Emma's too Connective - Short Story ✔️

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Emma Pham - An introvert

Emma Pham - An introvert.

"Come on, Sis! Wake up."

"Mmmm... just five minutes more." Emma mutters half sleeping.

"FINE! I am telling mom... mom mom, sister is still slee--"

"Stop it Ella! Ok Ok, I woke up, happy now?" Emma shots out of bed and slides into the bathroom to wash up.

She loves sleeping just like you.

. . .

Emma steps down the staircase and goes into the kitchen.

"Morning, mom." she says putting a spoonful of porridge in her mouth.

"Good morning, so you're really good at self-care but you don't damn care about your surroundings." Her mom says eyeing her daughter's lavish get-ready look.

"Mom I--- "

"Learn something from Ella will you? She's younger than you but much responsible, you just like makeup fashion and blabla whatever trends of you girls nowadays, and studies not just enough, buck up some comm-."

"Some Common sense." Emma finishes off the phrase she always heard.

"Never mind mom but I better not start my day with repeated lectures. I have to go."

She leaves the house to go to school and bangs the door close behind her.

"Always, always...I can't think how mom lectured me just because Ella cleaned my room as usual, I never ask her to but she enjoys cleaning up and I don't, she likes chores but I don't. Just a matter of dislikes and likes and mom always makes a mountain about it." Emma's thought to herself.

The bus arrived at the stop and she rode to her 'Ladyland high school'. It's the top school situated in a posh area, the modern and its vast campus lied next to the huge gardens where the recess and sometimes classes too were held.

"Dude hello, how are you doing?" This is Elizabeth, Emma's bestie.

Introverts also have a Bestie just like you do.

"I am fine, just the regular mom lectures that everyone experienced, I guess." She said carelessly.

"Yeah dude, that's life, a good happy losers life.

"Oh look, first class is chemistry...yup let's hurry."

"Duh! I don't appreciate your nerdy side at all, Emma, studying is boring."

"Just as you're a boring lunatic, you need to be admitted in an asylum." Emma's lips twitches forcing her to burst into laugher over her stupid antic and there they go again.
Laughing as hard as they can, girls admired their duo alot.

Introverts laugh too they're not sad dolls
Introverts are not meant to be hated, they have admirers too.

They had a good day at school, she loved school, she always dressed beautifully and her makeup was always natural and her hair was straight ending with curls, the color was caramel brown that was just so cute. But she never connected fashion with nerdiness as she always do with everything.

"Many, many years ago
When I was just a kid,
And I had just began to grow,
There's stuff I had and did.
I'm thinking back on all those things
That life saw fit to give me.
If I can't remember everything,
I hope you will forgive me.

Chocolate candy cigarettes
And big bubble gum cigars.
Mini Bricks and Red Ball Jets,
Hopscotch and Dinky cars.

Mercurochrome and iodine;
Band-aids in a can.
Your watch required a daily wind,
And Etch-A-Sketch was grand.

In school, the teacher had to see
Just what you had to do.
You held one finger up for pee;
You held up two for poo!" (Poem credits: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/kid-stuff )

They sung their childish song way back home.

"Hey, want to come over tonight for group study, I'd also arranged a small kind of sleepover party and let's invite Jess too?" Elizabeth asked excitingly.

"Sure, but we will study, ok?" Emma said in a work tone.

"Yeah yeah. We will. I want good grades this time so papa could buy me a new cellphone."

Emma rolled her eyes and noticed a middle aged woman staring hard at her.

"We must have a severe connection deep down." Again as usual she thought.


Getting ready for the sleepover-group study:

"Hmm. Books check, toothbrush & toothpaste check, charger and clothes check...." Emma kept saying as she went through her sleepover bag. She was all ready, mobile phone in one hand and the bag in the other, she went down.

" Dad. I am all ready."

"Ok sweetie, get into the car."

"Bye mum." She says as getting out the house.

"Goodbye, have a nice party." Her mom pecks on her head and she is driven to Elizabeth's house.

She rings the bell, the door clicks open itself, she enters but its dark, lights are off, her heart is pounding. And at the moment as she is about to go back to the door, lights are turned on!

" Happy birthday, Emma!!!" Elizabeth and Jess surprised her.

They on purpose made Emma so busy today that she wouldn't even notice the date, it was her birthday!

The living room was all decorated in black and pink, a round Vanilla Ice cream cake was there in the middle of the Marble-design glass table.
They celebrated, they enjoyed, they had fun & in the end Emma's connection with the sleepover was her birthday - Emma's theory about her so called 'Connection' again seemed to be true. Life is a chemistry, universe is compound, things are all elements.

That's how her one of the days went.

She's an introvert, she is fun, she enjoys, she has talents, she is special & loved, she's living a life just like you are. But she's just the head-full of "Emma's too connective."

Tantatata, End.

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