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- Chapter 12 | Let Me Go


EVERYONE WAS SILENT as Rueben and I agreed on the deal. I know that my gang is worried for me, but I can handle my own.

This was my fight and nothing was going to stop me from beating his ass.

It seemed like everything was going in slow motion. Both of our gangs surrounded us as we got ready to fight.

Not taking my eyes off of Rueben, I say, “Brooke.”

“Yea?” She replies, sounding worried about the fight.

I motion for her to come closer to me so I can tell her something before the fight, but I make sure to keep my eyes on Rueben the whole time since rule number one is to never take your eyes off of your opponent.

That’s especially important right now because we never know what kind of sick tricks he has up his sleeve.

Now with Brooke right next to me, I turn my head slightly so she can hear me whisper, “If anything goes wrong, I want you and Clay to run to my car and get Kai out of here.”

“But…” She starts before I cut her off.

“No buts. That was an order. No matter what happens you run to protect him.” Taking my eyes off of Rueben for a moment, I look into my best friends eyes as I say, “I can take care of myself.”

Nodding, she walks back to where she was standing next to Clay.

Taking a step forward, I put my gun away and get into a fighting position. I guess Rueben got the hint that I was ready to start as he did the same.

“Are you ready to be mine?” He asks with a mischievous smirk while I just glared.

“I will never be yours!” All he does is laugh at my response.

We circle each other and I want him to make the first move, but he’s not doing anything. I’m really beginning to lose my patience with him and I’m pretty sure that he can tell.

“Fight me Rueben! What are you waiting for?” I yell. If he doesn’t make the first move soon, them I’m going to even though I know it’s probably what he wants.

“I love the way you scream my name.” That's it, I’m not waiting any longer.

I began throwing punches at him, some he was able to dodge while others he couldn’t. He was barely fighting back and I knew that meant he was planning something.

Right when I go to kick him, he catches my leg and pulls it towards his side causing me to fall forward into him. As that happens and I try to balance myself, he throws a hard punch to my gut while also letting go of my leg.

I heard the scraping of one of my shoes against the cement as I fell back and hit my head.

“I think you’re losing your touch Ana.” He says walking towards me as I hold my head and try to get up through the slight dizziness that I’m feeling.

“You’re still not going to win.” I tell him as my head finally starts to clear and I'm ale to stand all of the way up.

“And why is that?” He asks, looking at me like I’m crazy for thinking that since he seems to believe that he already won this fight.

Even though my head feels better, I’m still holding onto it because I want him to think that he has the advantage. “Because I will always take you down.”

Right after I said that, I dropped low to the floor and kicked my leg out, knocking Rueben to the ground with a thud before I jumped on top of him. Punch after punch I threw at him and he could hardly block them anymore. I was winning.

That is… until he head butted me and because of my previous fall, it made my head spin once again. Before I could do anything to stop him, he shoved me off of him and stood up.

As I began getting up to fight him some more, he punched me in the cheek, knocking me back down before I could even get all of the way up.

He was about to hit me again when suddenly we hear a new commotion coming towards us. It sounded like running and Rueben was looking to the side at whatever it was so I was about to take my shot and get him down while he was distracted.

So I stood up, but right as I was about to punch him, I froze at the sound of my little brother screaming.

My head snapped to the right where I heard it from and the sight in front of me made me see red.

The guy I assigned to watch the car that Kai was inside, was running towards us while Kai was ahead of him. Although that’s not what has me so angry, it's that one of Rueben’s men grabbed his arm in a tight grip and wont let go.

“Asia! Asia!” Kai yells frantically and as I turn to run towards him, Rueben grabs a hold of my waist and pulls me into him.

“Let me go you fucker!” I yell, doing everything I can to try and get him to let me go.

“Now Ana, who is that boy over there that you seem to care so much about?” Right as he says that, I feel him hold a knife against my cheek and I freeze.

“He’s nobody. Just some kid that knows me.” I lie, hoping that he’ll believe me.

“You see Ana, I just don’t believe you.” He says, dragging the knife down my cheek but not with enough pressure to cut me.

I can see my gang trying to get to Kai, but since Rueben’s gang outnumbers us right now, they can’t.

“Bring him over here.” If he even lays a hand on Kai, I’m going to kill him.

Right when they get closer, I use all the strength that I can to reach up and pull the knife out of his hand, cutting my own in the process. His grip on me loosened enough so in a quick motion I turned around and slashed his face, leaving a mark that I know will scar.

Rueben jerked away from me as he reached up to hold onto his bloodied cheek and just as I turned towards Kai, I saw him kicking the guy that wouldn’t let him go where the sun doesn’t shine.

Both gangs were fighting each other. I needed to get Kai as far away as possible.

I began running towards Kai when suddenly I was pushed to the ground. Rueben took my place and just as he reached out to grab a hold of Kai, I pulled out my gun and shot at his hand.

Thankfully, I hit the bullseye. I just wish it could’ve been his dominant hand.

Rueben looked at me with anger in his eyes as I saw both Clay and Brooke grab Kai. They were basically dragging him to the car because he didn’t want to leave me alone.

As I stand up, Rueben begins stalking towards me as he says, “This fight isn’t over yet.”

Just as I was about to reply, police sirens could be heard from almost everywhere and they definitely sound close.

“You’re wrong. This fight is definitely over.” He was mad, but I could tell that he agreed because he doesn’t want his gang to get arrested, just like me. So when he nods and turns around I yell...

“Cops! Everybody run!”

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