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Love In The Office

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Angelica Brown also know to her bossom friend as Angie is a sweet girl at heart.An obedient daughter of the Browns' and an integral worker at whichever company she has as her employer... She has quite the striking appearance and she has boys, middle-aged men and oh, even older men drooling over her.Unfortunately she isn't aware of the problem her beauty causes to these folks. Angie's worklife is quite the mess because unlike her who is only focused on performance, her colleagues are another thing to look into deeply.She has to work because she doesn't have quite the rich background but even so as she loves to say, "Working fulfills me and I would still do even if I owned the world itself".It is quite unfortunate that she doesn't have her own company where she can see her dreams come to life without hindrancea or distractions..Will she be able to achieve her dreams in this tough times of her young and upcoming career path?

Drama / Romance
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"Good morning dear girlfriend?" Said Chelsea. "Hey! " shouted Chelsea startling Angie out of her dream world. "Hello, there Sweety", replied Angie almost unawares of what she was responding to.

" Girlfriend, why do you wake up extremely early on a weekend and not to attend your zoom meets or go to the gym but to stare out the window ? Are you building a castle in space with your eyes, I would gladly leave earth and follow you there just ensure my bed is comfy and my teddy can tag along, ahahhaa!"joked Chelsea.I am going to make us breakfast, I hope you don't have to go to the office today and we can both hang out together may be watch a movie later in the evening?Chelsea had a very intelligent mind and that's why she never wanted to press Angie for answers of what was bothering her and so she smoothened out the situation with a light joke which Angie was super grateful for.

How can she start telling her friend that she was fired again from her job and just because she was beautiful. Not because of the outragious reasons stated on her dismissal letter? How can she bravely face Chelsea with yet another failure report? How will she tell her roommie that she cannot last a complete year at one working station? How outragious would that sound?Was she some kind of jinx? Her bosses praised her outstanding performance at work one minute and the next fired her without a consideration of thought.Did they not know how difficult sitting through an interview was? Did they not know how hard passing a probation period was ? How could they be so heartless? All these questions and more played through Angie's mind that she didn't even answer Chelsea's question to hang out or watch a movie later.

Being the good roommie she was, she walked to the kitchen and busied herself with breakfast preparations and of course with her own thoughts worrying for her friend. She ensured the coffee maker was set just right to make the ristreto her friend would kill for and then went ahead to make some very scrumptuous pancakes to go with that and then fried some cashewnuts.Angie's breakfast was always a blended glass of cucumber but today was weekend and she didn't look like she was planning on leaving the house, so, as her friend, she planned to feed her friend to forget her worries.

"Just what is going on with my friend?Will she tell me this time or do I have to play detective again?I wish she could just stop shying away from sharing her problems with me. I love more than myself or may be she doesn't know? But I feel like I am very free with her and she should be open with me too, right? Chelsea talked to herself as she was going through breakfast preparation.

"What should I do , Coffee? What would you do , Sugar?...I mean , you guys go inside and send me a response of what she is going through in her mind.I promise I won't cook you again, alright?"

" You are not talking to yourself , again?asked Angie which startled Chelsea."No, "she quickly denied it." I was here all the time. Where are they going and what result do you want?”Angie inquired as she took a bite of the pancakes."Mmmnnh, these are so mmmnnnh, gosh how long has it been since I last had pancakes? How ca-n t-h-ey be so mmnhh sweet?” said Angie in the midst of chewing her pancakes.

"Did you wash your hands before eating?" asked Chelsea."Yes, mom!” saluted Angie then ran to the living room laughing and choking on the pancake she hadn't swallowed. Breakfast was set on the table and they both sat down to enjoy it.They were quiet while having breakfast and Angie kept commenting on how delicious the breakfast was with every bite she took."Chelsea, dear.Why am I a woman?If I was born a man, I could marry you in this lifetime and my other lifetimes.Your cooking is divine.Girl, if I ever get married, I would order take outs from your house and serve them to my husband with a very bright smile, haha!"She laughed at her own joke. "Thank you darling, am glad I could cook to your hearts desire, " Chelsea said with a very wicked smile plastered on her face."But, you have to pay me since you're not the least bit interested in learning, oh, you even plan to marry and have me cook for your husband for a lifetime, sounds like a job to me!”

Angie said coquettishly mid-bite, "My dear girlfriend, my first offer was quite lucrative but oops! I am not a man so please be forgiving of me, alright.” Just like that they finished breakfast and Angie was at the sink doing the dishes like the good girl she was.

Chelsea had gone to shower and prepare for the day.In the bathroom as she shampooed her hair she drifted back to her thoughts once more. " What exactly is bothering Angelica? She seemed quite normal at breakfast.Am I overthinking things?I woke up and watched her seated there by the window and just lookimg really sad and just looking into space and for and hour and so!She didn't even notice me being awake?If only she can open up to me, we can find a solution together, right , soap?What do you think, water? I am not paranoid , right?

She left the bathroom feeling fresh but almost exhausted from worrying for her friend.A million questions with no answers were quite the burden!

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