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The Flame of Our Connection

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Similic the humanoid wolf lives in a world where humans no longer exist. Only animal and human hybrids dominate the earth now. Humanity has long since made themselves extinct, and the planet is populated by a variety of these 'furry characters' that have used their skills and the leftover technology from the humans to rebuild and move on. In a world that will never stop evolving and exploding with innovation, Similic chooses to occupy his anxiety-ridden mind with one ""simple"" thing: Maintaining his closest relationship in the face of a mental breakdown.

Drama / Scifi
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Part one- Chapter one:

Buzz. Buzz buzz. I find it odd that I’m using my glove as an alarm clock.

I open my eyes, the room coming into view. Some small specks of grey annoyingness (flies) float around me, digging themselves into my fur. I lift my paw, swiping at them. I sit up in my bed, rubbing my crusty eyes and looking around. My room itself is pretty simple compared to almost every other room in this clan. I got my nightstand next to my bed, then my work desk, a shelf for toys and another shelf for clothing. I also have this picture of two angelic kangaroos kissing each other over a city on my wall that I got from my friend Drift like two weeks ago. I didn’t want it honestly. I knew I wasn’t going to want it but she insisted on giving it to me anyways. Besides, it’s too small, barely takes up any room on my blue interior walls and it’s nothing I’m used to seeing. A good wolf should always have his walls covered with his or her own tastes. However, I’ll never have the courage to give it back.

I get up out of my bed, yawning and stretching. I look down, seeing my PJs over my furry body. For a split second, I become shocked. “ WAIT…Oh, right.” I forgot that I put clothes on last night. Wearing or not wearing clothing isn’t a big deal for me, as is the same with most furple. I see my social clothes prepared neatly on my nightstand next to my bed. I question myself as to why I setup these nice looking wears when I never planned on looking fancy today. I take off my train pajamas, tossing them into my hamper while shivering at how ticklish it is to rub things against my furry body. The humans didn’t have this kind of sensation. Today I’m wearing nothing. Yeah, nothing at all. I could wear one of my favorite hoodies, the one with the purple flames, or the ninja-like one. But no, it’s too hot out today for all that. I mean I could use the cooling nanites but eh, I ain’t feeling up to that right now. I’ll just be butt-naked. Although technically no one’s REALLY naked. Not compared to how we all used to be, apparently. I finish up my morning routine of bed making, teeth brushing, armpit spraying, and a bit of fur fluffing for good measure. I go down the hallway past my parents’ bedroom, the game room, movie room, study room, and the three bathrooms down to the living room and kitchen area.

The sweet aroma of fresh pancakes fill my nostrils. My mom is cooking them up on the stove, singing some sorta song I have no recollection of. Actually, I think I’ve heard Harlite sing this once. His singing voice is a cheese grater. My Dad greets me as I sit down at the kitchen table. He’s reading the news on his holoscreen. An orange projection being produced from a brown and shiny gauntlet on his arm. A hologlove, or hologauntlet as some of us call it. These things have become the dominating norm for pretty much all of the so-far-re-discovered world. The eleven clans who rule over the remaining Earth, now known as fourEarth, have the technological capabilities of only the simplest masterminds of the human era. My Dad begins to ramble on and on about how the leader of the cougar clan have been making deals with the servals to produce more grapes and grape related foods and send them only to each other for the next few weeks. Apparently this is so the cougars can make their grape products ‘without delays and easily and quickly do business with an eager audience’, despite the out cries of the other clans who also want their grape meals. Is a few weeks really too long to wait? I don’t say anything during my parents discussion, as this is the kinda stuff I love to not involve myself with. I’m only sixteen, what do you expect? For me to be worried about the world’s issues? That’s too much work. I have my own issues. Or desires rather. I dunno what issues I have, and I don’t wanna know.

Breakfast is the usual. Burnt pancakes that are too chewy, and some chicken balls from last night that are also a bit chewy but still good enough. Once my plate is empty somehow and my milk bottle is half empty, I get my backpack ready for school. This thing is completely brutal. Kidding it’s only two folders and that’s it. Yeah, not as bad as how humans used to have it eh? I’ve heard THEIR packs were like boulders. Not mine. Everything my school needs, for the most part, is stored in the School built software in my hologlove. I just need to sign into the school software before class begins. Once the first period teacher’s checked that the class’s gloves are in line, they lock our gloves, making it so that we can’t switch out of the school’s software. The only freedoms they allow during school hours for us is reading and certain games like Tiritis, Dot-Boy, and Range-Offenders, in case we’re bored after a test or something. Some of my wolfian classmates find this to be cruel and suffocating. I’m alright with it. Makes sense to me so no one becomes stupid and tries a prank or two that’d hurt more than just them. I mean sure, some furple still use old fashioned ways of getting their vicious desires out. Like that one time some mischievous wolves painted baseball caps with company logos all over the school’s outer walls. It was funny as hell. Not to the staff though. They put in too much effort for that to happen.

I say goodbye to my parents and our golden dog Milla. The last image I have of my parents for this morning is of my Mom with her white and heavenly fur setting down more pancakes onto the table and my Dad getting some syrup stuck in his light-ish blue fur. They’re two of the few solid fur colored furple I’ve seen. I’m what you’d call...codominantly made? Not sure if that’s the right word but I’m a mixture of white and blue. Well most of me is blue except for my stomach, muzzle, hands, tail, and feet, which are white. I put on my small school pack and make sure my glove is set to the Heyzeus High school’s network before exiting my house and out into the hallway of the wolfian living building. I live on floor thirty-four/two hundred. There are exactly five hundred house rooms for each floor. Is that big? Might’ve been huge compared to the humans before, with their small as hell homes and apartments. In our world, each clan has their main living building. It’s gigantic so we can all stay together in each of our own species. Of course, something like this takes a shit ton of caretaking and managing. That’s part of what the First Coordination is for. If a furson doesn’t want or can’t find a job on the Job Listings Websites and still want to and are able to work, then they are automatically set to work here, as an employee for the living building. This job consists of furple dealing with issues and serving and making food and other necessities and distributing them to all the floors. The first floor is a very, very large area set for workers to get things straightened out before going up to the houses and for other furple to wait and relax while the two receptionists work hard at their stations to get everyone’s needs dealt with. I don’t even know how many workers my building has. Over fifty thousand at least. As for the other clans? Who knows.

I squeeze into the elevator cramped with other wolves. Some pink, some red, some grey, some orange, and some mixtures. I wait awkwardly while reading a story on my holoscreen. A few minutes later, I arrive at the base floor. As I step out through the main doors, the warm air and flashes of society flood my view. Some other wolves, tigers, kangaroos and more walk in and out of the living building beside me. The place that my clan’s core is setup in is kind of odd. It’s basically a gigantic canyon, kinda like the Grand Canyon humans used to visit. But now it’s been heavily dominated by plantation. Grassy fields stretch for miles, with pieces of bare tan colored rock showing in between the green. There’s the upper area, and the lower area down below in the middle of it all. The wolfian leaders from around two hundred or so years ago decided to make their core here. So they put hundreds buildings all over the top and bottom of the Plantation Canyon. The main living building is smack in the center of the bottom area. The school I go to, Heyzeus, is only a few blocks away from here, which is nice. They put most of the schools close to the living building to make it easier to get to. I think most if not all of the eleven cores follow a similar philosophy. I wouldn’t know so much. The only times I go to other cores is for my scouting missions and to visit my friends.

I run to school, realizing that I only have about ten minutes to get to period one. I’m still not sure how I only ever have a few minutes to get to school in the mornings. I mean I THINK I’m making good time, but no. It’s fine. School’s a joke anyway. A good joke that I can get something out of if I try. But still. The office that runs the place is the epitome of stupid. I’ll just continue talking to you after my eight hours so we can move on and see if anything interesting happens afterwards.

Math class was the usual, basically “ Let’s give you problems that are so ridiculously hard there’s no way you’d actually use this stuff in real life besides maybe getting logic development skills out of it.” Although half the kids don’t try, I do. Since why not? Could help if you want it to. History was more about the building and use of the Furline Bunker. This stuff’s interesting. The HUGE bunker underneath the what’s now called Crisis City where the United States government of the humans did their experiments. From what we know, it’s pretty much the test that the humans did to combine human DNA with animal DNA. They had one couple for eleven different species. The monkeys tigers servals cougars wolves hawks hyenas snakes dragons kangaroos and foxes. Yeah, it’s a lot. I was surprised when we first learned about it back in elementary school. Don’t ask me why, it’s the way it is. I’m just a scout for my clan. The reasons why the government did what they did… Who knows. Although next week I believe we have a history lesson about World War three. That’ll be good.

Anyway then we have english, which is alright. Funny fact is that english is the only language that still exists in this world. At least so far. I’m fairly certain that there are only bleak ruins left anywhere else on the planet due to the war, and only the middle of what used to be the United States is still populated by us. So it’s no wonder that english class is taken a lot more seriously than I suppose it used to be. There are no other languages so we should master the one we have. Right? Doesn’t stop more than half of my class from not trying. There are always those furple. Probably why they don’t have jobs yet. Anyway. Science is neat, more specifically bio. There’s a cool difference between the anatomy of a human and that of a furson. That’s fur and person put together apparently. We have parts that a human doesn’t, like tails and larger ears for some species, stronger limbs, more stable hearts, fur or scales, etc. I guess other sub-animals also have that. I wish humans still existed, so we could do some real comparisons and not just documents and pictures from centuries ago. Ah well. The other two classes, Physical Education and Social Studies, are the boring ones. everyone here is godlike at running and playing sports, and Social Studies isn’t how it was for the humans. It’s more about how to handle growing up and dealing with life and other furple and such. It’s pretty much just a bunch of awkward as hell activities with a bunch of others to get us to be more comfortable with social standards. I guess it kinda works. My friend Harlite gets a kick out of it as he’s more extroverted than me. It’s not fair since it’s so easy for him. But eh, everyone has special talents I suppose. Lunchtime is just me sitting with my wolfian friends such as Harlite, Thomus, and Alix. We’re pretty much the dumb-dumb gang. It’s fun though, seeing how many lack-of-thought thoughts we can bring out in one session. Much better than last year where I was alone.

Once the final bell rings I turn my holoscreen back to my personal account and exit the main gates. As I head back to my home, walking along the hard grassy ground, I see some monkeys exiting a toy store, with bags full of plush dolls. The two pink parents give a Tails the Fox plush from Sonic the Hedgehog to their pink daughter and move along, excited. You know, it’s interesting. Only the kind of species a core is meant for can live there. Any other furson coming in from a separate core can’t live there, only stay for a while in a hotel. Like for my core, the wolfian core, only wolves can live here in the living building. Those monkeys that just passed me by, they’ll have to be staying in one of the hotels dotted around the plantation canyon. I wonder how those hotels are? I’ve heard good things about them from my friends who live in other cores. Like Ignum, who’s a serval. He spent a few nights with his family at this one hotel. I think it’s called the Violish hotel? Named after the Violish flowers they have in the Synthesis Dimension. That’s a cool place. A whole area in the Synthetic Forest dedicated to making this world better. Anyway, I’m heading towards the living building when my hologlove vibrates. I got a message. I open up my holoscreen to check. It’s from Harlite.
“ Hey dude. Are you busy today?” He asks.
“ No. Just heading back to my house to do the homeworks. You?” I respond.
“ I was, but then I realized that we can still go to the dump near our school and get some parts. You up for that?”
“ OOO right we were gonna do that! You mean right now or?”
“ Yeah. Well actually I’m starving. Imma head over to the Bueler Cafe.”
“ Can I come? I’m sorta hungry too. IF that’s alrighty with you.”
“ Sure! Just be quick man, I don’t like waiting for long LOL.”
“ Alright fine. I don’t have my hoverboots with me so I might be a few minutes late.” Well, I guess we’re eating now. I don’t remember the last time I’ve eaten at the Bueler Cafe. I guess it’s good if Harlite wants to eat there. He can be pretty damn picky at times. Just like me. I run on over to the Cafe, trying to make good time on my bare paws.

My PE teacher loves to say that “ we have special animalistic bodies that the humans never had. So we should take care of it and use it to its full potential.” And I mean...I suppose that’s true. Once again, I have no clue what the humans were like. I guess they weren’t as physically capable as we are? I dunno. But all I do know is that I can move from place to place pretty quickly without the need for my hoverboots. Most of us furple can. We don’t use cars like our ancestors, instead we just boost around with our boots. Scientists say they’re as fast as a human car anyway. But just because we have such speedy shoes doesn’t mean that we don’t use our bodies. Some furple love how able their bodies are and frolic and climb all over the place. someone accidentally fell off the side of the living building this one time and went splat on the ground. That was disgusting. And I had just finished my lunch too! But I guess it is nice to be able to do such things without worrying about stamina so often. It makes the sports channels really intense to watch. For my dad at least. I get SO bored watching those things! I’d rather read or play a game. My dad gets super involved however. I can admit it’s interesting at times. I heard that one of the players in a recent season of Football was on their period the whole time. And their team still won. You never know with furple right? I reach the Violish Cafe and walk up the steps, trying to calm my breathing. I open the door as the scent of fresh pastries fills my nostrils.

Harlite is at a table with one vanilla cream puff on each side of the table. He notices me and waves me over. He has a dark blue jacket over his red and grey fur. His brown eyes are reflected with the thrill of a new creation. My yellow eyes always seem to look the same. Or at least that’s what he tells me. I mean how do I even control what my eyes say? You can’t. The eyes are the only non-lier there truly is. I sit down at the table across from my wolfian friend. “ Hey dude. Thanks for this.”
“ Oh did you think I bought this for you?” He says. “ Naw naw. I got both of these for myself mate.” I stare at him, not sure if he’s joking or not. He looks at me for a solid minute. He lets out a laugh. “ No I’m kidding mate! Go ahead!” I let out a chuckle, feeling my heart clench in embarrassment. Why do friends have to be so rude at times?

“ Haha...Ok then sir.” I bite the cream. Not so bad. “ So then, about the garbage.” I ask.
“ Yes! So you remember the trash dump just around the corner from here?”
“ Yeah. What exactly are we getting again though?”
“ The metal and wood parts and whatever else for our figurines for the History project.”
“ Oh right. Still stupid to me how we need to reenact the scene where the American government started up the experiments that would eventually create furple. How does that help us?” I ask.
“ I dunno. Guess it’s more interesting than just reading about the humans.” Harlite says. “ I think we can keep these figures once we’re done. And the little set we make for them. Have you started that?”
“ The sets? No! I forgot!” I say. AND it’s due next week. UGH. I’ll get to it later. “ Let’s just get the materials. You sure the back entrance will work Harlite?”
“ Yes! I was in there with my friend two weeks ago. Should still work now.” He sips some tea. “ Then we head over to that Liberation Squadron musical show. Right? Or is that not happening?”
“ The show…?” I say. I realize that we had made plans to see it today also. How do I keep forgetting these things? “ OH right! That’s fine…” I have homework to do. But like I said, that can wait till later. Fun awaits! What’s life without some fun? We finish our food and leave the cafe. Harlite shows me to the dump, using his hover boots to boost forward at great speeds. They blaze red underneath his feet, leaving a faint trail. I have to yell at tell him to slow the fudge down so I can keep up. A rare moment when I don’t have my boots and he wants to show off. Of course.

The dump itself is promptly closed. Or it is to anyone who isn’t in the distribution business in coordination three. They get to go in and out all they want. I mean who else would want to go in there anyway? Not me. Harlite stops near a door towards the backside, labelled as “ FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY!” and it is naturally unlocked. Now I COULD question why it was left unlocked and who exactly forgot, but that’s a waste of time. Harlite slowly slides the silver door open, and we both slip inside. Instantly the first thing that hits me is the smell. UGH. HOLY CHRIST IT’S STINKY! “ Oh my God did Satan take a dump in here?!” I say.
“ He probably did. Some weird furrified Satan. Now come on! I may know where we can look.” Harlite says. We rush onwards. A small part of me WANTS there to be someone here who can throw us out. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with this. Then again I could leave. I don’t wanna. Also another thing, when Harlite said he knew where we could find what we’re looking for...He was utterly wrong. The spot he found was just garbage. The whole place is just garbage. “ What were you expecting?” I ask.
“ Well… Guess this’ll take longer.”
“ I realize we can just order materials online.” I say.
“ Naw, we’re getting some of that thrown out stuff from other cores as well as the materials. Plus it’s free. Come let us see!” Harlite begins to search like a mentally challenged furson. I stand there and watch him for a bit, considering my choices. Then I proceed to join him. If anyone saw us then they didn’t do anything. I don’t blame them. It takes around an hour to find the necessary pieces and in the right quantity. Harlite takes an old doll that’s all grimey and yucky. Imma have one hell of a time explaining this to my parents. Once we’re done we carry our new finds out the back gate and down some streets. We stuff the materials into our backpacks and then head over to the musical show. I can’t imagine how much we smell right now.

The building itself is half-dome shaped. Like an amphitheater. The show is already going once we get there. We’re about two minutes late. Harlite takes me around to the back, where the dumpsters are. Just above them are lights extending out of the wall, and just above those are the top class seats. “ OK so you see those? The idea is to climb up on top of those dumpsters and make our way to the top class seats!”
“ Harlite I really don’t like how much trash is involved with our plans today.” I say. He slaps my arm playfully.
“ It’s fine. Trash makes the most unique memories. Now we should hurry before we’re caught.” He says. He climbs onto the dumpster, and almost falls off. He makes it to the seats up above before I move. Might as well accept it. I am here after all. I do want this. I attempt to copy Harlite. Unlike him, I DO actually fall...twice. My arm is a bit bloody by the time I make it up. The group of five seats arranged here in this part of the upper area aren’t occupied. Down below are hundreds of seats watching a main stage where actors are playing out the popular comic book series Liberation Squadron. I’ve read a lot of it personally, and it’s amazing. I don’t need to pay money in order to see something that I’m such a fan of! So taking illegal footage is good enough. As long as we aren’t caught. And by that I mean our parents. The guards don’t care.

We each ready our hologloves, turning to the camera app and focusing on the play. We film just about all of it. We’re cut off from the end of it when Harlite notifies me that someone has spotted us. At first I think he’s messing with me, as that’s a likely possibility usually, until he starts to yell at me.
“ DUDE! Can you LISTEN to me? I’m not joking at all there’s someone coming!” I shut off my holoscreen after letting the video download itself to my Holo-camera’s hard drive. I look around and see two grey police wolves rushing towards us from up the stairs to the higher level seating. Some other furple look at them as they pass, thankfully unaware of our law breaking. A wave of anxiety and excitement rushes over me as Harlite prepares to climb back down the way we came. “ Similic I dunno what the hell you’re thinking but standing there isn’t gonna help you out.”
“ Yeah ok? Don’t act like my dad now dude. I don’t need more of that.” I walk over to him, seeing the drop down. “ Don’t tell me we’re just gonna-” Harlite interrupts by leaping straight off of the side rail, using his hover boots to lessen the impact of the fall and make it back to solid ground ok. He looks at me like he’s waiting. Ok show off, how am I supposed to do that? I REALLY wish I had my boots right now!

Looking to my right I see the wolf guards running towards me shouting “ Hey!” I stare at Harlite as if he could magically fix my issue for me. That won’t do. You want something you do it yourself. Besides, I’ve found that relying on furple doesn’t really help if you do it too much. Or at all. I can either face the police’s charges, probably hurting my scout, school, and family reputation, or hop over the side like a strong wolf. Whoever said I was strong? I climb over the side of the railing and drop down onto the dumpster. With a prompt BOOM I land on my legs, sending tendrils of pain up my body. I cry out “ FREAK!” and get up and sluggishly slump off the side of the trash bins. Harlite, who’s still here for some reason, runs to my side.
“ My guy you HAVE to work on your landing capabilities.” He says as he helps me up. I try to slap him but my hand’s too weak.

“ I’d rather not talk cruddy about me right now. We’re BOTH gonna answer to the police if we don’t move!” I say. He nods, looking around for a fast and easy exit. I raise up my eyesight too, only to see a pack of servals walking away with musical instruments. Now, from what I know, there are only about two servals in the show. I saw them while filming. The group of servals that are currently sneaking past us were definitely NOT in the show. Plus the looks on their faces tells me that they’re probably stealing those instruments. How they even got those things from the back of the studio is beyond me. I point to bring them to Harlite’s attention. “ Should we do something about it?”
“ I would prefer to say no. However...IF we did catch them then we might get a raise of service at our scout station.” That’s actually very true. Every scout is designated to a station, and if you do other tasks to help out your core, like stopping small crimes, then you could get some recognition for it. I don’t usually care about doing such things and prefer to stick to the normal scout missions...But in this case why not since they’re literally right there?
“ Why not.” I say. I move a few feet towards the servals. They’re heading to turn a corner when I speak. Whatever I say doesn’t matter apparently because they didn’t hear me. Great. This feels like every session with my mom where she never hears me. I wonder if these guys have ear problems? Or I just have a quiet voice. Luckily Harlite saves the moment.

He shouts way louder than he should, using a voice only beaten by my dad to get the servals attention. “ HEY GUYS! WHERE’RE YOU GOING WITH THAT STUFF?” The group of fourturn around. one of them is red and white. The other two are blue and yellow. The fourth has red fur with some tan highlights and purple eyes. They seem to stiffen up when they’re caught.
“ H-hey! Uh…” one says. “ We’re just uh… We um… took this stuff or or no we were ordered to take this stuff back to the warehouse for safe keeping! You know, gotta keep these things safe from robbers!”
“ You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Harlite says. “ I’m more surprised that you think a lie like that will work when you’re committing something so obvious.”
“ Who said we’re committing anything?” The purple-eyed one says. “ We’re just taking care of duty!” I hear the sounds of the police in the background again. We need to move this along.

“ Ignum what the freak are you doing? You KNOW this isn’t right. Can’t you enjoy your life without stealing something?” I ask. I know this man. We’re good friends. He sees me and smiles.
“ Come on Similic you know that I just get a kick outta this stuff! It’s so easy to get things if you just think it through enough. Is that not true?” It sure is for him. I’ve been to his house and seen some of the toys and paintings he’s stolen. I guess I’m friends with a criminal. But I won’t report him.

“ It Might or might not be true.” I say. “ But we’re running out of time before we’re all caught. Can you and your friends just please give back the stuff?”
“ Why?” one of Ignum’s buddies in crime say. “ We wanna start a band. Well Ignum doesn’t but we do. He’s just helping.”
“ Ok this is taking too long. Get outta here or we’re taking that stuff back.” Harlite says.

“ How about no.” one of the servals say. They boost off together, Ignum just behind them. Harlite looks to me and charges after them. I sigh and attempt to catch up. They all have hoverboots on. This’ll be tiring.

By the time I reached the city border wall three of them had gotten away already. The large grey wall that marks the outline of the wolfian core. I arrive completely exhausted and ready to drop dead. I got too many stares bolting down all those streets. At least the show was near the wall. Ignum is attempting to climb up it along with his buddies when Harlite shoots his foot with a small bullet of blue energy, coming from his battlegauntlet. I’ll explain the difference between our two gauntlets later. The battleguantlet is basically something us scouts have for self-defense. We’re at a level where we’re trusted to not hurt furple with them. As Ignum’s pals make it over the wall with their instruments strapped to their backs he himself falls back down with his foot bleeding. I tell Harlite to not turn him in. He’s my friend, I don’t want him in trouble. I know it’s not right, and he deserves it but...If I cared about that I would’ve done something long ago. Why start now?
“ Are you sure dude?” Harlite asks, standing over Ignum. “ He’s not a good guy. We’d get a scout level up if we do!”

“Oh whatever man. This ain’t a game where leveling up’s the only thing that matters.” I say. I stand by Ignum, helping him. His wound’s not so bad. Harlite used a low concentration shot. Thankfully. “ Can you just give us the trumpet and flute?”
“ No man! I want this for my other friends!” Ignum says. “ Please? I won’t try again!” I know that means
“ Not for a while at least.” I sigh and look at Harlite. He shrugs.

“ Just do whatever. I’m hungry.” I nod at him.

“ Ok dude. Gimme the flute and we’ll call it even.” I say. Ignum isn’t happy with it, but he hands over the flute.

“ Thanks dude.” He runs off towards the core’s train station. We watch him go.
“ Why’re you friends with him?” Harlite asks.
“ I dunno. We have some neat conversations online. And it’s sorta cool to see what he manages to bring to his home.”
“ His parents let him?”
“ I guess they aren’t the best parents.” Depends on how you look at it. Some furple might be happy with parents who don’t care. I shift on that fact personally. Harlite and I head back to the living building for a well-earned dinner. I guess the police just gave up on us. one of the few times that I’m glad that someone gave up on me.

After a swell meal of sub-chicken balls and Coke-Cola courtesy of my mom, I spend the rest of my two hours for the night on Comcord. Apparently this, like most of all of our media, was recovered and re-birthed from the early explorations the clans made through the destroyed country that the humans left behind. Through old computers, data-bases, houses, and more; the different furry governments improved upon and continued their original world. I guess the technology is supposed to be better now? Can’t say too much personally, but I DO know that Comcord itself is great though. Thousands of servers for any kind of reason are accessible to me where I can talk to millions of others about their favorite topics. I personally love these two servers called AnimeStay and HumanMundio. Basically places to geek about humans and Anime. Nice stuff. Ignum is a member of the HumanMundio server, which is where I met him, along with two other furple that I’m still friends with.

I load up the app on my holoscreen while I lay on my bed. A fat bag of pretzel chips and lemonade at my side I’m ready to chill out. I decide to try and text Drift and Raz, the furple I mentioned earlier. Razmuth is a tiger and Drift is a kangaroo. All of us go to school and don’t exactly work yet. I load up Drift’s chatroom first. “ Heyo Drifty, what’s up?” I send.

“ Hiya Similic. What’s your day been like?” She sends.
“ Kinda interesting. I got that video of the LS show.”
“ OOO nice! Do I have permission to view captain?”
“ Yeah if it loads up properly this time.” I swear every time Comcord screws up and abruptly ruins my discussions I wanna chuck my hologlove out the window. Thankfully it does load this time and I wait while she views it. Pretzels are good.

“ Oh jesus. They really messed up the characters and the plotline didn’t they?” She sends.

“ I guess so. It seemed alright to me. Although I wasn’t exactly paying attention. There were guards tryna stop us towards the end.” I explain what happened with the dumpsters wrecking my legs and the servals.
“ LOL so Ignum’s still a crummy stealer huh? Maybe he SHOULD get lessons.”
“ Perhaps. But hey are you free tomorrow?” I ask.
“ Lemme check.” A few minutes later: “ Yeah. It’s Saturday so of course. Not like I do anything interesting. Why?”
“ Oh well would you wanna do something? Like last week?” A bit of nervousness hangs in me.
“ Sure. How about the Synthesis Dimension?” She asks.
“ What would we do?”
“ I wanna get some new flowers from there. My old set of Perchmian Flowers died last week. I’ve been meaning to get more but you know...School’s annoying.”
“ Oh THAT is very true. But I suppose school’s still helpful. So then, what time? And do you wanna do anything else?”
“ I dunno, we could. I’ll think of something. But in the meantime, does one pm work for you?” Drift asks.

“ Oh sure. It is tomorrow that we’re talking about so what else would I have to do? XD.” Besides perhaps writing some more of my stories and studying more history. That stuff’s very interesting to me. I know it makes me seem like a nerd...but is that a bad thing? I finish up my text and head into the bathroom to piss and clean up before bed time.

The next day I get up, excited about my time with Drift. I race through my routine and eat some cereal and a bowl of grapes for breakfast. Are grapes a breakfast food? I dunno, but they’re still delicious. My dad, who’s off today, asks me what’s the rush for? I tell him I’m simply hanging out with a friend. He always likes to make fun and say “ is it REALLY just a friend? You teens never know!” I always have to shut my papa down when he does that. Lemme make it clear: I DO NOT have any romantic feelings for anyone! Sure Drift is of the female gender, but that doesn’t automatically mean we need to be partners. Maybe for humans, but we’re better than them. I think. Regardless of such, I realize it’s only twelve am. Now my issue is what do I do for an hour? I don’t know how long Drift and I are gonna be out for. Probably about three hours. That seems to be the normal amount of time to hang out with someone for me for some reason. I decide to do a half hour of writing and then the other half reading that story that I was reading earlier.

ten minutes before the selected time I exit my house floor, head through the hallway to the elevator, ride it, exit the elevator, and make my way past the many furple waiting in line and in chairs to either talk to the receptionist or enter an elevator on their own. I push open the doors, stepping out into the open canyon city and towards the train station. As per usual, it’s filled with furple. It’s sorta odd how they have fourseparate trains that all go at relatively the same times to different cores. I guess more of them is for more efficiency? I barely use the trains besides going to my friend’s clans. Unless they come to me, which happens often too. Drift tells me via text that she’s already at the station waiting. I look around, making my way through the dozens of seats occupied by colorful furple all on their hologloves. Who DOESN’T use a hologlove nowadays? I don’t know a world where they don’t exist. I see Drift at one of the seats, playing a game of Delta of the Universe on her holoscreen. I walk up and sit next to her. She’s brown mostly with some streaks of black along her arms tummy legs face and ears. Her light purple eyes are focused on dodging an insane jester enemy in the game. one of her large kangaroo feet tap repeatedly on the ground in anxiety. I wonder what she’s been doing in the wolfian clan? She can’t live here. I wait a moment, before realizing she doesn’t see me. “ Hey.” I say. She dies in the game and sighs aggravatedly. She finally notices me.

“ OH hey Similic! What up?”
“ Not much. Usual I guess. You?”
“ Well… This stupid boss can screw off. At least it’s optional.”
“ Oh that one. I’ve beat him like three times.”
“ Good for you it’s hard as hell for me! How did you do it?”
“ By... Practicing.” I say. She looks at me helplessly.
“ That doesn’t help Similic! I need STRATEGY!”
“ Ok Drift. Basically what you do is: Keep moving so you don’t get hit.”
“ I will tickle you if you don’t start giving me some useful advice.” She puts up her hand.

“ No please! It’s really not bad! You just-”
“ THE TRAIN FOR THE TIGERIAN CORE IS NOW READY FOR BOARDING!” A conductor for the train closest to us announces. Drift shuts off the game and gets up.
“ Whatever. I’ll do it later.” She says. I stand up also and follow her into the sleek silver and black train. It’s kind of like a metro I guess? We sit in the very back for no reason. There’s no one else that really sits here so it gives us privacy. Not that we need it for anything weird. I feel the jerk of the train’s acceleration as the trip begins. Not that it’ll be a very long one. These rides only last minutes at the longest.

We arrive at the Synthetic Forest. Also known as the Tigerian core. Or just the Tiger clan. I dunno why there are multiple names, it’s just how it is. It’s quite the spectacle if you ask me. Thousands of glowing, white, fully scientifically engineered trees. Even some of the grass is synthetic, giving all the paths that lead through the inside and outside of the city a sorta heavenly feeling. Of course there are still some normal plants here. It’s only a significant chunk of this forest and certain other natural places that were apparently destroyed during world war three. Such damage would later on be replaced by these beauties thanks to the humanoid monkeys and tigers of today! They’re smart furple I’ll tell you that. It’s really a neat site though, and it helps out the atmosphere a lot. Keeping C0two levels down and such so the planet can sustain itself. Drift and I head through the streets of the shiny forest city to one of the biggest tourist attractions. The Synthesis Garden/Dimension. I like calling it Synthesis Dimension as that sounds cooler. It’s a fenced off part of the core that is responsible for all this synthetic goodness. In order to get in you need some money. Simply pay with your credit card and you’re good. one of the few account based things that isn’t digital. Besides dollars. I have my card inside of my red jacket that I’m wearing today. There’s a large line again. UGH. “ Shizz. This’ll take a while.” I say as we get in line.

“ It’s fine. You can show me how to beat this boss.” Drift pulls up the game again. We spend pretty much the rest of the time in line attempting to get her past it. I did get a little annoyed, as she wasn’t listening to me half of the time and kept trying her own methods which I KNEW wouldn’t work! But just as we reach the guards at the front gates, she makes it past. While Drift celebrates I pay for the entry fee. You can pay for two dollars per furson. Once inside you can take up to four of any kinds of flowers you want and pay one dollar for each. There are two guards on each side of the entry tunnel to make sure someone doesn’t try to steal. We head on in to begin Drift’s floral search.

As she looks through the many upon MANY rows of flowers, I lay against the fence and check the news. My dad says that I should do this more so why not? Apparently in some town in the mountain core of the hawks, two girl hawks were caught having sex on a public street and blamed it on the drinks they had. Those drinks were bottles of lemonade. In the grass valley core of the foxes, one fox had just finished his new ice gauntlets. This was cool. He took the already established battlegauntlet and added his own touches to them. So he has this frost app that enables the slots on his glove to, instead of firing off energy bullets, shoot ice bullets and freezing fog. I guess it’s a lot bulkier now since he needs to put capsules of chemicals inside that would then fire off the cold blasts. I want one! This keeps me busy enough for me not to notice Drift tapping my shoulder. “ DUDE!” She yells. I jump.

“ What what?!” Talk about things coming around. In her hands she has a bundle of fourdark violet flowers. Violish flowers.
“ Got these. Imma put them on my gauntlets! You know, kinda like weaving them around it. I think it’ll be neat.” She says.
“ Hm...I’ve never heard of that being done. Just means it’s unique.” I say. “ I’m down for that any time. Do you uh...need help with that?”
“ No I’m good. I’ve done flower stuff before. Are you hungry?”
“ Yeah actually, I am. What food do they have around here?”
“ Why’re you asking me? I dunno.”
“ Well I don’t either.”
“ But you’ve been here more than I have, wouldn’t you know?” She waits for my answer. How would I know this? I NEVER know where to find a good meal! I always eat the grocery food that my parents bring home! When we DO go out I forget what restaurant we were at.

“ OK fine uhhhhhh. How about the fish place?” I say stupidly.
“ You know what, let’s just go.” Drift heads for the exit. I sigh and feel myself blush. Why did she ask me? I follow her out of the garden... or ‘dimension’. Whatever.

We end up eating at a fancy restaurant called Yennie’s. The food and decor is too fancy for me. But the steak skewer I got was great. Drift got a large potato soup. That sounded disgusting to me but she loved it. We also had tiramisu together which was fabulous. Well no no not together, we had two SEPARATE ones at the same time. It’s nice to be able to simply eat and talk with my good friend. The atmosphere is happy and joyful, and I don’t feel like I have to worry about much. We just discuss whatever’s on our minds, laughing at the stupidity of life. But, along with the stupidity, comes the bad luck. We’re in the middle of a discussion when I get a message on my hologlove. At a glance I see the logo for my scout station, BRINGA. Oh boy, this means business. I shut up Drift and play the voice message. “ Recent scout area reports have shown the possibility of there being a strange device giving off some sort of signal left behind from the humans in the Crisis City. Can Scout squad two six zero three please come to BRINGA for mission briefing?”
“ Aw man. Why now?” I ask out loud.
“ What’s up? Why’d they find?” Drift asks.

“ I dunno yet. Some device that’s giving off a signal. Might be leading to something bigger, but who knows really. They never tell us enough info before we get to our station.” I sigh, playing with my food. “ It’s annoying how they always expect us to be able and ready to run on over to our station AS SOON AS they say to. If we don’t within the next half hour or without some legit reason why and evidence of that reason...it hurts our status.” And too many points off and you’re kicked out of being a scout. Luckily I’ve been there on time for the last six missions. You’re not missing out on anything, they were fairly boring. A nice chance to see some areas you don’t typically think to see though. “ But, I suppose I should go now.” I make to get up...But I don’t. Drift is silent for a moment.
“ Well then, it’s been nice, hanging out with you!” Drift says. She smiles. You know, even if she is just a friend...Her smile gives me another reason to live. Sure that’s for any of my friends but, I don’t have too many close ones. When they’re happy, so am I. Why do I have to leave now? It hurts so much more!
“ Yeah...It has. Would you wanna do something together next weekend?”
“ I’ll see about it. I mean, I would! It’s just you know...life and all that.”
“ Yeah I know. Let’s hope life doesn’t kill me now.” Any scout mission COULD be potentially dangerous. I painfully get up and leave the restaurant.

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