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life as a teenager

The Start

My dreams and my goals are easy I want to become somebody in life. I want to preach the word of God I also want to be a singer praise God play his music. I want to cure every animal I can. I love taking care of animals all these things are my goals and what I want for my future, this is what everybody wants for their future well some people but mainly that is what I want. I spent my whole life wanting to be these things wanting to make people happy but the only person who I need to make happy is God, every teenager everybody wants these stuff for their future because I know I want this.

So what are teenagers doing to follow their dreams? I am 19 years old and I just got married not to long ago and I go to church 3 days a week I be busy all the time but thanks God that I married somebody that helps me and approve what I believe in. Sometimes we have ups and down but that is how relationships work, teenagers need to learn that they can not keep jumping from one guy or girl to another they need to decide what they want and make that a long- term thing instead of sleeping with every person that they like because life does not work like that.

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