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- Chapter 7 | I Hate That Bitch


OH GOD. What did I do?

I really wish I didn’t say that out loud, I thought as I walked to an open seat because I don’t want to blow my cover so soon.

After sitting down in my new seat and listening to the teacher talk about the syllabus for a little bit, I started to fidget as I felt someones stare on me.

Don’t look back... Don’t look back... I repeated to myself inside of my head, over and over again as I tried to resist the urge to look.

Oh dammit, I thought as I hesitantly turned around. Although, the moment I turned my head, I regretted it because of those damn blue eyes.

Ryder didn’t look away when our eyes met, if anything he seemed even more focused now... As if he was studying me like a puzzle.

He must’ve noticed that I also had yet to look away as he suddenly smirked, causing me to turn away quickly before anyone else noticed our little stare down.

His eyes burned holes into the back of my head as I could still feel him staring, but it felt like someone else was now too.

Looking away from the teacher once more, I turned my head to the right to see the one person I wish I never had to see again sitting across the room, shooting daggers at me with her eyes...

Sydney Black, the girl who made my life a living hell since high school and took my best friend away from me.

Not long after I looked away, ignoring both her and Ryder, the bell rang. Like always, I was the first one out of the door.

I’m so ready for this day to be over already. As I made my way to my locker, I realized that it was the exact same one as before which meant Kendall’s was right next to it.

I could only hope that he wasn’t there right now. Today was my lucky day because he was nowhere in sight as I arrived at my locker and began to put the combination in.

After putting all of my stuff inside since I wasn’t able to earlier, I was about to grab my books for the next class when the sound of clicking heels hit my ears and I immediately stopped.

I began muttering profanities under my breath because everyone knew who was coming... Sydney and her two friends.

I wanted nothing more than to avoid her, so as I heard her getting closer, I tried to get away as quick as possible.

Unfortunately, I guess luck wasn’t on my side today because I soon felt myself get shoved into the lockers. It took so much in me to keep myself calm and refrain from punching whoever did that to me.

Surprise, surprise... It was one of Sydney’s friends.

As I took a step away from the locker, I rubbed my shoulder so that it would appear like I got hurt when one of the girls showed me.

Sydney walked up to me with a smug smirk and all I wanted to do was punch her in the face to wipe it away.

“Look who decided to come back to Rosemoor.” She looked me up and down with disgusted eyes, but the smirk was still on her lips.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk... Still the same fat ass nerd as before, Anastasia Stone.” Oh how much I would love to wipe the smugness off of her face.

I’m biting down on my teeth so hard because if I don’t, I know I’ll say something that I’m going to regret later. So, I just nod my head slightly in reply.

“You know, I like your hair better this color, Anastasia,” Sydney says, grabbing a lock of my natural dark brown hair and holding it up since before I left, I had a lot of blonde streaks dyed in it.

Taking a step closer to me as she asks, “Want to know why?” I shake my head no.

“Well, I’m going to tell you anyways.” She grins before letting go of my hair and then lifts her hand to check on her nails before she leans towards me, whispering her reply.

“It suits your race better.”

What the actual fuck did she just say to me? The bitch doesn’t even know my race.

My anger is rising and my fists are clenched so tight that my nails might draw blood from my palms. I seriously can’t believe she’d stoop that low as to say that, no wait... I can.

**A/N: If you read the disclaimer of this book that is on Wattpad, you’d know that “Sydney” is based off of a real person from my life. This entire rude remark about Ana’s hair is actually something that the girl said to me irl. Sorry again to those of you who don’t like slut shaming! Remember, it’s only in the beginning!**

“Why did you come back?” She asked, coming even closer and the only sound I could hear in this busy school hallway was the clicking of her heels against the floor.

She sort of looks like the real-life version of a Barbie when she’s this close. Honestly, though, I feel really sorry for even thinking that she looks like one because it’s very offensive... To the Barbie.

Really, it made me cringe with how bad she looked right now, but I think she saw that because her smirk only grew. Ha! She seriously thinks that I cringed because she scares me. Yea right, I scoffed.

Oh shit! Covering my mouth as quick as possible, I hope she didn’t notice my slip up.

“Did you just scoff at me?” Crossing her arms, she looks both shocked and mad as hell.

“N-no, I didn’t.” I fake stutter as I take notice that the crowd surrounding us has gotten even bigger.

“You better not have. So, I’m going to ask you again, why did you come back?” As she took another step closer to me, I took one back because I need my space, but unfortunately for me...

I ended up cornered against the lockers again.

“I h-had to,” I said, looking down, pretending that I was intimidated by her.

My fists are still clenched tightly behind me because it’s the only way for me to hold in my anger and it’s the only thing preventing me from punching Sydney in the face right now.

“Well, that was a big mistake. Oh, and stay away from Ryder,” She said smugly before flipping her platinum blonde hair over her shoulder and turning on her heels as she began walking away.

I guess someone did see Ryder and I staring at each other in class...

Closing my eyes, I kept my head down and fists clenched. I began counting down from ten to calm myself down since it was a trick that my dad had taught me to keep in my anger.

As I was counting down, there was only one thought in my head...

I hate that bitch.

Finally, I was about to walk away, but when I looked up, someone with perfectly manicured purple nails slapped me.

Although I barely felt it, realization dawned on me that it was supposed to hurt. So, I quickly turned my head to the side and placed my hand on my cheek, hoping that nobody would notice the slight delay of my fake pain.

“What did you say, whore?” Sydney screeched and all I wanted to do was plug my ears.

“N-nothing,” I reply as I think of some sad thoughts to make my eyes get watery. If I’m going to be acting the part of this scared girl, then I mind as well do it good.

I really do need to stop thinking out loud...

“Stop lying,” she said as she raised her hand up to slap me again, but right before she could, the bell rang.

“You got saved by the bell this time, slut.” Turning on her heels, she left the hall along with everyone else.

I find it amusing how she calls me the slut when she’s the one who spreads her legs for practically anyone.

Sydney used to be my best friend too. Her, Kendall, and I were the three musketeers since the third grade. Then when ninth grade started, the first year of high school, she changed out of the blue.

Both Sydney and Kendall did, honestly. They both became popular, but while Kendall continued to be my friend, Sydney decided to do the complete opposite.

She began to hate me for a reason that I still don’t know and became a total bitch, well...

More like the bitch of the school.

Ever since the first day of ninth grade, she has bullied and harassed me. I don’t know why and I don’t think I ever will, but I don’t care anymore.

She can’t bring me down this time, not anymore. I’m done running away.

Once everyone was gone, my heavy breathing had finally calmed down, but I still felt the urgent need to punch someone or something.

Glancing around the halls, I take notice that nobody is around.

Pacing back and forth, I keep clenching and unclenching my fists because there’s only so much anger that I can keep pent up inside me.

Nobody’s around, so I doubt anyone will see if I punch a locker. Grabbing my stuff out of my locker, I shove it all into my bag.

Then, I slam my locker shut before punching the locker next to it, which just so happens to belong to Kendall, but I accidentally hit too hard and caused a slight dent in it.

“Fuck! I didn’t even punch that hard and it smashed in... Ugh!” I whisper yelled to myself, luckily nobody was around to hear me.

Taking a quick glance down towards my hand, I noticed that my knuckles were bleeding a bit, but decided to take care of it later.

I quickly ran to my next class which was PE, hoping that nobody from before would be there.

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