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Gaming At Friend's House

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A night spent gaming, watching porn, feeling lonely, and trying to get to sleep at my friend's house.

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Donkey got gaming right away, telling me about an easter egg he’d discovered. First he worked as Trevor to take passengers to this secret fort where all these naked people would eat them alive. He did that for a long time, and I liked Trevor’s dialogue, and then he got the cops on him and first he tried to lose them but then he started killing them, so there were just more and more of them, and then he drove to the military base to prove he could steal a jet and he almost had it but he got killed by a tank and I told him he’d already showed me so many times but he wanted to prove it so he tried again and this time he got it, and he flew around shooting up cars and blowing things up, then he got to the denser city and shouted, “Allahu Akbar!” and drove his jet full speed into a skyscraper and laughed and laughed and then got his Ferrari and started speeding around and going up mountains and stuff and I thought about this time when he’d gotten the cargo helicopter and went around picking up cars and dropping them on people and he picked up this cop car and the cop had fallen out just as he was doing it, and the cop slowly got to his feet kind of dazed, and then as he did Donkey dropped the car on top of him. It was really funny. I mentioned it to Donkey. Then Donkey wanted to show me what you could do with a motorcycle on these mountains, so he did that, speeding down them until he fell off and died, got wasted, the screen went gray, and then he went to his apartment and called up a hooker and had her take off her clothes and dance for him, and I asked if he could fuck her, so he left his apartment and went and got a different hooker and had sex with her in his car, which was the only way you could do it, and I got a boner, and his stamina bar increased and then she wanted to be paid so he hit her with a bat, and then he covered her in gasoline and burned her, to, ‘get rid of the STDs’. We laughed at that, ’cause Donkey really did have the best delivery, and then I think he started to become asphyxiated and kind of melded with the game and stopped paying much attention to me.

The lights were making me a little sick, now that it was dark outside. But it doesn’t matter the time of day, despite some cracks here and there—Donkey never opens his blinds.

But, in general, I didn’t really know.

I thought about all the time I’d spent here, but I wasn’t sure about it all anymore.

I was starting to feel queasy looking at the screen.

Donkey’s room was always messy.

“Hey Donkey let me show you my drawings I did today. It’s Park Ranger Man. You like him … remember?”

I took out my phone and after a moment I texted Leo

Franz: Hey

Franz: Sunday?

It was getting late, and I didn’t want to sleep over anymore, but I didn’t feel like walking home.

Not at this hour, not feeling queasy like I was.

But I suppose I was only feeling queasy ’cause I was here, but … anyway.

Donkey’s phone started ringing.

’Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga! I’m one-hundred percent Nigga!

’Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga! I’m two-hundred percent Nigga!

‘Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga! I’m three-hundred percent Nigga!’

He looked at the caller but didn’t answer or send it to voicemail. It stopped ringing at a thousand percent Nigga and he went back to shooting people at the beach.

“I’m going to try to get some sleep. Turn it down,” I said.

“Donkey!” I sort of shouted. “Turn it down!”

“Yeah, okay. I heard you the first time.”

“Then why didn’t you do anything.”


“Just turn it down.”


I lay on his bed, which was only kind of big enough for both of us, and was covered in jeans and crap, and tried to sleep. I never sleep with the TV on at my house, and the lights in the dark make it really hard for me to focus on it.

“I’m gonna go jack off.” I finally said, and I got my phone.


He didn’t look up from the game.


He still didn’t look away from the screen.


He murmured, “Yeah?”

“I’m going to watch porn.”

“Great.” Donkey said.

“Yeah.” I said. I walked out of his room and into the bathroom. It was just around the corner.

It smelled like old laundry soap, but not in a good way, and there were clothes piled everywhere, heaped in the dry bathtub.

The light was too bright and yet it didn’t illuminate the room all that well, it was like it was too white but not, like, healthy—or, I don’t know, I undid my belt and pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet seat.

It was cheap plastic and cool against my skin.

My phone was at ninety six percent, so that should be plenty. It’s actually never run out of battery on me, because it hasn’t—because I’m good at keeping it charged, I mean—anyway, Chrome. It was a little slow opening, and it paused for a moment in the place it always does when my connection isn’t good but it kept going, and Pornhub—Pornhub, the world’s leading free nature site—like mating, you know?


I clicked through hottest.

There was step-sis stuff, which doesn’t really do it for me the way they always do it—like I like it when the guy convinces the female, not the converse.

There was a video titled Bitch gets FUCKED CUMS Creampie with Big tits bitch

I clicked on a video of an ‘instagram babe’. A white girl knocked on the door and walked into the bedroom.

‘Hi, Tony?’

‘Yeah, hi—Can I have your ID?’ he asked.

‘Sure.’ she gave it to him.

‘Okay so sit here …’ he motioned to a bed.

‘On the bed?’


‘What are all the cameras?’

‘Well I like to record my interviews—Okay, so, tell me about yourself?’

‘I’m an influencer …’

She had a bitchy, uninterested, hot-girl’s voice and a kind of drawl.

‘So what do you do for work?’

‘I’m a waitress …’



‘So what do you like in bed?’

‘What …’ she looked quizzical, ‘does this have to do—with the video?’

The video cut to him saying, ’I have something to tell you. I’m not … actually a rap producer.’

‘Okay … I’m gonna go.’

She got up and started to leave. This is the moment where he has to convince her.

‘Wait! Wait! It’s okay. I’ve got money, here, see …’ he took out a wad of bills. ’Look, and I’ll pay you, I’ll pay you two thousand bucks, right here, today. Just come, sit down.’

She looked at the wad of bills and she didn’t like this guy that much I don’t think but she slowly walked back toward the bed.

‘So what is this?’

’I’m—look, I’m not a producer, I’m just a guy, with a lot of cash, and I like to invite girls here and then when they get here I offer them … money for sex. And and no one is going to see this video, this is for my own personal collection, I promise, no one’s gonna know. Who’s gonna know?’

‘You’re not going to put this anywhere?’

’No, this is for my own private collection—I couldn’t show this to anyone without your authorized permission so … I mean, it’s two thousand bucks …’

She thought about it and said, ‘Okay.’

Then she started getting undressed. She had a good body. George said this stuff is acted, but I don’t know, she is actually having sex. I clicked off the video.

My phone stalled and then loaded. I could hear the game through the walls. Donkey had the cops on him.

I watched a video of a blonde girl walking through a hotel lobby, holding her phone and using it as a camera. She was saying, ’Oh my god I can’t wait to see how big it is—they always tell me but I’m always impressed and, like,’ she thought of the word, ’surprised. So this should be lit …’

That’s something I think I could try to get me laid—doing it like that guy, say I’m a producer or something but without cameras, I just have to save up enough money.

I probably won’t ever do that, but sometimes I think about doing things and for a moment I think I will.

The girl was getting smashed by the black guy and it looked like she was enjoying it. It seemed like two different species colliding. I held the phone over my lap and beat.

Then I stopped watching and went back and swiped through videos I know are acted but I don’t like the acted ones as much. There was a girl with fake tits. I don’t like those, and why are they always double D, anyway? Double Ds aren’t even that sexy, I don’t think. C or big B cups are better. Or even A cups if they’re the right shape but I don’t even like fake tits whatever size they are.

Tight white pussy gets fucked hard by MASSIVE cock BLACK cock- she cant take it CREAMPIE and bitch

I got to a casting channel where this guy auditions girls in porn to become pornstars. I found one and it was this girl who had this very stupid face but she was pretty, too. Her face was so stupid it made me want to fuck her. I don’t know how that works.

She walked in and showed her ID and sat down. She was eighteen.

‘So, here we are,’ the interviewer said. ‘You ready to rock?’

’Yeah. Let’s go.’ she said.

‘All right, now we’re just going to do a short interview, hear what you like and don’t like, and then we’re going to get into the sex, that sound good?’

She nodded, ’Yeah. So—I like it rough. Like really rough, I like to have my hair pulled and get spanked and like like dominated, but you better not spit on me because if you do we’re gonna have a problem and I’ll spit on you.’ she said more like she was talking in the hypothetical, like not to the interviewer but as a statement on her personality, and kind of forceful.

‘Okay,’ he said, ‘Understood. No spitting.’

‘Yeah. No spitting.’

She had braces and she smiled and I cut to the sex but I stopped and scrolled through the comments.

Bigdickdillon: she dosn’t seem very mentally stable

Mandymymaid: lol I don’t think mental stability is what they’re looking for in eighteen yearold pornstars

Minecrafttfarcenim: Guys I need help i have this crush who im really in love with but I dont know if she likes me or what its like I see her looking at me sometimes but shes not always nice to me and i cant get her off my mind and she doesnt have a boyfriend but ive heard theres a guy she might like and its not me but another girl told me she talks about me sometimes so i dont know guys what do i do? ??

Misanthrope12: learn to use commas, girls go crazy for that

CalcifiedHerring: just ask her bro you got this!

Minecrafttfarcenim: you think I should ?

I_luv_you_angie: Ask her out man!

CalcifiedHerring: yeah man we got you

SirCuffingtonThornsby: don’t even worry about it yo, just ask her she’ll say yes I know she will

Minecrafttfarcenim: guys I asked her she said YES! Holy shit holy shit

Minecrafttfarcenim: this is like the best thing ever

Minecrafttfarcenim: thanks for all the support guys I’ll remember it forever I promise

CalcifiedHerring: see life is beautiful

I scrolled through casting videos. On the first page there was an Asian girl and the lighting looked very mechanical. Everything was white, the bedsheets, the walls, but it was off hue, like there was a sheen of near-transparent gray over the lens or that was how the room was. I scrolled down. I saw one I wanted, a girl with brown-blonde hair, but didn’t really want, and kept scrolling. I guess I wanted her. She probably had STDs. Then I saw another one I wanted, this girl with big tits, but I didn’t really want her either, and I thought the first girl—not the first, the one with brown-blonde hair just before—was prettier so since she was a page away I didn’t want to settle on the one with big tits, but then I went back another page so I was two pages away now and couldn’t go back and it was three more pages of bad stuff. I went back another page. There was one and the girl looked like a guy, she was female but she had a masculine face. Another one the girl was pretty hot but they didn’t have quite the right position, I like it when she’s on her back with her legs open most so we can see her pussy but the position I want to try the most when I have sex is where she’s on all fours and I’m behind her. There was a video like that and the girl was getting her hair pulled and getting spanked and I watched it for a while but I wondered why she put up with getting manhandled like that because it looks unpleasant to be on the receiving end.

I watched a casting video of a girl who took her shorts off and had a tattoo on her ass that said The Devil Made Me Do It. The casting agent thought it was funny. Think the slutathulûk you’d have to be to get that tattooed on your ass for life. What if she meets a nice accountant and wants to settle down? She was probably on drugs when she got it, I’d bet.

I thought for a moment.

“Donkey.” I said. And louder, I yelled, “Donkey! … Donkey!”


“Come here! Come on I want to tell you something. It’s funny.”

I waited.

Then he said, “Pussy.” and laughed but I couldn’t tell if he was trying to get me to laugh or just talking to himself.

I looked back at my phone. It was heating up. I put it against my balls. I checked the time. I’d been here for fifty-four minutes. When it got to an hour I’d leave whether I’d nutted or not.

Young girl Dumb girl Full of Cum girl

Little Red Riding Whore and the Big Bad Wolf

Stepsis wants stepbrothers cock Katie Kush

Riley Reid sucks Five (5) Cocks and asks for more

Bitchj gets fucked

I got off Pornhub and went on Instagram and found Lucia’s account. I scrolled through her pictures of her at the beach, her and Tiffany smoking, her in a nice car, her and her boyfriend, her and a dog, her at a party, her and her cleavage, her with a group of friends, her and a sunset, her and her boyfriend, her at a restaurant with a lot of food on the table, her and a group of friends posing outside a club, back to the one with her tits, I scrolled down to near the bottom, found one of her and Tiffany in bikinis and zoomed in, I started jacking off and I went, I went and I switched to the one of her and all her friends outside the club and the soft-warm pressure started building but then I felt sad and clicked back to Pornhub.

I watched a video of a pornstar’s first shoot, a casting, her name was Mary Silvers now but here they called her Mary Karlsson, she was blonde and pretty and seemed laid back but enthusiastic but girly, and I searched, ‘Mary Silvers interview’ on google. A ton of porn came up. I went through pages of it for a while, then I went to YouTube. She had a channel with four hundred subscribers. There was a video of her speaking into the camera. She was a blonde with a big mouth with white teeth with an attractive smile. I thought she seemed intelligent and wondered how she ended up doing porn.

‘Hi guys, I’m Mary—Silvers—and I started this channel—I’m starting this channel so my fans can like get to know me, so yeah and I thought I’d just tell you a little bit about myself so I wrote these questions out that I’ll answer …’ she read from a piece of paper, ’Okay, What is my name—Mary Silvers, but, okay, Why did I start porn? Well I like sex and there’s this taboo around it that I think we really don’t need so I just thought I’d like, like fight against it. Ohk—What do I do for fun? I like to drive around, I like to drink—that’s kind of my thing—I like to have fun just generally—I like having friends over and looking at memes and sometimes we watch movies which are like bad but we like them and like they’re not always bad and sometimes I just put on pajamas and hang out around the house, and like chill.’

There was a bong behind her I noticed.

’What’s my favorite movie? I really. … love The Avengers, like Chris Hemsworth, and the cinematography—mostly I watch movies that aren’t as artistic but I love like when the Hulk says, “I’m always angry.”’ she did an enthusiastic impression. ‘Because of the character development, and like,’ she laughed, ‘Okay, What’s my favorite book? Well when I was a teenager—I just turned twenty—I always really liked On the Road, that book, because it like I imagined being like that and just going out on the road and hitchhiking around and having adventures so I really liked that and then last Christmas I got another favorite, my mom got me this book,’ she took it out, ‘And it’s really cool for anyone who likes ast-het-ics or is interested in ast-het-ics because,’ she opened it and revealed stickers of various shapes and colors, ‘It’s called Four Hundred Stickers for You so if anyone’s interested in ast-het-ics I really recommend it, you can probably find it online. It’s a great novel. Okay, What do I like about porn? Well, I like the money but also sucking dick, is good for me.’

I switched tabs back to Pornhub.

It was twelve twenty-five. Twenty-six. Twenty-seven. I searched ‘Mary Silvers anal’. I switched from Most Viewed to Most relevant. Fifty-eight results. I scrolled through the first page. Then the second. When I got to the third there was a video that was out of place. It was these two Russian girls and two guys. It was an amateur video taken on a webcam and one of the girls was so pretty you wouldn’t believe. I tapped on the video. The two guys each had one girl and didn’t touch the other, and one of the girls had big tits and was a little fat, but the other girl was an angel. I didn’t jerk, I just watched as she giggled and her guy laid her down. I didn’t like the guy. I wanted to watch the whole video and I was asphyxiated on her but then I scrolled through the comments. A lot of them were in Russian. Not all of them, though.

Fuck_you_karen: hello excuse me does anyone know where your mom is oh wait she’s SUCKING MY DICK!!!!! OH SHIT! I’M CUMMIN IN THIS BITCH!!!

Dickandartichoke: lol

I copied that and texted it to Leo.

But I wanted to know her name. Other people did, too.

AnthropomorphicHeteroSapien: Anyone know the name of the girl on the left?

I_am_dynamite: Barack Hussein Obama

Someone had written four links to other videos of these same two girls and guys. I was in love with her so I tapped on one and went through the comments looking for a name. Most of the comments were still in Russian, like those old dull books where they talk like there’s an erect penis up their butt that goes up their spine and makes everything stiff and philosophical without being good to read. I went back to the original and tapped the next link. I looked at her face. She looked about eighteen. Pale skin. That means I could find her and she wouldn’t be that much older than me. I checked the date. It was posted a year ago. So she’s nineteen. That doesn’t really matter that much, anyway. I went back to the original but my phone lagged and I tapped again and it went back two pages, so I had to tap again to get back there, I mean forward but back to where the Russian girl was and my phone was really hot and lagging bad. There was an ad for a pill that would grow my penis two inches a week, and four in five doctors recommended it. Along with it there was a picture of a human horse cock beside a micro penis. I tried to X out on the ad. I missed the X and it took me to the site and I X-ed out of chrome and started it back up and had to look up ‘Mary Silvers anal’ and then go back three pages and tap on the Russian girl, then tap on the third link in the comments to get to the next video of her.

DildoFagginsLOTRFan_andVirginForever: Anyone got a name for the girl on the left?

Samurai9: I dont have her name but shes from a Ukrainian webcam site

I opened a new tab and searched ‘Ukrainian webcam site’. About 20,900,000 results.

I tapped on the first one and searched, ‘Two girls and two guys amatuer’.

I went back and tapped on the second site. Then I tapped on the third but it wouldn’t load and I switched back to Pornhub.

‘Girl gets facefucked’. I went to Most Viewed. It was all professional videos. I don’t know why I didn’t go to that Russian girl and I customized it to amateur and looked through the first page. I felt like crying.

“Franz!” I heard Donkey call from the other room.


“Franz! Come here!”

I stood slowly, one of my feet was asleep and my legs hurt behind the knees. I pulled up my pants. I locked my phone.

I walked into the other room. I had a bad erection.

“What’s up?”

He was still gaming.

“What time is it?”

“It’s … one eighteen.”

He didn’t answer.

“Is that all you wanted?”

“Why were you shouting at me earlier?”

“I saw a girl with a tattoo on her ass that said The Devil Made Me Do It,” I said, and he didn’t respond and I felt like that was a good enough thing to warrant a response.

“So did you want something? Other than the time?”

“Watch me get the construction vehicle. It’s the most durable except for the tank. I know how to get it.”

“I’m watching porn.”

“How much porn have you watched?”

“All of it.” I said. “I don’t know …” my eyes hurt, “I’m just trying to get to sleep.”

“Watch me get the construction vehicle.”

I sat on the bed. He was flying a jet. He started shooting at civilians on the sidewalk.

I went back into the bathroom and shut the door and pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet seat. My boner was just starting to leave but now it came back.

I opened my phone to the girl getting facefucked. I watched for a while and searched, ‘Girl gets fucked while she’s asleep’.

Apparently that’s called getting sleepfucked.

I watched a video of a girl sleeping on her back with her head hanging off the bed upside down and a guy thrusting into her mouth. This is probably acted, I decided.

I realized something and searched ‘Mary Silvers anal’ and went back three pages and went to the Russian girl video. I found the top comment in Russian and copied it. I opened a new tab and went to google translate and pasted it in. It loaded.

I would fuck her if she gave me AIDS and stole my wallet. One of the left

I went back to Pornhub and copy pasted the next one into google translate.

I want to fuck my sister. I’m serious, but I don’t know how to convey this to her. This is causing me problems and I don’t know what to do

I switched back to the girl getting facefucked while she was asleep. The man’s upper torso was out of view. Her throat bulged and contracted. I don’t think she was really asleep.

Eskimopussy: name?

Yoyoyonigga: it literally says in the title

Sammy: blonde.

Icecreamtruck: you know if Hitler won all women would look like that.

Bitch360: name?

begin_and_end: she asked him to use a condom guess who just won the asshole award

deathnote: yeah fuck that bitch and dont use a condom stick it in there cum in that ho

Wilsonightinarmor: name?

Quiggly: name?

Amorous88: whats her name?

Thanos.5: I’d like a name ?

UntitledDocument: name

BetaTheta: nme?

I watched a video of a girl getting fucked in the ass without an intro; she was miniature and blonde with shoulder length hair and a stupid, kind face and I felt bad for her and it looked like she was high on something because of how docile she was and the dilated look in her eyes and the lighting was bright but ugly and I wanted to go back to a different video and came and then felt bad and disgusted and bad.

I spread the come around my pubes and rubbed it with my fingers until it was opaque and frothy. I stood and pulled my pants up, got some toilet paper and cleaned, flushed it. I walked back into Donkey’s bedroom and lay face down on the bed. I was there a long time. Donkey had the cops on him. Then he died. My eyes hurt. I didn’t check the time.


He had the cops on him. Eventually I got up and went into the bathroom and closed the door and turned the lights off and pulled my pants down and took out my phone and I turned the brightness all the way down. Eight percent battery. I had one of those painful boners that won’t go away. I opened Pornhub.

Why does it always have to be something nasty and loveless? Why can’t people jerk off to a happy couple who’s been together for a long time holding hands and having sex after a charity event for—I don’t know, something good? I didn’t want to go to school tomorrow. Anyway. I got going. Girl comes fucked in face fucked

I don’t know.

I woke up, and I’d wrapped myself in Donkey’s spare jeans while I was sleeping and I had a crick in my neck.

My mouth tasted like shit.

I checked my phone—we could make it to school. I shook Donkey. I still had my shoes on, fully clothed—all that. I shook him again and punched his shoulder.

The game was still on and Trevor was standing at the edge of the Rockford hills and the perspective spun around him slowly.

I got up, and walked through the house with the white morning light sort of starting to come through, and the house felt empty ’cause everyone was asleep. I grabbed a bag of chips from the kitchen and I was tip toeing and I don’t know why, I mean I didn’t want to wake anyone, but I could have been way louder and it wouldn’t have been a problem.

I got to the door, unlocked it, twisted the button lock or whatever it’s called, and left.

I don’t know why I was going to school.

The sky was white and opaque, and the air was pretty cool. There was some wind; it would have been nice to have a jacket for later, but Donkey’s house was always stuffy so I was too hot right now, anyway.

I walked past some makeshift ramps; there was a board with the front trucks snapped off.

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