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- Chapter 11 | Deals With The Devil


HE CAN’T BE HERE. Why is he here, I can’t protect him and my friends at the same time.

“What are you doing here? I told you to stay at home.” I say in a rush.

“I was scared and didn’t want you to leave me alone,” he says, hanging his head down sadly and I sigh.

“It’s okay bud, but this isn’t a safe place for you.” I know what to do.

“When I get out, I want you to lock the doors and stay low. Okay?” I say because I’m going to leave the car on, along with the emergency brake so that he doesn’t need to roll down the window and he nods.

“Don’t get out of this car, no matter what Kai. Promise me.” I say pleadingly because keeping my little brother safe will always be my main priority.

“I promise.” He says and I smile before getting out of the car.

Then I pull on the door handle to make sure he locked it and when I see he did, I place my gun in the back of my jeans as I quickly walk towards all of the commotion.

The first thing I see is a bunch of guys from my gang grouped up together and another group of guys in front of them who I recognize as The Crimson Ghosts.

Walking up to the back of the crowd, a few of my guys notice me and let me through so I can get to the front, but not before I tell one of them to go guard my car and protect my brother.

I walk almost to the very front of the crowd where I see two guys in a fight, one of which is mine and Brooke’s best friend Clay.

He’s getting crushed, but nobody even dares jump in because it’s between them.

As I closely watch the fight, I notice that the guy fighting Clay is reaching for a knife and thats when I step in.

The sound of a gunshot going off causes everyone to freeze as I walk into the middle of the fight. Bringing the gun down from holding it in the air, I point it straight at the guy who now has a hold of his knife.

Clay is groaning on the floor in pain and I see Brooke run to help him.

“What’s your name?” I ask the guy, tilting my head to the side and he glares.

“Josh.” He replies before glancing at Clay and Brooke, I know he wants to finish what he was doing, but I’m not going to let him. This fight is over.

“Okay, Josh. Drop the knife and go back to your friends.” His face hardens as he refuses, so I shoot at him.

Well, I didn’t actually shoot him, I shot the ground between his feet. “Do it, now.”

“No.” Okay, he’s seriously making me mad now.

“Why don’t I shoot a little higher, maybe that’ll teach you a lesson. And trust me, I don’t miss.” I say as I do in fact raise my gun because if he tries anything then he’s gonna lose his crowned jewels.

“Now now, Anastasia. We were just having some fun.” A voice that I wish I’ve never heard says.

“Rueben, what an unpleasant surprise,” I say, glaring daggers at him as he walks towards me with a smirk.

Rueben Slade is the leader of the third strongest gang, The Crimson Ghosts, and he’s also one of the only people outside of my own gang that knows my true name... He used to be a trusted member of The Royal Reapers, until he got kicked out a few years ago.

“Miss me?” He asks and I roll my eyes before replying.


Crossing his arms, he looks at me from head to toe, giving me a once over that makes me feel gross as he says, “Well I definitely missed you.”

He’a always been a little bit of a creep since he has some kind of weird obsession with me.

“What do you want, Rueben?” I ask because I don’t really want to deal with him.

“You already know what I want,” he says with a grin and I cringe because he’s right. I do know what he wants but it’s not something that I’m willing to give him.


With a grin still plastered on his face, he claps giving me a round of applause and I can’t help but roll my eyes at the gesture.

“Yes. And I know that you want me too, Anastasia.” Why the fuck is he so obsessed with me?

“The only time I’d ever even consider wanting to be with you is when hell freezes over. But honestly, I’d rather freeze with it than be stuck with you.” I say with complete honesty.

“Aw love, you don’t mean that,” he says, taking a step closer to me and I don’t move at all. He doesn’t scare me.

“I really do.”

Rueben walks even closer to me and I tighten the hold on my gun as he nears. “Why don’t we make a little bet?”

“Don’t make any deals with the devil, Asia!” Yells Clay, causing me to turn my head to look at him as he stands with Brooke, back by the rest of our group.

Turning my head back towards Rueben, I cautiously lower my gun as I take a step closer to him.

I don’t want to, but I’m ignoring what Clay said because this might just be something I have to do.

“What would this so called ‘bet’ be?” I ask.

A smirk appears on his face as he intensely stares into my eyes, “A fight.”

“If I win, you come with me,” he says and all I want to do is roll my eyes. I should’ve known that’s what he’d want.

“And if I win?” I ask as he replies immediately, “You won’t.”

Taking a step back from him, I cross my arms, giving him a once over before looking back at his face and I guess the look that I’m giving him makes him angry.

“I wouldn’t be so sure. So how about this... If I win, you and your gang have to leave me and my friends alone.” I say because I just want him gone.


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