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Unspoken Words

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Silence never speaks unless our eyes allow. In a reality where eyes never met, words remained unspoken like a secret hidden in shame, only show up at night in a form of tears to blur a vision so the eyes would see it all over again, so the heart can break once more. The unspoken words of an author to a lover never had, to a friend was lost and to a world viewed differently through different eyes.

Drama / Poetry
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Cruel Angel

Truth hurts, they say. Truth is difficult to accept they say. We know, we do know but we never know how it feels like until there is no other lie to believe.

Life is cruel. Life is unfair. We know that for sure, yet never know the twisted pain and sorrow squeeze your heart in flames until it’s shattered.

Universe works in mysterious ways. And sometimes we start to believe that everything surely is fated and written. And I was one. A demon with desire and great love to the angel who dwells in heaven. Love so great it burned through my vision to rebel and break all fates to grace the angel with my love. As if universe knew and enjoyed my suffering, enjoyed every moment I spent to break free from the stars. But universe left us some choices. Demons followed Devils and Lucifer but I prayed to God and universe that angel would be mine to grace but I was a disgrace. Dweller of hell and a nightmare, burned everything my fingers touch, stole the air where my wings waved and killed life where my feet stepped. But my angel was worth the pain, or at least as I thought. My angel had the choice to change, to change me, to change our stars but angel was so afraid to handle a little fire for an entirety of love. My angel walked away burning out my flames. With each step further, my wings shattered, my stoned heart cracked. I tried, and I tried but the pure wings were way out of sight.

The stars whispered and fates talked, I refused to believe but truth was forced to settle within the fragile pieces of my heart.

Angels and Demons were not what we thought they were. We were not what I believed we were. Names, only names to differentiate. We were not meant to be, we choice what we became. Parts of fates were yet to be written, parts yet to be decided. It burned worse than the flames and chains of Lucifer on my wings.

Demons would sacrifice and love purely and willing to start a war. But angels; Angels were too saint and “pure” to accept the sacrifice. Demons can love and angels can be cruel.

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