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- Chapter 8 | Something Is Definitely Off


WHAT THE FUCK. Something is definitely off about that new girl.

The guys and I just watched from behind an empty classroom door window as the new girl, Anastasia, I think, punched a locker so hard that it dented in slightly.

Her knuckles were bleeding as she left the hall, she’s got to have one hell of a punch if she could do this to a locker.

Only someone who knows how to punch and has a lot of strength could do that without severely damaging their hand.

“How the fuck did she do that?” Reece asked, clearly stunned like Carson and I are.

“Dude...” Carson starts as he turns towards me, “I don’t think she’s really a nerd.” He says as we walk out of the empty classroom and into the hallway.

Reece walks over to the locker that the new girl punched and runs his hand over the dent before saying, “Yeah, me either. She said that she didn’t punch that hard, but damn. For it to make this kind of mark, it had to have been a strong punch.”

“I’m going to call Ron and ask him to find out everything on Anastasia Stone,” I told them as I took out my phone and dialed his number. It rang once before he picked up.

“Hey, boss.” I heard Ron say through the phone.

“Hey, Ron. I need you to get me information on a girl,” I said, and there was a short pause.

“Does someone have a crush?” He asked and I could literally feel his smirk through the phone.

“No, there’s just a new girl at school and something seems off about her,” I say so that he knows it’s important.

“Okay, I’m on it. What’s her name?”

“Anastasia Stone,” I told him because I remember Sydney calling her that.

“Alright, just give me a second...” The sound of rapid typing could be heard through the phone as he looked her up in our systems. “Okay, I got it.” He finally said and I nodded to the guys.

“Okay, so there were a few girls I that I found with that name, but only one of them was registered to the same high school as you, so this is what I found on her...”

“Anastasia Stone. She was born on August 18th, 1999. Her parents are, Malie Stone, age 37 and Johnathan Stone who’s age would be 38, but he was in the military and is deceased from war. She also has one brother named Kaiden Stone, age 7 who attends Rosemoor Elementary School...”

“It says that Anastasia has lived in Rosemoor all of her life and she has gone to school in Rosemoor all of her life except for the last two years. Beginning of Sophomore year, she dropped out and was enrolled into K12 Online Academy. There are lots of school reports of problems involving bullying in her file for Rosemoor High School from her freshman year. She is now currently enrolled there again...”

“That’s all we have on her. There’s nothing else, not even a parking ticket,” he said, most likely reading the end of everything that came up on his computer screen.

“Okay, thanks Ron,” I say, a little disappointed that there’s nothing else on her.

“No problem boss, anything else?” He asked and I thought about it. Was there anything else that stood out about her that we could search up?

“No, thank you. But keep looking into Anastasia. There’s got to be more.” I said before hanging up as he told me he’d keep looking.

“Anything?” Reece asked and I shook my head, disappointedly.

“No, there’s nothing suspicious about her at all,” I said as I also told them everything Ron said about Anastasia.

“Let’s think about this later and get to gym class, I heard we’re playing dodgeball today,” Carson said excitedly since it’s his favorite thing to do during PE.

“Okay, let’s go.”


It’s PE now and I honestly don’t care if they think I’m weak because this is the only class that I’m actually going to be myself, well partially.

I can’t change in the locker room because everyone will see my tattoo, so I go to the bathroom and change into a gray baggy long sleeve shirt that’s about three sizes too big and some black sweats.

Once I’m done, I go into the gym and the moment I opened the doors, all eyes fell upon me.

Glancing around, I look to find someplace to sit and I do at the top of the bleachers in the very back of the gym.

Everyone is talking away with their friend groups while waiting for the teacher and when he comes in, the entire gym goes eerily silent.

“We have a new student here today! Can you please stand up and say your name?” He asks as his eyes search the bleachers full of students for an unfamiliar face and I stand.

“Anastasia Stone,” I say, flatly, before sitting back down.

“Okay, so now that I know who our new student is... Who’s ready for a game of dodgeball?” He yells and there were a series of “me’s” from everyone as they all started to get off the bleachers and stand on one side of the gym.

“We need two team captains. Any volunteers?” The moment he said that, almost every single guy in the class raised their hand and a couple girls did too.

“How about you two, Kendall and Brian.” Wait, did he say Kendall? Was he in this class?

“Pick your teams.” Our teacher walked towards the bleachers as the two team captains walked to the middle of the gym and started picking their team members.

That’s when I saw him...

I know he saw me too by the way he was avoiding me. He barely even glanced my way, but I don’t even care. I hope I don’t end up on his team.

After they had picked the majority of their teams, it was down to two people left. Me and some other guy who seemed to be another outcast like I supposedly am.

It was Kendall’s turn and I was so glad that he chose that boy instead of me, but Brian definitely wasn’t.

“Why do I have to take the ugly nerd?” He asked, yelling and I held back a smirk because he had no idea that I was actually planning on playing sort of well since I want to beat Kendall so badly.

“The teams are final! Start the game.” Our teacher yelled, blowing his whistle from the sidelines.

Once everyone was in their places and all of the balls were in the middle, the whistle was blown as the signal for the game to begin.

Everyone dashed to get a ball while I stayed in the back of the court. The people who go for the ball first are usually the ones most likely to get out of the game early.

Balls were being thrown left and right. None have come towards me, except for a couple that were easily dodged.

Soon enough, there were very few left on both teams. Ryder and Kendall were the only ones left on the opposing team while Brian and some other guy that I don’t know were left on my team.

I was still in the game too, but nobody really noticed me as I stuck to the back corners the entire time.

Now, I just stood in the back of the court, waiting to see who gets out.

The four boys were just staring at each other until the guys on my team gave each other a nod and threw their balls at Ryder and Kendall, who easily dodged them.

They then threw their own ball, taking out the last two guys and making me the last one left on my team.

Why the fuck would you guys nod at each other? You practically told Ryder and Kendall exactly what you guys were planning.

“How the hell is she the last one left?” Kendall asked, clearly irritated.

“W-what happened Kendall? Afraid that y-you’re going to lose to your ugly n-nerd of an ex-best friend?” I asked, mockingly with a slight stutter and for a moment, it looked like something flashed in his eyes.

I was probably just seeing things because it was gone as fast as it came and replaced with a glare.

“Like you could beat me.” He laughed as he and Ryder got a ball. I was left empty-handed as all of the balls were on their side of the court.

As I walked to the middle of my court, I had a feeling that they were both going to throw their ball at me, at the same exact time so that I get out no matter what.

That idea is going to backfire on them though because I have a plan.

Just like I had expected, they threw their balls at the same time with smug looks on their faces.

They turned and began cheering with their team right as they let go of the ball because they assumed that they won before even looking to see if the balls hit their target, me.

The cheering stopped almost immediately when they people looked at me and realized that I caught both of the balls thrown at me, one in each hand.

Ryder and Kendall seemed confused as to why everyone stopped cheering and got quiet since they still hadn’t turned to face me.

Everyone was stunned, all they could do was stare and eventually, Ryder and Kendall turned around to see what everyone was staring at.

The moment I saw Kendall’s face, I looked him in the eye and said, ” I win.”

Then I threw one of the balls straight at him, hitting him in the gut and causing him to stumble a bit.

The game was already over since I caught the balls, but I just really wanted to hit Kendall in some kind of way.

What better way is there to do it than in a game where I can hit someone with a ball and not get in trouble for it?

Looking to the side at my team, everyone still seemed to be in shock and all of the stares was really starting to get annoying.

“Well... We won!” I said to everyone, shrugging like it was no big deal and purely out of luck. That’s when the cheers of the winning team, my team, erupted.

At least, until someone shouted and the entire gym went silent, yet again.

“What the fuck!” I turned towards the voice, only to see a fuming Kendall heading straight towards me. So, I started backing away to look scared of him.

“You’re going to regret coming back to this school,” he said, roughly knocking shoulders with me as he walks out of the gym, causing me to fall.

The bell rang, so I started to get up, just to be tripped by one of Kendall’s friends. They all left the gym, laughing their asses off because of my misery.

If I was the same girl as before, It would’ve made me feel worse but I don’t even care about what they do anymore.

I especially don’t care about what they think of me anymore when before, that was all that I cared about...

Once they were all gone, I finally decided to stand up and leave the gym so that I could go get changed.

While dusting off my ass from being on the floor, I only have one thought on my mind...

I’m really going to need a fight after today.

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