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Love, Marriage & Divorce

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Aaliyah is a Songwriter dealing wth failing marriage and friendships while growing as an artist and a woman while tackling her career.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter one

(A Celebrity-Based FanFictional Story.)

She Had Been Married to a Mogul Businessman for some time now, as There Lives became Pretty hectic, her past will eventually come back to haunt her. she learns maybe she may have made the wrong choice in marrying him as she took some time off to strictly focus on music even though they’ve been actively thinking its time to call it quits.

Los angeles, Califorina

“Aaliyah! Aaliyah! Where is Lavin? Where have you guys been these last two years? Is Amina Jefferson really getting back with him? are you guys divorcing?” Sam For TMZ Yelled from across the street.

She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around at TMZ and said softly “No, I’ve just been working on a new album for my fans that’s all.”

“Was it over the feud?” Sam asked.

Getting into her Range rover she rolled her window down and replied: “I don’t know anything about that. I wasn’t there at all.”

Pulling out of the parking lot as she drove home, she heard the story on the radio, tearing into her driveway and getting out she unlocked her door and she heard Damon from outside yelling on the phone and she knew it was with his Ex.

“What The fuck! you mean I can’t see them, Amina, what the hell is wrong with you?” Damon, he said walking around the living room and flopping himself on the couch.

“You see how you’re yelling right now! this is why you can’t see them!” Amina yelled Back at him hearing Tutuallah crying daddy in the background which was pissing him off even more.

" You can’t have it both ways making false promises to them and expecting them to believe you!” Amina yelled.

“Fuck That!” He stated.

She was sighing Aaliyah walked into the living room putting my purse down on the side table, taking off her jacket. He ignored her as he paced the floor.

It was going to be another long night she thought to herself as she made herself a cup of tea. they were going to go Toe to Toe over this.

Lavin aggressively threw his phone across the living room: “I can’t believe she doing this shit! I have to fly out to New York next week!”

“Are you serious?” Aaliyah asked with a saddened look taking her cup of tea and sitting on the sofa.

“She’s taking this shit too fucking far Li.” as he pulled out a blunt.

“Okay, well I’ll go with you!” she replied with confidence.

“Nah, You should stay here.”

“Baby, I would love to work on my Songwriting, I’m already stressed because of what you’re going through it pisses me off as well don’t you think!”

grabbing his hand “We’ll get through this just like we always have!” she stated with a reassuring kiss.

“Damn, I wish I could’ve worked things out with Corey” Damon began thinking out loud.

Just because your not a business partner doesn’t mean you have to stop being friends with each other.” she said getting up and going back into the kitchen.

“Have you seen his petty ass, Nah Ion going out like that?”

Aaliyah Heavily Sighed and asked, “What do you want for dinner?”

“I’m about to be out so I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said grabbing his keys.

Aaliyah held her tongue to avoid a pointless argument as she thought to herself.

This Trip is going to be needed.


Beverly Hills, California

After Aaliyah’s Quick morning jog and routine, she felt like the only way to change things between them was to call Corey herself, but she decided to talk to his wife Jasmine Carter, Jasmine was amazing Artist she studied architecture texture design, and painter, her and Corey met while she was at a Gallery in Houston, TX. I’m glad my brother found himself a nice woman who can knock his ego down a peg or two.

“Hey, Aaliyah How are you?” she said.

“Hey, Jas I’m good I was wondering could I stop by today, Is Corey around?” Aaliyah asked.

“Yes, he is... Is everything okay?” she asked in a considered voice.

“Yeah, just needed to talk to him about some paperwork and stuff.”

“Ah Okay yes come by that way you can finally see the baby!” she stated happily.

“Okay, I’ll be there in 10 minutes!” she said hanging up the phone.

Aaliyah drove her Range Rover Toward their place.

Aaliyah Rang the doorbell as Jasmine answered the door holding her now 3-month-old daughter Ivory Skylar “Come on in girl !” she said embracing her into a hug “He’s in office as always” she stated, rolling her eyes.

“Aww, Jas, she’s beautiful she looks just like Corey!” Aaliyah stated with a laugh.

Shaking Her head “Girl! 9 months of Pure hell just for her to look like her father! huh”

“Corey! Aaliyah is here!” She yelled in the Office.

“Hey, Big Head she said giving him a hug.”

Aaliyah walked back into the office with Shawn and sat down in the chair.

“so what’s up baby girl?” He said pulling out the paperwork.

“Living life... but I’m really here on behalf of Lav, He still wants to work on the campaign with you and Amina has been on his ass lately and he needs something to take his mind off of everything!” she stated leaning back in the chair.

“Now you know that’s my nigga for life but- he ain’t close since that whole departure plus I hope you know that nigga is crazy!”

“Like you ain’t the same way over Jas! I know this... he really missed you and Shawn and them.”

“Really?” he said with a surprised look.

“Yeah.” she reponeded.

“I’ll think on it”

" Thank You, how is being a new daddy working out?”

“It’s hectic but it’s worth it when are you gonna have some little ones?” Corey said

“True, maybe when this whole court thing is over and my album being released I may have one. it’s just so much going on,” she said getting slightly irritated.

“Amina is a bitch, if it wasn’t for her we woud’nt be in this shit!” swirling around the chair.

“Damn, Li I’m sorry you have to go through this with her, ain’t know A. was that petty?“.

Aaliyah sarcastically laughed and said “Well, at least I saved your ass from the biggest mistake of your life! Can’t believe you actually wanted to be with her!“.

Jay Slightly moved his head to the side and said: “Yeah, and we need to keep that between us, she doesn’t know about it either baby girl.”

Aaliyah gave him a crazy look and said:” That’s really petty Shawn you never told her!”

“Well, I’ll see ya later,” Aaliyah said walking toward the door.

“you leaving so soon” Jasmine stated “You can Stay for dinner if you like I’m cooking!”

Corey began laughing.

“what so funny I can cook! ” jasmine replied with her arms folded.

“Alright, Aaliyah Call me when you get home!“.

“Okay, kiss the baby for me. as she waved goodbye and got into her truck and drove home, soon as she hit the door she shot Bey a text. She realized there was another car in the driveway.

she knew exactly who it was “Shit” she said under her breath while she was walking toward her car.



Sarcastically speaking “Good to see you, Princess Peach!”

Aaliyah looked at her Up and down while getting out the car and replied: “Bitch what do you want?”

Amina walked around Aaliyah’s car and said: “I want him to pay me my fucking money.”

“He’s already paid you 20K a month?! That isn’t enough!” Aaliyah questioned.

“Maybe, I don’t like you Aaliyah and I don’t want you around my kids”. She yelled.

Aaliyah looked at her car and saw them taking off their seat belts.

“Well, Sorry you feel that way sweetheart, looks like your kids love me”. Her kids ran from the car holding on to Aaliyah’s leg for dear life.

Amina looked down at them and looked back at Aaliyah and said “Whatever! I’ll pick them up next week.”

Aaliyah watched her drive off and took the girls inside the house.

“How’re aunties babies!” Aaliyah said cheerfully.

“Can we stay here forever! Auntie Li Li” Mimi asked.

“No baby girl, You can’t, wish you could though you still have to listen to your mommy, okay.” she stated.

“No! No! Listen to Mommy I Listen to you!” Samira shouted

Aaliyah laughed and said, “Okay, who wants a snack”.

“You guys still have to listen to her okay? But that’s your mommy!”

They still shook their heads no.

Mimi came up and tapped me and asked for her father and Lavin was about to start yelling until he saw them his eyes lighted up.

"Daddy!" they both yelled and ran toward him he picked them up swung them around and played with them he walked toward me and asked was Rachel here and did she try to start again? I simply replied no because what’s the point I already know how to handle her, and I want him to enjoy all the time he has with them.

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