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Emma's too Connective - Short Story ✔️

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She is her, she is Emma, she is an introvert. She is ordinary but odd. "When soul shatters it's just like a glass broken in a way that can't be mended again, not just broken into peices but also crushed into powder that looks like sodium chloride." Her quote says this. Her, She, a teenage. Most importantly an introvert. In Honor of Belated Introvert's Day, accept them, don't make them an exception. Change your mentalities, please, will you? Yes. I will help, read this story , you will know. Ok, let's glance into an INFJ'S life. Copyright ©️ 2022 Aashion

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Elucidation Of Emma.

Emma's too connective

"When soul shatters it's just like a glass broken in a way that can't be mended again, not just broken into pieces but also crushed into powder that looks like sodium chloride." Her quote says this.

Her, She, a teenage

It's about a girl just as it is in typical nerdy books, a student, a nerd, a dork. Her life passion revolves around 'Chemistry', the chemistry of nature, the chemistry between her & the selfish conquering world. There must be a connection, a bonding such as when elements are bonded to form a compound.

This universe is a large compound, everything that's existing in it is an atom. She, Emma Pham always trying to connect things with her beloved chemistry, always with the scientific chemistry or either the chemistry between her or the worldly livings that ever come across her.

In other words, Emma thinks that whatever she came across with must have a connection like a table has a connection with wood and metal because it's made from it, just like two elements are bonded which creates a new different thing. And like that too, a woman passing by in the opposite direction & makes a general eye contact with Emma, at the moment as every time, the theory in Emma's head that the woman is connected to her somehow that's why they clashed each other's path, the woman must be from past or will be in future or either the connection starts today itself, she will be either a friend to me or what if my long lost sister. Yes, these crazy yet complicating thoughts always ran around her epic mind.

Not just this, she is an INFJ, trying to be away from appearance of people especially the toxic society who always are a building of sly words that shatters a soul for a moment, but hope regains again and again. But according to what extroverts think about Introverts that they're boring, awkward not-fun at all but just a numb human scared.

Let's prove them wrong by glancing into a life of an introvert, let's just get the idea: they're normal people trying to live happily just like you.

The majestic chance to see their lives by reading just one chapter of Emma Pham's normal interesting life, you got to realize that INFJ's are normal, an ordinary odd thing.

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