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- Chapter 14 | Beast And Jax



For hours since we got back from the tracks, I’ve just been laying on the couch in my room while Kai sleeps soundly on the bed.

I do trust my gang enough to let Kai sleep in a room next to me alone, so that I could sleep in my own bed, but after everything that happened tonight…

I feel safer with him near me so that I can keep an eye on him.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about Rueben. All I can hope for is that he doesn’t find out about Kai.

Although, Rueben knows my true first and last name which is Anastasia Martinez, I don’t think he knows the name I actually go by.

The name that may be the only thing keeping my family a secret from him even if it’s only for a little while longer…

Reaching over onto the side table next to the couch, I take my phone off of the charger and look at the time.

Damn, it’s already 5 am and I haven’t had an ounce of sleep.

Deciding that it probably won’t matter if I go to bed now since I’d just wake up in a couple hours anyway, I stand up from the couch and stretch my muscles.

My body aches from the fight I had with Rueben a few hours ago, so it’s probably best if I take a really cold bath to help soothe my muscles.

After making sure my bedroom door was locked, I make my way to the connecting bathroom and begin filling up the tub with water as cold as it can be.

As I begin taking off my shirt I hiss in pain, “Fuck.”

Turning to the mirror, I glance at the side of my abdomen and see a huge bruise now lays there.

While trying to avoid a lot of pressure where the bruise is, I squat down and open the cabinet under the sink to grab some Epsom salt before pouring some into the bath.

It’s supposed to have a lot of healing benefits for pain and so far it’s never disappointed me.

Stripping off the rest of my clothes I finally sit down in the bath and feel my muscles relax slightly. The water is freezing, but I’m used to it by now since I do this often.

I don’t ever stay in the water too long though since I don’t want to get sick.

Just as I was about to start washing my body, I hear the pounding of footsteps from out the door and they were coming fast.

They didn’t sound like hard steps though so I don’t know who it could be. My dad is away on business so it can’t be him.

I practically jump out of the bath and throw on a robe, tying the strings around me as I hurriedly go back into my room where Kai is.

For a moment, I contemplate whether or not I should wake up Kai in case we’re in a lot of danger but decide against it.

I won’t stray too far from the room so that I can protect him.

Grabbing my gun, I slowly open my door and walk into the hall. I only take a couple steps before I stop because the pounding seems to get louder, but now that I think about it…

It sounds familiar.

Are they back? I wonder and before I could think another thought, two German Shepherds turn around the corner and run straight at me.

Oh shit, they’re probably going to tackle me if I don’t make them stop first.

“Sit.” I command once the dogs are right in front of me and they follow the direct order just like they were always trained to.

“Beast, Jax? What are you two doing here?” I ask out loud in wonder as I bend down to pet them. They were supposed to be with my dad on his business trip.

“They missed you, you know.” A voice I recognize says and I look up to see my dad standing at the top of the staircase.

“You’re home!” I exclaim, smiling. He’s been gone for a while now and the dogs have been with him.

They probably sensed that I was here and that’s why they were running around looking for me.

“How did the business deal go?” I ask as I continue to pet the dogs.

Beast and Jax are both German Shepherds. They were a gift to my brother and I from our dad.

Beast is mine while Jax belonged to Ander before he died. We trained them ever since they were pups to help us in missions and fights.

They’re the best dogs we’ve ever had and I know that Jax misses my brother just as much as I do. When he’s here, he still goes and sleeps on my brothers bed and it breaks my heart every time I see that.

“It went well.” He says before asking, “Are you okay? How about Kai? I got a message earlier telling me you had a bad run in with that little fucker Rueben.”

Standing up, I stop petting the dogs as I look up at him and say, “We’re okay, but Rueben now knows that Kai exists. He doesn’t know our relation, but he knows that I care and thats enough to make Kai a target.”

“What do you suggest we do?” He asks and the reason he’s asking me and not telling me is because he thinks I need practice to one day lead the gang.

As an idea pops into my head, a smirk falls upon my lips.

“We send him a message.”

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