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The Hits of '76

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The Summer of '76 was a summer like no other. A group of friends find their worlds falling apart. And they desperately try to find ways to piece each other back together. Missing posters galore, join the Alex and the gang as they navigate the summer that Alex's brother went missing.

Drama / Mystery
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Wish You Were Here


I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ran. And that I ran without looking back. Without thinking twice.

It hurt me more than anything, to leave you there.

But it’s not the way things used to be anymore. It can’t be that way anymore. And I’m sorry. And I get it. I understand if you don’t forgive me. I mean, I wouldn’t forgive you either if you left me like this.

I know I can’t undo things. So this is how it’s going to be. Georgie and Jean have always had that motherly bone, I know they’ll take care of you good. Please don’t give them a hard time. Give Ter a kiss for me.

I probably won’t see you again. I’ll never forget what I’ve done. I’ll never be okay with it and I wouldn’t expect you to be either. I’ll never forgive myself if it makes you feel any better.

Please know I’ll always love you guys. Dad, Ter, and Jeanie. Even with her rigid ways about her.

God, if I could, I’d say this more than a million times, Al.

I’m sorry.

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