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Loaded Judgement

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Have you ever felt like you were never liked? Like no matter what happened, you were the problem? You were in the wrong? And have been raised your entire life feeling that dread that you ended up giving in and accepting who everyone around you wanted you to be? Have you ever felt like you were judged before you were even given the chance to express who you actually are? Hell, even before you were born? Well that is what this book is about, a young mob/gang boss in his late twenties suffering from events in his past, not feeling the love he wanted to feel, and being judged no matter where he went and forever being reminded that his brother was successful, living a life of peace while he was thrown in the gutter and being around other troubled beings that turned to a life of crime because of how they were raised. Will Rick be able to get over his past and create a better life? Or will he still be angry with himself and the world and want to return the favor. You will just have to find out in this book.

Drama / Romance
Darth Bat
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Prologue: Why? Just, Why?

(8 years ago)
Rick Burns' POV:

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I guess the most heartbreaking times in your lives just.. stick with you like glue. They are more memorable than memories of happy moments. No, no, memories like these last forever, and never leave, no matter how long you had to get over them.

That day I was in the middle of my apartment's living room when Tommy came through the door without even bothering to knock. I had just finished a phone call when he came crashing through the apartment looking for me, which didn't take long, it wasn't that big of a home.

Saying Tommy looked mad was an understatement. He was fuming like a cat from cartoons. Tom to be precise.

"Yo, Tommy, what's up buddy? Why you look like that?" Was the only thing that came across my mind as I tried to understand why they were upset in the first place, but I wish I hadn't.

"Why I look like this? You are taking this whole gang thing to far!" He screamed in my face and that was when I realized, the anger was pointed towards me. I just gaped at him not knowing what to say, I mean, he never snapped at me... well, not like this, not like he just wanted me gone. The only time he screamed at me was when he was trying to help me think straight.

"What? What do you mean?" I asked calmly putting my hands in the air as I waited for him to elaborate, I was trying not to snap back because then I wouldn't be able to control myself. He just let out a puff of air like I said something ridiculous. "Are you kidding me? You are out there on the streets robbing people, hell you even stripped someone from everything they owned because they talked back to you!" He screeched out and I crossed my arms keeping back every ounce of anger that wants to fly out of my system after hearing this.

"You know better than anyone I don't like being talked back to Thomas. I just taught him a lesson! And I am out here robbing people because it is what we agreed on when we were in high-school! That's how this whole thing started!" I told him before letting out a sigh and leaning on the wall behind me.

"Yeah, that is what we agreed on, but that was in High-school Rick, a game. Something you wanted to do. I never wanted to do it, but you dragged me into this Rick, and I let you because I thought it was just one of your many phases. But, now, I know it isn't. You keep doing it for your own benefit. I'm sorry, but that isn't how I roll and you know that!" He told me stepping closer and closer to me by the second, but I paid no mind.

I didn't know what to say, I just ran my hand through my hair as I tried to digest on what he said and trying to find the best way out of this to make the both of us happy, yes it was just a game at first.. but now that I had a taste of power, the one thing that made me feel in control of my own life... I couldn't let go.

"I don't even know you anymore, you aren't the brother I met back when we were kids. And I can't let you keep going around and ruining other people's lives. I'm sorry" He continued talking before pressing a button on his phone and I tilted my head confused and conflicted. What did he mean by that? He didn't know me? How could he not know me? I'm still the same..

I haven't got the chance to ask because there was a crash through the door and officers flooded the room with their guns raised and pointed at me.

I looked over at Tommy completely shocked and panicked, not many things scared me, but the fact that Tommy may have ratted me out to the cops was the last thing I expected, and it hurt me more than anything.

That bastard gave me a look before walking behind the officers and out of the room while I raised my hands in surrender, thoughts flooding my mind as I got down on my knees to the request of the officer in charge.

Placing my hands behind my head and feeling them lock them in cuffs had me start boiling. "You have the right to stay silent, anything you say can an-" I tuned them out being overwritten by my own thoughts.

How can he do this to me? We were brothers! He.. he betrayed me and sent the cops to arrest me... he was the last person I trusted... and he broke that trust. He broke me.

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