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Blowing Myself Up On Grand Theft Auto

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Gaming on GTA by myself and killing my character in different ways.

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She climbed onto me and started to moan. She moved up and down while I grunted. My stamina bar started to increase. I finished. She got out of the car. I gave her her money. She walked away. I watched her go. I took out a marksman rifle MK II and aimed at her. She walked farther away. She turned a corner. I aimed at the moon and fired. I went back to my car and drove until morning came. I was on city streets. There was a crowd of people and I drove over all of them and got the cops on me. I sped away. I could see on my radar as their cars got nearer. I took a left and went up toward Vinewood. I ditched my car and ran into someone’s backyard, tried to hop the fence, fell, tried again. My star was flashing. The cop got nearer. I ran through the yard and hopped the fence on the other side. My star went away. The cop disappeared. I went back to my car. I started driving. I sped down toward the beach. I took a left and then another left. There was a lady crossing the street and I ran her over. I got out of my car and switched to a pump shotgun MK II and pointed it at a pedestrian. She screamed and started running and I shot her. Got a star. The cops showed up on my radar. Two stars. I took aim with a carbine rifle at the driver as the car closed in. Three stars. The police helicopter appeared on my map. As it came into view I began firing at it while cops swarmed and I almost took it down and then I died.

I respawned and ran down to the beach where the bodybuilders hang out and found one and rag dolled into him. He got up and punched me. I turned around and ran away a few steps and turned back and ran and rag dolled into him again. I got up and ran to another bodybuilder and rag dolled into him. Then I got up and found a third bodybuilder and I rag dolled into him and he got up and I took out a hatchet and hacked at them as they came to beat me up. Got the cops on me. I left and got in my car and started driving. I took the freeway up toward Sandy Shores. It was a long drive.

This is Vinewood Avenue Radio. You’ve just dropped out of college, lost your job you loved so much and are living in your parents’ house, we are truly the future of America. So you’re driving to the beach or up into the hills where you can get obliterated and watch the sun set over an empire while we play some fuzzy fuzzed out beach bum guitar rock … yeah, amazing man

I got all the way out to the edge of Blaine county.

I made the loop and started back.

Vinewood Avenue Radio. The soundtrack to your unrealistic dreams passing you by beside your unspent potential. Let’s take rock back to where it began and get shitfaced and fall over

I made it into the city and went over to the ghetto. There were Ballas; I avoided them. I made my way out, then turned back and went all the way through on a different route, then back out. I went over to the beach and turned. I went back, checked my map, found it and stopped outside two massive tires placed on top of a building. I got out of my car and took out a heavy sniper and sighted. In between the two tires, lined up in the distance, was a rounded silo of some sort sticking up. I zoomed in on it. I zoomed out and zoomed back in. I fired some shots at it. I spun in a circle until I was dizzy. I sighted at the silo. I got back in my car and drove away and got out in a crowd of people and started shooting them as they ran and the cops came and I died.

I respawned and drove to near the beach and climbed up onto a building. I took out a heavy sniper and sighted. There were girls in bikinis and people walking around in groups and sunbathing and lifeguards and bodybuilders. I aimed at a girl in a bikini and shot her. Her friend ran. I took aim at a bodybuilder and shot him in the head. A girl screamed and started running. I took aim but didn’t fire. She ran and ran. I switched back to where the bodybuilders were lifting and fired a volley and killed all of them and then sighted at a guy running and shot him and then shot another guy who was with a girl walking along the sidewalk and she ran and I fired a bunch of shots into a crowd as they ran away and killed most of them. I saw a girl sunbathing at the other end of the beach and took careful aim. I zoomed in on her head. She was blonde. I shot the sand next to her and she got up and ran away. There were cars coming down the freeway ramp. I shot one of the drivers as he came off the ramp. Then I shot the next one as he came down. And the next behind the first two. I had three stars. Cops were beginning to show up and there was a helicopter. I threw a bunch of stickies over the edge of the building where the ladder is. The helicopter was closing in. I aimed very carefully as it stabilized over me and shot the pilot. It veered to the side and started to go down. Cops were coming down the freeway ramp and I took out an assault rifle and started unloading on them. The cars and bodies piled up. Some cops were climbing the ladder and I detonated the stickies. Two more helicopters were coming. I had four stars. I took aim at the chopper and fired fully automatic until it smoked and crashed. The next was nearly here. I turned on invincibility, put on the green alien suit and explosive melee and jumped off the building. I fell and got up. There were cops everywhere. I ran at them while they shot me and I punched one of them. There was an explosion and me and three or four cops went flying. They died. I got up and went over to another group of cops who were shooting me and punched one of them and there was an explosion and we went flying and they died. I went to the ramp where all the cars had piled up filled with dead cops and civilians and punched one of the cars. It blew up and that explosion caused the other cars to explode one by one. I was thrown high into the air and higher as each new car detonated and I was thrown up onto the freeway and landed and got up and hit a car and it blew up and I went flying into another lane. I was bleeding and grunting as bullets pierced me from a hundred guns. I went into the menu. I turned off invincibility. I died.

I respawned and got in my car and drove it up on the highway and off the edge and died.

Respawned and punched a guy and he started punching me back until I died.

Respawned and went to the highway and placed a sticky and detonated it and went flying off the overhead and I died.

Respawned and called my helicopter and flew it up and over to the skyscrapers and landed on top of one. I placed a sticky in the center and walked to the edge of the roof. I detonated the sticky and it sent me flying but didn’t kill me and I flailed over the edge and down and I hit the ground and died.

Respawned and covered the ground around me with gasoline and lit myself on fire and died.

Respawned and went up onto a low highway and waited for the oncoming traffic below and rag dolled off the overhead and down. I landed, stood up dazed, got hit by a car and I died.

Respawned and drove up to the top of Vinewood hills and covered my car with twenty stickies and drove off the edge and careened down the mountainside and somehow didn’t crash and made it down and sat in the car for a bit then detonated the stickies and I died.

Respawned and put a sticky on the side of my car and went to where the women of the night are and bought one who I liked and was nice to me and went to a secluded place and we had sex and my stamina bar increased and as I came I detonated the sticky and the car exploded with it and me and her and I died.

Respawned and aimed a rocket launcher at the ground and fired and died.

Respawned and switched to online, solo session, and zoomed out blue, and the screen tinged green, and orange, and blue, and zoomed in green, and zoomed in orange and there I was with blonde hair and blue eyes and a white suit and a protruding frowning psycho brow. I had two thousand five hundred dollars. I went to the menu and clicked Kill self for 500 dollars and shot myself in the head.


Respawned and clicked Kill self for 500 dollars.


Respawned and clicked Kill self for 500 dollars.


Respawned and clicked Kill self for 500 dollars.


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