a flirty expression and looked at Shaun in mock seduction with his eyes down.

‘What were you looking at my sexy arse for, homo?’

Shaun, catching on, moved closer and fluttered his eyes, though without the same effect as Jason.

‘Oh yeah Jas, I just wanna pound that sexy arse all night’

He moved right over to Jason then grabbed his hips and pretended to hump him, adding vocal effects to his actions.

Jason, clearly uncomfortable with this overstepping of boundaries, shoved him off with a growl.

‘Get the fuck off me ya fucking gronk, my arse is too good for you anyway’

‘Saving it for your boyfriend?’ Shaun mocked and Jason flipped him off.

‘Fuck no’ he said and the venom in his voice was undeniable. ‘Fucking homos are sick mother . . .’

Luckily, his tirade was cut short when someone came off and he had to go on but Shaun had to get the last word in and yelled ‘er yeah, you love the cock, poof’

Jason then took his stick and made a jerking-off motion with it by way of reply and both chuckled.

That was it for them; those passing comments were probably already forgotten and more important thoughts now dominated their minds.

Alex sighed and stared at the floor.

If only he could forget so easily . . .

‘Get the fuck outta my spot’

‘Get your wet feet off my bag then, gronk’

The usual shower time carnage was in full swing by the time Alex returned to the change room; boys jostling for a position in the line, those who’d finished their washing trying to move trespassers out of their personal space so their clothes wouldn’t get wet then balancing haphazardly on one foot as they pulled their pants on.

Lila’s head appeared around the door of the shower cubicle and she beckoned to Alex.

‘Alex, come hold my towel for me’

This was a normal ritual after every game, for he was the only one she trusted not to take advantage of his position and perve on her.

They’d been best friends for twelve years and knew each others’ highs, lows, loves and deepest secrets . . . well most of them and it had never even crossed Alex’s mind to take a peek.

Of course, Brett or some other tent-pitcher volunteered for Alex’s coveted position almost every week.

‘I’ll do it for you if you want’ he called with a smirk, to which Lila immediately replied ‘fuck off Brett, go perve on Dean, you’s are about the same size’

‘How do you know?’

‘Coz you’re two threes in a pod’

This burn remark caused another round of bagging and Brett, who’d only just gotten out of the shower, had to dodge a barrage of hands trying to pull his towel away to expose his apparent cocktail weenie.

Brett sat down with a scowl and waited until the would-be attackers had returned to their own changing before he attempted to get dressed.

As Alex held Lila’s towel open like a screen so she could get dressed in private, he couldn’t help but notice Jason’s entrance and subsequent undressing, though he tried hard not to look.

There was something about the way he slipped out of his jersey and let it slide to the floor that mesmerised Alex and he was very thankful for the bulky girdle under his cover pants, protecting more than just his hips from being exposed.

As boys came out of the showers, the resulting rush of steam periodically obscured Alex’s view of Jason taking his clothes off and he could feel his heart rate increase every time the mist cleared and more of Jason’s body was exposed.

Sweat dripped down his toned chest as he flicked his head back to rid himself of the droplets on his forehead then slipped out of his cover pants and stood there in just his black briefs.

Alex swallowed hard and exhaled sharply as Jason picked up his towel then leaned against the wall to wait for one of the showers to be free.

Through his haze of secret lust, Alex suddenly heard Lila’s voice and he snapped back to reality.

‘You can drop the towel now’ she exclaimed then, noting that Dean had just emerged from the shower naked, added ‘or you can smack Dean on the arse with it for showing off his pincock’

She quickly snatched the towel out of Alex’s grip, rolled it up then expertly aimed and flicked Dean on the backside with it.

Dean gave a squeal and glared round at Lila.

‘Ow, stupid whore’ he grumbled and rubbed the red mark on his arse cheek with contempt.

Lila, totally unconcerned, said ‘boo hoo, cry me a river’ dismissively before shoving her gear into her bag then leaving the change room.

Dean continued to scowl as he pulled on his clothes but Alex was oblivious to his wounded pride; instead, his eyes were discreetly following Jason’s every move as he placed his towel on the bench outside the shower then stepped inside.

The water droplets bouncing off his chest and running down his body caused Alex’s pupils to dilate with lust and as the door slowly shut, he caught a glimpse of Jason stepping out of his briefs and tossing them aside before the door gently closed.

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