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- Chapter 10 | I'm In Some Deep Shit


IT WAS THE END of the day and most people had already left school. I stopped at my locker to get my stuff out before I began walking down the hall to leave.

Suddenly, I was pulled into a dark empty classroom.

A hand was covering my mouth as they dragged me into the eerily dark room and the first thing that came into my mind was...

Someone figured out who I am.

So, I got into my self-defense mode in order to fight whoever this is off and bit down on their hand. I could tell that it was a guy by his build and from the size of his hand when he covered my mouth.

Two other guys rushed at me when the guy holding me cursed from the bite, even though I couldn’t bite down very hard from the way his hand was covering my mouth.

I basically was just able to bite down on a small piece of skin on his hand which is very painful for some people.

Raising my arm, I threw back my elbow into the gut of whomever was holding onto me, causing him to let go of me completely.

Then, without any hesitation, I brought my right fist forward and into the face of one of the guys coming towards me.

I made sure I got to the two guys before they could get to me and punched them both in the face before kicking their crowned jewels because that’s every man’s weakness.

Also, I couldn’t forget about the guy that grabbed me, so I quickly turned on my heel before punching him in the face and kicking his crowned jewels too.

Couldn’t let him be left out.

I waited a minute, just hearing their groans mixed with cursing from the pain before deciding it was safe to turn the light on.

Right as the dark room lit up, in that exact moment, I realized that my cover might have been blown. Not because they knew before, but because I just beat all three of them without breaking a sweat.

It really wasn’t a fight, more like self-defense, but still...

I’m staring down at three boys who I wish could be anyone else right now...

The three bad boys of my school, who just so happen to be members of my enemy, The Bronze Demons, one of which is the leader.

Oh god, what have I done?

“Shit,” I mumbled before hesitantly asking, “Are you guys okay?”

“Ugh! How the fuck did you do that?” Ryder asks as he slowly gets up off of the floor.

“My balls hurt so fucking bad!” Carson yells as both him and Reece have to use the school dest to lean on as they start to stand up.

I didn’t know what to do.

I just stood there, staring at them all as they tried to get up and thinking about what I could possibly say in this situation.

Walking closer to me until my back hits a wall, Ryder yells, “I’m not asking again. How the fuck did you do that?”

“I’ve taken s-self defense c-classes since I was little,” I reply, hoping that he’ll believe me.

He turned to look at the guys and I saw them all shake their heads before Ryder faced me again.

“We don’t believe you,” he said and I swallowed.

“B-but it’s true,” I reply, almost pleadingly.

“No, it’s not. It’s not right for a girl, especially you, to be able to take me on.” He says, being sexist and before I could reply, he speaks again.

“And as you probably already know, I’m a gang leader and these are some of my best fighters,” he says, pointing to both Reece and Carson before talking some more.

“So... Who are you?” He asks, punching the wall beside my head. I should’ve faked a flinch because when I didn’t show any reaction, he seemed to be even more pissed.

“I-I’m Anastasia Stone,” I say, hoping that he’ll just forget about this even though I know that he won’t.

“We know you’re lying and we are going to figure out what you’re hiding,” he stated before they all left the room.

I’m in some deep shit.

Later on that night, Kai and I were watching TV after having just finished dinner. My mom was still out working, so I wasn’t planning on going to Blackfall until really late when she comes back home.

Although the TV is loud, I suddenly start to hear an almost muted ring that was probably my phone.

After fumbling with the blanket I’m using, I see Brooke’s name on the screen and hit answer as I get up to go into the kitchen.

Once I get into the kitchen, I’m about to say hello when I hear Brooke’s fearful voice.

“Ana, we need your help!” She nearly yells into the phone and I’m immediately alert.

“Brooke! What’s going on? What happened?” I ask worried that something terrible happened.

She’s talking so fast that I can’t even understand a word she’s saying.

“Okay, Brooke calm down.” I say as I hear her start to breathe heavily.

“Now tell me again, slowly this time. What’s going on?” I ask.

“Some of the guys and I came down to the tracks for some racing and then The Crimson Ghosts showed up.”

“Clay got into a huge argument with one of them about a race they had and I’m scared that they’re going to hurt him. They out number us Ana and he is also here...” She explains and I know that it’s an emergency, but my mom isn’t home to watch Kai yet.

“My mom isn’t home yet Brooke and I’m watching Kai...” I don’t know what to do, I might have to leave Kai by himself.

“We really need you Ana. Won’t he be okay to stay at home?” She asks and I can hear the desperation in her voice.

“Okay, I’m on my way.” I say and then hang up the phone.

Walking back into the living room, I pause the TV so I can talk to Kai.

“Hey! What was that for?” He asks with a pout as I crouch down in front of him while he’s sitting on the couch.

“Sorry bud, but I’ve really got to talk to you about something,” I say and he nods his head so I continue.

“Something really important just came up and I have to go help some of my friends out before they get hurt. I’m going to have to leave you here by yourself for a little bit, but mom should be home soon. Okay?” I ask and he nods again before throwing his arms around me as he stands up.

“Do you really have to go? I don’t want you to get hurt too, Asia.” He says holding me tightly and I hug him back just the same.

“I really do, but don’t worry about me. I’m going to be fine as long as I know that you’re okay.” Pulling out of the hug, I rest my hands on his shoulders and begin rubbing them up and down in a calming motion.

“Now I need you to listen very carefully to what I’m about to say, okay?” I say and he replies, “Okay.”

“Good. When I go, I’m going to turn the alarm system on so you can’t open any doors or windows without it going off. Mom and I are the only ones who know how to turn it off so if the alarm goes off, I want you to count to 10. If the alarm has not turned off by then, I want you to run as fast as you can to the closest safe room.”

“Do you remember where they are? Mom and I showed you.” I ask because I can’t let anything happen to him.

He looks like he’s thinking for a second before he nods. Okay, good.

“Make sure to close the door once you’re inside because only mom and I know how to get in and where they are. There’s a phone inside, push the number one and it will call me. If I don’t answer push the number 3 and a group of people I know will immediately come help you. Okay?” I ask him and he nods once again.

I made sure that we had the best security system for emergencies. The only reason my mom’s number isn’t on that phone is because she isn’t allowed to use her phone at work and doesn’t even look at it until she gets off.

If he pushed number three, I already have a set message telling The Royal Reapers to send a group of men to my address and that there’s an emergency. So Kai should be safe.

“I love you.” Leaning forward, I place a kiss on his head before standing up.

“I love you too, Asia.” He says and I smile before I begin to walk towards the garage.

“I’ll see you soon, bud.” I say with a smile and wink, which finally brings a smile to his cute face.

Going into the garage, I get inside of my already unlocked Lamborghini before realizing that I forgot the keys in my room. Running back inside, I go grab my keys from the nightstand beside my bed and then head back down to the garage, locking the door on my way out.

Once I’m all set and the house is secured, I leave on my way to the tracks.

The drive was short, so I got there quickly. Right as I pulled up, I could see a huge commotion and knew that I had to get down there fast.

Opening the glove compartment, I take out my gun and check to see how many bullets there are before setting it back in place.

Holding the gun in my hand, I’m about to get out of the car to go help my friends when I hear a voice say my name.

For a moment I thought I was hearing things, but then I turned around and saw someone who should not be here... “Kai?”


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