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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars

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Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife successfully overcame the relationship crisis, even through they still have to work on it. Nevertheless, the lovers found a balance between a personal life and work and decided to get married. But they get problems because of Natalia Rochester, the best friend of Raquelle, and Edward MacClife, the younger brother of Terrence, the relationship of who are not quite fine. And trying to find out all the truth, the lovers have to face more serious problems and secrets, which have to do with the MacClife family and has been hidden from Edward and Terrence for many years.

Drama / Romance
Estrella Rose
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Chapter 1: We Love Like We've Never Been Hurt

The United States of America, New York. It’s about five or six hours in the evening. The private premiere of the fantastic movie “If Today Was Your Last Day” is going to happen at one of the most famous cinemas. The director of it is a very famous person. And the cast also consists of by far not unpopular people in the acting business. Many people around the world are waiting for a chance to watch this film because everyone dreams about watching this work. All the most famous people are invited to the premiere: from the most famous actors to the socialites, who adore spending time in the companies of famous people.

Many fans came to the cinema a long time ago to see those they want to see with their own eyes for way long. Goes without saying, it’s possible to see a few securities near the cinema, who are maintaining order and not letting any pandemonium, fussiness, and other things that could make disturbances happen. All the fans are behaving quietly so far, even if they all are quite excited. Also, reporters working on the most famous channels and newspapers arrive at the cinema to interview famous people.

Someone comes alone, someone comes with someone from his family, someone comes with a love interest, and someone takes people, who do not have to do with the show business – for example, their friends. All the visitors arrive in big black limousines with a personal chauffeur, who leaves an auto after coming here and opens the door for the people invited to the premiere to quit a limousine without problems. Then they begin to welcome their fans, waving a hand at them graciously.

Next, they are going to pose for many photographers, who have already prepared their cameras to take pictures of the celebrities, who will be posing in front of the place that was made especially for this. Eyes literally run from one side to another when seeing so many dresses of different colors and suits that the visitors chose for this premiere. And what kind of hairstyles all the girls and women have! A team of professional people, who knew their business, was working too hard on the look of every single celebrity.

Goes without saying, excited reporters come to the celebrities to ask them about an interview. Someone agrees with pleasure, someone refuses to do it, but someone agrees to do it with some reluctance. Anyway, absolutely everyone will be discussing the premiere of this new movie. Not because everyone was expecting it. It’s because of the different thing, which is the reason why so many fans came here.

Some time later, an almost new black limousine comes to the cinema. When it stops, a driver leaves this one and quickly comes to the back door of the car, slowly opening it. A tall, blue-eyed, black-haired man with nature pale skin. He is wearing a dark shirt that it’s slightly unbuttoned on his chest, light-brown pants, an unbuttoned jacket, and shoes of the same color leaves it. While leaving the limousine, he shows his perfect smile and all twenty-two teeth, truly smiling at his fans. While they start to yell from seeing him much louder than they did when seeing other artists and other celebrities. A moment later, the man turns on the door of the auto that is still open and points a hand to someone. Later, a charming brunette girl slowly leaves the car with the help of this brunet, who is half of the head of this person lower.

She has brown, perfectly done hair curled in beautiful waves and a fringe brushed on the side. This girl is wearing an attractive red knee-length dress that emphasizes the dignity of her wonderful body. That’s why it’s possible to see her gorgeous long thin legs. This brunette is also wearing very beautiful shoes with high heels of the same color as her dress, and massive earrings covered with brilliants. Her bright makeup expresses the beauty of the young girl. After leaving the automobile, the girl smiles at her fans, showing her perfect, absolutely true smile. While they shout much louder, expressing their delight and admiration.

The man and the girl do not even try to hide their tender smiles and wish to hug each other. By the way, everyone was waiting for this couple much more than everyone was waiting for the others. The young people do not always make their fans happy by visiting appearances together, and their fans wanted to see these two together, not by one.

No, they do not hide their relationship from the public. Every one of them is just too busy to make the company for each other on some public appearances dedicated to some ceremonies or someone else. Nevertheless, they may find time to appear in the public together, but they do it at times. However, they made an exception for this premiere, putting all their work aside for one day.

The name of the young, charming girl is Raquelle Cameron. She is a famous model, who has many fans around the world. And this man is Terrence MacClife, a famous actor and musician, and frontman of the band “Against The System,” which consists of Daniel Perkins, a bass guitarist, and vocalist, and Peter Rose, a drummer, and vocalist. Some time ago, the band went home from the tour where Liam Caulfield, Zachary Jefferson, Bradley Charles, and Nathan Chadwick, the member of “The Loser Syndrome,” one of the famous bands that is popular among girls and boys, invited them.

The band “Against The System” was performing covers of songs by famous artists and publishing videos on the Internet. And some time later, they got their first fans, among who there were the members of “The Loser Syndrome.” One of them asked “Against The System” if they wanted to perform as an opening act on their tour in some cities of the United States. The time was flying, but the popularity of the band was rising. And later, “Five Seconds Records,” a famous record label, offered “Against The System” a contract for a recording of their debut album. And the three agreed at once and began to collaborate with them.

Some time later, Raquelle and Terrence start taking pictures and giving autographs to all the fans, who dream about it more than ever. They do not stop shouting with delight and great admiration, but it does not make the girl and the man confused. They actually love these loud whoops that make them smile. Goes without saying, a few guards are standing next to the crowd of fans, maintaining order and taking care of the safety of fans and the famous people. Despite the excitement, the process of giving autographs and taking photos last in quite a good way, without bad things. The fans are thrilled, and some lucky people get to take a few photos of their favorite celebrities and even say a few nice words.

Next, Raquelle and Terrence are going to pose for the photographers, who already keep their cameras ready and are waiting for one of the most beautiful couples in the show business. The lovers stand in front of them and have great pleasure posing for many people, who start pressing the shutter release button on cameras without stopping and trying to take photos of the couple in all views. Anyone would involuntarily smile after looking at how tenderly and sweetly Terrence is hugging Raquelle by the waist or keeps his hand on her thigh. He is pressing her to himself and letting people know that she belongs only to him. Any other man does not have a chance to stand next to this beauty. And the girl herself puts one hand on the man’s shoulder and keeps the other hand on his chest. She bends her head on the man’s side, smiling truly at many cameras and showing her sly look that became her personal gesture.

After standing in this position for some time, the young people change their poses a little. Raquelle still keeps one hand on Terrence’s shoulder but puts the other hand on her waist, by which the man is still holding her confidently. And the man himself puts a free hand in a pocket of his jacket but puts it in a pocket of his pants a few seconds later. He also truly smiles at many cameras and proudly, squinting his eyes slightly, looks into them, literally breaking them with his eyes full of fire.

These people fit together magnificently. The tall black-haired man with piercing blue eyes, a little pale skin, an amazing Hollywood smile that can make anyone crazy, and a perfect body… And the girl with brown hair, stunning gray eyes, and a height, which is tall for a common girl, but perfect for a model. This attractive beauty and definitely knows how to get attention of men. Gorgeous thin long legs, a gracious walk… A magnificent smile that could slay everyone… A confident, little sly look, which is expressed much more thanks to the good makeup.

Later, Raquelle and Terrence decide to change their pose again. But they look at each other, not cameras. The lovers share really true smiles and ogle gazes that are the reason why anyone can feel creeps on the back. The young people even get to flirt with each other, tenderly hugging each other, touching some parts of the face with the tip of the nose, smiling quietly, and laughing shyly. It goes without saying, that photographers cannot miss an opportunity to take a photo of the lovers, who do not hold down a wish to give each other a tender kiss. That’s how Raquelle and Terrence let people know they have a very touching and tender relationship they sometimes express in public.

It’s hard to believe the man and the girl did not get on well after the first meeting and could not work well on their together photoshoot, even though they had strong affection. Which eventually got a victory and gave them a wish to become a couple. Terrence and Raquelle were a perfect couple, and their fans rejoiced because their idols decided to date and even named them Tequelle. But everything actually was not so good. Their relationship got much colder because every one of them forgot about each other and got busy with their careers… And somehow, they had to pass a test when the man named Simon Ringer came into Raquelle and Terrence’s life. He was the one to spread rumors about the girl to ruin her career and indisposed her fans towards her, using the fact that MacClife was the one to be a suspect. Ringer said his revenge did not come true yet, and the girl would pay him for something that was the reason why he was mad at her.

First, Terrence truly wanted to help Raquelle and let her know he would help her solve that problem. But he broke his promise when his relationship with Raquelle got much worse because of Simon’s tricks. They were fighting almost every day. And they somehow had such a serious fight that the girl decided to leave the house of that man and move to the home of her grandfather, Frederick Cameron. And while Raquelle, who was made mentally sick for everybody, was worried and thinking about how to end that story, Terrence was enjoying his life and was happy to end the relationship with the one that never loved him.

He met his ex-classmate Rachel Sanderson, who had a one-sided love for him since school. The man asked her to talk with her father Albert Sanderson, an owner of a recording studio, for him to admit him to the band that needed a guitarist. He got the man so surprised by his talent that Sanderson was thinking of promoting him as a solo artist. But Terrence left the band some time later, even if he had got on well with the bass guitarist and the drummer Daniel Perkins and Peter Rose.

And somehow Raquelle saw Terrence and Rachel together in one of the nightclubs where she came to have fun. She got terribly jealous when seeing them kiss right before her eyes and even fought with that girl. Who, however, pretended to be a victim of hers. Terrence did not like the brunette’s behavior. That’s why another fight happened between them, during the man said he believed Simon’s words about Raquelle cheating on him with Hunter Lynwood, her old friend from the police, who had a one-sided love for her. This conflict made the young people fight much more, but later they started to realize they loved each other very much and would hardly love someone else.

Besides, Alicia Middleton, Raquelle’s aunt, arrived from London in New York. She felt a threat and decided to help her niece. The woman told Terrence to explain his disgusting act after she found out everything that happened. The man had to do his best to make the woman sure he did not want to do that and made her softer. And he persuaded her and Frederick to help him get off Simon. Thanks to their help, he learned about Raquelle and Simon’s meeting and went after her.

Raquelle did not know Terrence was going to follow her, but she gave him thanks several times because Simon was threatening her with murder. If those people had not come there at the right time, nobody knows how it would have been over. Because everything was not so easy: Simon admitted he was revenging Raquelle because her mother Elizabeth rejected his love and got married to the other man – Jackson, the girl’s father. And h confessed he provoked the car accident, in which the girl’s parents died. In the end, one of the policemen shot at Simon, who went out of his mind and refused to give up and let the girl go. A bullet got through his back and made him confined to a wheelchair for life.

Because of worrying about his granddaughter, Frederick ended up in the hospital with a heart attack. And while waiting for some news about the old man’s condition, Raquelle and Terrence forgot about their offenses and talked quietly for the first time in a while. But when they found out that the old man would get well soon, everything was forgotten. The young people were not going to come back together and were sure they would never go on the same way.

Nevertheless, life started to get better. And some time later, Raquelle and Terrence met again and talked about their relationship, lying that their love was gone a long ago. The young people went on different sides, but later the girl realized she truly loved Terrence, despite everything that happened between them, and wanted to get him back in any way. She did her best to tell the man about her feelings and claim she wanted to be with him. After that, Raquelle and Terrence finally reconciled and decided to come back together, giving their relationship another chance. And some time later, the man proposed to her and asked if she wanted to marry him. And she accepted it.

The lovers have never regretted making this decision. After their short travel, their relationship got much stronger. Terrence and Raquelle realized they really loved each other. They love like they have never been hurt. Now Raquelle and Terrence have no problems in their relationship, and they try not to make the mistakes they made when they were about to break up. Besides, the girl is proud to wear and show everyone her golden engagement ring with a brilliant of several carats, getting ready to become the wife of the man at the nearest time.

The couple’s fans were madly scared by the news about Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife’s breakup. Many sites on the Internet, newspapers, and magazines wrote about that. And many news shows and many channels discussed it. This piece of news became something unexpected! That’s why, when one day, the couple was caught by annoying paparazzi and photographed when flirting with each other, many rumors were spread on the Internet. They said everything was fine in this couple, and the news about their breakup was a lie. But some time later, Raquelle and Terrence personally made a public statement about being together and not going to break up. They said they had some problems but did not take anyone into their problems because it had to only with the two. However, everyone is still talking about that canceled breakup, even if it’s been quite much time.

Raquelle and Terrence pose together for the photographers for some time, but later they get separated and start to pose by one. Correspondents are reporting, delightedly telling about who is arriving at the most long-awaited premiere of the year. Operators are filming the celebrities posing for the photographers, sweetly talking with each other and greeting each other, and those, who are giving an interview and answering some questions.

Some people from the cast of the movie “If Today Was Your Last Day”, and almost the full crew that was working on filming this movie, also came here. They warmly welcome the fans, who came to the premiere, give them autographs, and agree to take one or two photos with them. Later, they also start posing for the photographers all together and by one. The girls and women show their dresses and hairstyles, which stylists worked so hard on for many hours. And the boys and men walk with their heads proudly raised up, sometimes pay attention to their girlfriends, who they came with, and, smiling truly, pose for the photographers.

After finishing posing for the photographers, Raquelle and Terrence sweetly greet some actors, who played roles in the movie that they are going to introduce very soon. They all talk a little, discussing their impressions from the process of filming and the great excitement they are feeling now. The talk is very friendly: everybody laughs and enjoys the time that they are spending in such good company. Later, two reporters and operators with a camera come to them. One of them asks the actors, who played the starring roles in the movie, about an interview. And a cute short blonde girl with a microphone in her hands asks Raquelle and Terrence to answer her questions with a shy smile. They agree to do it with pleasure but suspect that they may hear questions about their canceled breakup that they would not like to talk about.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the cinema ‘Grand Stone’ where the closed premiere of the long-awaited movie ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’ is taking place,” the reporter says loudly and happily, turning on the camera with the face and pointing the microphone at her mouth. “My name is Daniella Pennington, and now one of the most beautiful couples in the show business is standing next to me. Whoop, dear friends. Because now the famous model, Raquelle Cameron, and her fiancé, Terrence MacClife, the famous actor and the lead singer of the new band ‘Against The System,’ are standing next to me.”

Daniella turns on Raquelle and Terrence, who are smiling slightly and listening to everything the girl says.

“Terrence, I must notice that your band is getting more famous,” Daniella notices. “You even have an army of fans, who are impatiently waiting for your first album or at least your debut single. Maybe, would you share your plans about when your band is going to release its debut album?”

Daniella points the microphone at Terrence for him to start to speak.

“I will not tell you any specific dates, but I can say we are working on new music very hard and much,” Terrence says quietly. “We do not want to release songs that would be similar to others and not be memorable. We would like to create something special for our fans to really love our music and to sing our songs wherever they go.”

“Alright, we will be waiting for some news about an album from your band. And I must notice that your band got popular after the members of the band ‘The Loser Syndrome’ found the video of their song that you performed in your way. And one of them – Liam Caulfield – invited your band to perform as an opening act on their tour. Some time ago, your joint tour was completed, and the guys gave an interview, in which they said they enjoyed working with you. Share your impressions about your performances.”

“We really liked performing as an opening act of this band,” Terrence replies with a slight smile. “We became good friends of the band members. Liam, Brad, Zach, Nate, and us spent our free time together, had fun, and talked about everything. And we do not forget each other after the tour ended, talking on social networks or sharing text messages at times. And by the way, I want to say they gave us a few ideas for our new songs that our band really liked.”

“Oh, as that band suggested to you some ideas for songs, a really fabulous album is waiting for us. You know very well that all their albums are being sold very well, and singles take first places on many musical pop charts around the world. Do you want to imitate this band and be the same as they are?”

“Not for anything,” Terrence shakes his head. “We really like the music of those lads, but we do not want to be the second ‘The Loser Syndrome.’ We three want to be the first ‘Against The System,’ and I hope it would happen so. I will not deny that we imitate them in some cases, but we do not have a wish to copy them completely.”

“Well, that is very good!” Daniella smiles slightly and turns to Raquelle, who has said nothing yet during the interview, just looking at Terrence with a smile as he is speaking. “Raquelle, I would like to know how you treat the work of your fiancé and his band. What do you think? Do you like everything they are doing?”

“Yes, I really love their work,” Raquelle replies with a smile. “I think they have a great talent. They create a truly amazing type of music. I even managed to listen to a snippet of a new song they recorded some time ago, and I was delighted by how perfect it was.”

“Yes, but I want to say that song is not the final version,” Terrence notices. “We like it very much, but we would like to work on it a little to make it sound perfect. It needs something special.”

“Excuse me for my curiously, but how many songs have you already recorded, and how many ones are you going to record?” Daniella asks and points the microphone at Terrence.

“Not too many yet, but none of the songs is the final version,” Terrence replies. “We always want to fix, move or add something… Our wishes change very fast… It’s hard to get something that can make us pleased at all. And as for the number of songs…”

Terrence thinks a little and says nothing for two seconds.

“I do not even know…” Terrence adds thoughtfully. “I think as many as we can. But you should understand that we may record many songs but include only a few ones in our album.”

“Alright, let’s think you are working very hard!” Daniella laughs and turns to Raquelle, who smiles slightly while looking at Terrence. “Raquelle, two months ago, you participated in the fashion show of Paulina Simpson and were the main model that opened and closed the show. It was your first public appearance after a long break at your work. Everybody was delighted by how wonderfully you looked on the runway, and you were discussed and written about for a long time. The guests of the show were really delighted and believed that Mrs. Simpson’s show was incredible thanks to you. Share your impressions about the fashion show. Tell us, did you like to work with such a respectful designer?”

“That fashion show was really just wonderful,” Raquelle says with a slight smile. “Despite the turmoil that was happening behind the stage, we all had fun. We really loved what we were doing. I got on well with many girls, who participated in the fashion show along with me. I must confess that I always dreamed of being a part of Paulina Simpson’s show, and I’m very happy my wish has come true.”

“Did your fiancé come to support you? Or was he busy with recording songs at the studio?”

“Yes, he was there,” Raquelle moves her eyes to Terrence. “I persuaded Paulina herself to give Terrence an invitation, and he was watching the show while sitting in the first line. We actually always support each other at the most important moments. At least, we try to do it.”

“She was perfect on that fashion show!” Terrence says with admiration, looking at Raquelle with a slight smile. “I expressed a wish to come and watch my fiancée because I had never seen her work before. For that, I put my work aside to come on that show and support Raquelle. And I do not regret it because I can do my job at any time, but it’s impossible to watch her shine on the stage every single day.”

“Stop making me blush and shy,” Raquelle whispers quietly, getting blushed and moving her eyes down.

“The truth is the truth,” Terrence tenderly hugs Raquelle by the waist, while the brunette smiles and presses closer to him.

“After that fashion show, you started getting more offers of work,” Daniella says, pointing the microphone at her. “Brands want to make you the face of them, designers literally fight for giving you a chance to show their clothes, and editors of magazines want to put photos of you on pages of them. Do you have time to work with everyone, who offers a job to you? Or have to reject some offers?”

“No, I rarely reject some offers of work,” Raquelle replies. “Yes, very many people offer me some job, but I try to schedule my time to have time to work, to have a rest, to see the closest people, and not to get tired so hard.”

“Yes, I heard that some people were whispering about you not getting pleasure from your work and just doing that automatically. Did you really get sick of your career?”

“No, I love my job very much and do not want to leave it. At some moment, I just wanted to reach as much as I had never gotten. Of course, later, I realized that I should have slowed down, but it happened not at once.”

“Raquelle was denying that she needed some rest for some time,” Terrence laughs shyly. “I thought I should have had a serious talk with her to change her mind, but I did not have to do it.”

“You also worked too much, and I wanted to have a serious talk with you,” Raquelle pushes Terrence on his hips.

“By the way, people are still discussing your breakup that almost happened to you a few months ago,” Daniella recalls. “Although it’s been too much time, your fans still want to know why you almost broke up.”

While Raquelle tries to find what to say, Terrence decides to take a word and answers the question very distantly:

“You know, we do not want to be rude, but we think nobody has to tell everyone about their personal life. We do not hide our relationship from the public and do not try to do it. But there is a certain line that we will never cross.”

“We do not hide that we had some problems in our relationship,” Raquelle adds. “And we can only say that it happened so because we were too busy with work and forgot about each other. But now we have solved all the misunderstandings.”

“And two weeks we decided to spend together in the Maldives made our relationship much stronger. Raquelle and I went there after she worked on Paulina Simpson’s show.”

“Yes. We thought that it was a wonderful way to make our relationship better and get much closer.”

“By the way, I forgot to say that you decided to get married,” Daniella smiles widely. “Maybe, it’s quite late, but I want to congratulate you on your engagement. I hope your marriage would give you positive emotions”

“Thanks,” Raquelle and Terrence say at the same time.

“Alright, do you trust each other?”

“Yes, we completely trust each other and try to hide nothing from each other and solve all our problems together,” Raquelle replies confidently with a slight smile.

“It was not easy for us to learn it, but we did it,” Terrence adds. “Moreover, I know all the friends of Raquelle and communicate with them. And she knows all my friends and speaks to them, as well. We are well aware of whom every one of us spends time with if we have to be separated.”

“And is there a place for jealousy in your life?” Daniella asks.

“I think we taught to fight with it,” Terrence replies. “But I will not deny that there are moments when I may get jealous of Raquelle and someone she knows. But I don’t doubt me and am sure she would not leave such an irresistible and handsome guy.”

“Sometimes it also happens to me, and I may be jealous of Terrence and someone he knows,” Raquelle says with a quiet laugh. “However, we never start hysteria because of any kind of jealousy… But I’m not afraid of competing with other girls because this handsome man is attracted to me in all senses.”

“I know very well that Raquelle loves me, and she knows that I madly love her,” Terrence adds with a slight smile. “But you know I have not left an acting career yet and would have the pleasure to reflect on any offer that…”

Raquelle suddenly starts laughing, making Terrence stops speaking.

“You know, there was a moment when I got jealous of Terrence and one actress, who he had to play an enamored couple with,” Raquelle confesses. “On that day, I managed to be on shootings with him. You know, I got obsessed with such strong jealousy…”

“Wait, wait, when it happened?” Terrence gets surprised, looking at Raquelle questioningly. “As far as I remember, I haven’t lately had this sort of role in movies.”

“It had happened before we began to date,” Raquelle replies with a sly smile.

“That is how! So, okay…”

“Alright, but are you jealous of each other and your friends?” Daniella asks.

“No, we do not absolutely get jealous of each other and our friends,” Raquelle replies confidently.

Terrence barely nods in approval while looking at Raquelle.

“Also, there are more girls in my surroundings than men,” Raquelle adds. “No, I have friends and familiar people among men, but not as many as girls.”

“And I have more men among my friends than girls,” Terrence confesses. “I have friends among girls, but not have as many as men.”

“Alright, I must confess that people have lately talked much about your younger brother,” Daniella says.

“Yes, it’s true! And you know, my brother helps my band and me write songs. He really does it pretty well. Thanks to him, we have quite many songs that we wrote with his help, and we love them.”

“People say he is very similar to you. Some photos of your brother are spread all over the Internet.”

“It’s true, Edward is really very similar to me, but he would not be the same handsome man as I am,” Terrence smiles slyly.

“Be careful, honey, your brother is gonna be more popular than you soon,” Raquelle laughs shyly. “And he’s gonna get more compliments and praises when everyone knows about him.”

“No, sweetie, it won’t happen!” Terrence says with his head proudly up. “Everybody calls my brother cute just because of his pretty-pretty face. But he will never be an irresistibly handsome man, who conquers the hearts of people around the world.”

“You’re undoubtedly my irresistible and unbelievably handsome one, but sometimes cute people get much more attention.”

“It’s not about me! All the ladies’ hearts will always belong only to me.”

“Yeah, about hearts…” Daniella says thoughtfully. “Is your brother single now?”

“No, he is already taken,” Raquelle replies with a shy smile. “Now he is dating my best friend, and everything is fine between them.”

“I must confess that many girls liked Terrence’s younger brother very much when they had seen photos of him. If he had an account on Instagram, he would be a real star.”

“He actually has it,” Terrence smiles slyly. “But that account is only for his closest people.”

“Really? Then reveal it to us right now!”

“If my bro is a bad boy, I will tell the whole world his nickname,” Terrence chuckles kindly. “He would be surprised if he saw how many people follow his account. That has photos that would make girls open their mouths widely.”

“Yeah, you’d have to run far away from him,” Raquelle laughs shyly. “Because Edward would kill you for revealing his account to the entire world.”

“If I don’t do it, your friend will lose patience and surely tag his account on photos with him. So, everyone will immediately go to check it out.”

“You say, is everything wonderful in their relationship?” Daniella asks.

“Yes, everything is just wonderful about these lovebirds!”

“And how much my friend liked him,” Raquelle smiles widely. “She can spend hours talking about her boyfriend, who really adores her.”

“You know, my little brother also liked your friend so much,” Terrence says with a slight smile. “He also talks about her with a great admiration.”

“I must confess that almost all your friends like my friends very much,” Raquelle laughs.

“Yeah, yes!” Daniella exclaims. “Terrence, people say, the bass guitarist of your band, Daniel, also has a girlfriend. Is she one of Raquelle’s friends?”

“Yes, it’s true,” Terrence smiles shyly. “Their relationship is developing very fast, but the important thing is that they feel very good with each other, and I’m glad for them.”

“It seems like Raquelle’s friends are so gorgeous that Terrence’s friends fall in love with them,” Daniella laughs shyly. “But do you have a girl for the drummer of the band, Peter Rose? People say he is single at the moment!”

“If I have someone, I will surely introduce them to each other,” Raquelle promises.

“By the way, Terrence, your bandmates did not come to the premiere of the movie, even though we got the official confirmation that they would be here. Did they get serious problems and have no opportunity to arrive at the premiere of the movie?”

“Yes, they really wanted to come to the premiere,” Terrence replies a little hesitantly. “But unfortunately, they got some personal problems, because of which they were not able to come here.”

“And the bass guitarist, Daniel, even wanted to show up in public with his girlfriend,” Raquelle confesses. “She has always dreamed of being on a premiere of a movie, but it didn’t happen, sadly. However, she still has a chance to attend them, and Daniel would have an opportunity to show his beloved girlfriend to everyone.”

“I must confess that she impacts him very well,” Terrence laughs shyly. “Because after that girl spends time with him, our work on the album lasts much better than before.”

“I would say the same words about you,” Raquelle whispers quietly.

“I will not deny it,” Terrence whispers with a slight smile.

Terrence hugs Raquelle by the waist secretly for the reporters, making the brunette start smiling unconsciously and glance at him.

“Alright,” Daniella says with a slight smile. “Then I have the last question for you two about what we came all together here for. What do you expect from the new movie that is going to be shown literally in a few minutes?”

“I think the movie is going to be very good,” Raquelle replies. “The actors are wonderful, and I love many of them. And the director is very talented. I want to believe the result of their work will meet our expectations. And I hope I would see the real masterwork.”

“I agree with you!” Terrence exclaims. “All the actors are amazing and very talented, and I even was lucky to work with some of them. But unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to work with the director of the movie. Though I still want to do it because his works are just wonderful, and I’m admired by them.”

“I think when the director of the movie sees your interview and hears your words, he will surely find a role in his movie for you,” Daniella expresses hope with a slight smile. “Thank you so much for this amazing interview. Talking to you was very interesting. You are a stunning couple, and I have always personally admired you! I wish you luck in all your business and congratulate you on your engagement.”

“Thank you so much!” Raquelle and Terrence pronounce by one with a slight smile.

Daniella, turning on the camera that has been filming the interview, starts to say, while Terrence and Raquelle go aside.

“So, that was Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife, one of the most beautiful couples in the show business that attended the closed premiere of the movie ‘If Today Was Your Last Day.’ These people do not always make us happy by visiting appearances together, but when it happens, their fans rejoice.”

Daniella turns her back on the camera for a second, sees a crowd of fans, and then starts to speak, turning half on the camera, half on the group of fans.

“You can see a big crowd of fans, who came here to see the famous people, behind me,” Daniella says. “The guests are still coming to the cinema, but some time later, everybody is going to be invited to the cinema where the closed show of the new movie will take place now.”

After giving an interview to Daniella, Raquelle and Terrence slowly go to the entry to the cinema. The guests and the film team that was working on the movie are supposed to be invited in very soon. On the way, they meet some actors, who they warmly welcome and share a couple of words with. But some time later, they stay alone because these artists leave them quite quickly. Using this moment, Terrence shows his perfect smile, tenderly grabs Raquelle by the sides of the waist with his hands, and presses her to himself.

“So, sweet lady, explain what your words about being jealous of me and one actress I had to play love with mean,” Terrence says playfully.

“I did already say it happened a long time ago when we just began to date,” Raquelle replies with a shy smile. “You had a role in a movie, in which you played a sweetheart of the heroine of that actress. The role was episodic. And the stress was stunning…”

“I understand who you mean. But I would like to know why you never told me that.”

“Well…” Raquelle pronounces, rolling her eyes up with a sly smile.

After thinking a little, Raquelle decides to get off the answer and quickly changes the subject of the talk:

“So, did I make you jealous?”

“As if you don’t remember!” Terrence chuckles kindly, fixes Raquelle’s hair, and looks at her face he tenderly caresses. “Did you forget how you were flirting with men on our together photoshoot to make me mad? When you were pretending that you didn’t see me.”

“Just wanted to kick your ass and let you know nobody owed to wordship you,” Raquelle smiles slyly. “That you were not so unique and irresistible as you thought.”

“That’s how! So, okay then,” Terrence tenderly caresses Raquelle by the waist, presses her closer to himself, and softly caresses her head. “I will talk to you about it at home.”

“I can get you a little nervous right now and find someone, with who I could have a sweet talk.”

“Yeah, I know you love making me mad and teasing me!” Terrence caresses Raquelle’s cheek with a sly smile. “Since our first meeting.”

“And you haven’t changed and still shake your tail in front of any single girl. It’s your favorite thing to do.”

“I just love when I am told compliments. When someone admires me.”

“Oh, gosh, why did I agree to get married to you?” Raquelle sighs with a slight smile, puts an arm around Terrence’s neck, gets very close to him, and examines his face with her eyes with a sly smile.

“You haven’t realized you actually got a happy ticket, babe,” Terrence purrs in a low voice. “And you got a great honor to become my only one.”

“You know, I wanted to tease you a little. But I think I won’t do this in public. Of course, I could give reporters a reason to talk about us. But I’m gonna save it for a better time.” Raquelle strokes Terrence’s hair down, cutely kisses him on the lips, and steps away. “Moreover, we’re gonna be invited to the cinema soon.”

Raquelle slowly glances aside and sees more and more guests coming here in black limousines, posing for photographers, giving autographs to the yelling crowd, and answering the questions of reporters.

“Look, more and more guests are coming here…” Raquelle says thoughtfully. “So many familiar faces…”

“Yeah, I feel we’re gonna have a very fun pastime,” Terrence replies thoughtfully, also watching what’s happening in front of the cinema. “I haven’t met some people for ages…”

“Me too… And this premiere is a wonderful reason to spend time together.”

“That’s right!”

Terrence carefully fixes Raquelle’s hair, and the brunette slightly fixes the collar of the man’s shirt. Although the lovers do not hide their relationship from the public, they do not want to show all their feelings to everyone, thinking half of their lives should always be personal. That’s why they do not try to kiss each other passionately, even if they would like to do it so badly. The girl and the man let themselves only hug each other, talk sweetly, carefully fix a collar of a shirt, a disobedient strand of hair, or whatever, and give the beloved person an innocent peck on some parts of the face.

Some time later, the guests hear that they may enter the building and take their places in the cinema hall, where some people would lead them. Someone talks about something on the way with admiration. And some people recognize their familiars in a crowd and warmly greet them, saying something to them at the same time. The guests leave and start to take their places in the hall, while all photographers, reporters, paparazzi, and fans are asked to leave because they have no meaning of being here. However, some people do not obey it, and some fans stay here to see their favorite actors and those, who came at the premiere.

While Raquelle and Terrence are having fun at the premiere of the movie, their servants got some free time. So, it means they can have some rest and talk about some news. Violetta Sparks, Christiana Warren, and Blair Stewart are still working in the house of the lovers, but they almost lost their job when Terrence had a wish to sell the house and leave the city as far as possible. However, everything got better, and the three servants kept the job that they truly love. Every one of them is here for some reason. But they are united by the fact that these three women need money to solve their problems.

“Violetta, don’t you think Terrence’s friend has visited us very often?” Christiana asks, looking at her little tuft body in the mirror and slightly pulling down her tunic with flower print.

“Is that a sympathetic brunet with hazel-green eyes and the same height as Terrence’s one?” Violetta specifies, sitting on the bed in Christiana’s room, and slightly fixes her glasses. “As far as I know, his name is Benjamin, but he prefers when his closest friends call him Ben.”

“Yeah, that’s him!” Christiana nods. “You know, of course, I understand that he wants to talk and spend time with his friend, but Benjamin comes here literally every single day.”

“You know, I think he comes here by far not to talk to Terrence.”

“No? But why does he do?”

“I think he likes our little girl named Blair Jennifer Stewart,” Violetta replies with a slight smile.

“Blair? Does Benjamin like her?” Christiana asks, raising her eyebrows, and moves her eyes off the mirror for a second. “Well, I don’t know, I did not notice any interest of hers. Moreover, people say that guy is a very amorous person and cannot miss a chance to make any single girl fall in love with him.”

“Yeah, I heard something about his lovable character. “Violetta replies, scratching the back of her head. “You know, Blair doesn’t need to pay attention to him. If only she hasn’t already given an eye on him in one or another way… That girl has by far not the best life, but if she is suffering from love for him, I’m afraid to imagine what would happen to her.”

“Yeah, I wish she met a good man, who would be loyal to her, but not Benjamin, who has nobody knows what on his mind. She would have to fall in love with someone early or late.”

“You know, Blair somehow told me something clicked inside her. She barely could make herself say at least one word when she saw that man.”

“Maybe, was the reason the fact that she was too shy and a little timid?”

“I don’t know, Christiana,” Violetta shakes her head. “That girl has lately been very silent and sad, but when Benjamin comes here, she gets a little funnier.”

Christiana sits on the bed next to Violetta and sighs heavily.

“Ah, I’m afraid that she may make the greatest mistake if she falls in love with that man,” Christiana says. “I don’t like him. Even though man is pretty good, I cannot confirm that his character would be the same.”

“Maybe, would that guy really change when he meets the girl, who may discover a better side of him?”

“I don’t think so,” Christiana shakes her head. “Even if he meets someone, he will hardly be loyal to his girlfriend the way Terrence is loyal to Raquelle.”

“Ah, yeah, but don’t forget that these two almost broke up a few months ago. Well, I must confess that Terrence changed very much after that moment. He got much quieter…” Violetta falls into silence and sighs. “Raquelle changed a little, as well… Of course, she still has the obstinacy. But it does not intervene her so much, and she can make quite the right decisions.”

“You’re right,” Christiana says with a slight smile. “She did confess that she worked too much.”

“Yeah, that’s good she realized it. I felt so sorry for her when she was working too hard without letting herself have a little rest.”

“That’s right. And Terrence did a good thing when he took her abroad, where they had a great rest and made their relationship better.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember how happy they were when they came back after the vacation…”

“That’s right, but I’m glad they realized it. And I’m very happy they decided to get married.”

Silence settles in the air for two seconds, after which Christiana sighs quietly.

“I wonder, what would’ve happened to her right now if these both had gone separated ways, not finding a way to make peace?” Christiana wonders.

“I don’t know,” Violetta replies with sadness in her eyes. “But we would’ve hardly had a job in this case. Because you, Blair, and I would’ve become unemployed…”

“I’m very happy everything happened so,” Christiana says with a slight smile. “You know what a relief I felt when Raquelle said she and Terrence were together again. It seems like I got rid of a burden.”

“I know, I felt the same,” Violetta also smiles slightly.

A short, young dark-haired girl named Blair enters the room, holding a small, but very beautiful bouquet.

“Hello, everybody!” Blair exclaims happily. “I knew I would find you here.”

“Hey, Blair!” Christiana says amicably.

“Hi!” Violetta exclaims. “Are holding a bouquet? And why are you so happy?”

“It’s… From one admirer,” Blair replies with a mysterious smile, looking at the flowers that she is holding in her hands.

“Admirer? Do you mean Terrence’s friend, who has lately come here too often?”

“You’re quick-witted, Violetta!” Blair laughs shyly. “Yes, these flowers are from Benjamin.”

“Ah, Blair…” Christiana sighs quietly. “Of course, I’m very happy for you, but I don’t like Benjamin. You do know how much he loves to change girlfriends like gloves.”

“But I don’t hope and am not going to,” Blair replies with a shy smile. “I just have the pleasure that someone makes me small but wonderful surprises.”

Blair starts to look at the flowers and breathes in the nice smell of them.

“I would also have pleasure if someone did some surprises for me,” Violetta says. “But I would feel pain if a man played with my feelings. I agree with Christiana. He is hardly going to have a serious relationship someday as he changes girlfriends like gloves.”

“I’m not planning to fall in love with him. You two know I have never been interested in it. Because I have my family that I must provide in the first place.”

“Oh, Blair, love is such a treacherous thing,” Violetta sighs quietly. “Even if you don’t believe it, it will find you someday. And you won’t get off these feelings at your wish.”

“And you will also feel terrible if you love someone, who doesn’t love you back or plays a great love with you,” Christiana adds. “Trust me, all your problems will be moved to a second place. Because you will be worried about not being loved by someone.”

“Aw, my dears…” Blair sighs quietly. “Of course, I’m very pleased to get help and care from you. But I swear I wasn’t going and not going to fall in love with this man.”

“Anyway, you can always tell us about your problems, and we would support you,” Christiana says and looks at Violetta, who nods confidently with a smile.

“Moreover, you’re very close to Raquelle,” Violetta notices. “She would also listen to you because you are almost like best friends.”

“That’s right!” Blair replies with a slight smile. “Thank you so much.”

Christiana, Violetta, and Blair make a group cuddle and hold each other for a few seconds. Then Blair goes to her room to set flowers in water, returns to the women, and starts talking with them about everything that does not have to do with Benjamin, Raquelle, and Terrence and their personal issues. All three servants smile and laugh, enjoying free time with each other. They got very close to each other since they have been working together. The servants help each other out when someone needs help or a piece of advice.

If they really had to go their separate ways, they would really miss each other. Even despite all the conflicts and misunderstandings that they have ever had. Blair, Violetta, and Christiana are very happy everything got better in Raquelle and Terrence’s life. They truly believe these two would be together forever. As the servants at the lovers’ house think, their hearts belong to each other and will always belong only to them.

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